Country Singer — Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is American hard rock band, formed in Sayreville, New Jersey, in 1980 (began singing with 20 years), by Jon Bon Jovi (his real name is John Francis Bongiovi), with Richie Sambora on guitar, David Bryan (David Bryan) on keyboards, Tico Torres (Hector Torres) as drummer and Alec John Such as bassist (unofficially replaced in 1994 by Hugh McDonald). This band achieved great success and worldwide fame during the 1980s and 1990s part. Last years has continued to maintain certain commercial tug through topics as It’s My Life, Have a Nice Day or Who says you can’t go home?.

Bon Jovi rose to stardom in 1986 thanks to his successful album “Slippery When Wet” (disk which became the best-selling year 1987 us), of protruding its success Livin’ On a Prayer, designated as the best song in the 1980s by VH1, American chain  other singles as You Give Love a Bad Name or Wanted Dead or Alive. Two years later saw the light “New Jersey”, an album by similar success the previous consolidated the band between large groups of the time, thanks to topics such as Lay Your Hands On Me, I ll Be There For You or Bad Medicine.

Later, and after a brief hiatus, Bon Jovi returned to scenarios in 1992 with “Keep the Faith”. This album was a musical renewal that left behind the eighties glam metal, but continuing in the line of the rock and roll, recovering own 70s rock sounds. This album was well-received, selling more than 10 million copies worldwide and highlighting issues such as Keep the Faith, In These Arms or Bed Of Roses. The compilation “Crossroad”, which eventually sold over 5 million albums in its first five weeks was released in 1994. A year later they released their sixth album, “These Days”, a disk similar to above but musically most mature in addressing darker themes and social sphere that gave much to talk about hardness, something that can be seen in subjects such as Hey God, cutting Something for the pain and Something to Believe In.

After a break of almost 5 years, the band returned to the musical year Outlook 2000 by editing their seventh album, “Crush”, a much more commercial than the previous ones, cutting disk in which the band gave a reversal of his music to adapt to changing times, closer to the sound pop-rock prevailing at the time. This album stands out their successful simple It’s My Life, which made resurgence of Bon Jovi and pushed back them to fame, as well as Say It isn’t ain’t so and One Wild Night. In later years the band released the album Bounce and Have a Nice Day, which debuted at the top of the charts, and other albums of moderate success in which focused especially on closest to the pop-rock and country music sounds (without ever leaving the hard rock). In 2005 received a Grammy Award for best Duet country by its theme Who says you can’t go home?, played alongside Jennifer Nettles, Sugarland vocalist. In 2007 released their tenth album, Lost Highway, a disc cutter country that wanted to exploit the pull of the award-winning Who says you can’t go home?. However, sales were lower than expected. Last album, The Circle, was released in November 2009. With The Circle continued with the pop-rock, staying in the musical line of previous productions. This was a better appreciated his predecessor, debuted at number one on Billboard in the United States popularity and the rest of the world lists and was nominated for the Grammy Awards disk. The last project of the band is a compilation album greatest hits, which is edited in November 2010. After ésto, Bon Jovi withdrawn scenarios for a while and is several years inactive.

Bon Jovi has participated in several major events as the Monsters of Rock (1985 editions) and 1987, the rock in Rio (1985, 2008 and 2010 editions), Live 8, or the Live Earth, apart from being one of the few groups who has had the opportunity to play in Central Park and Madison Square Garden in New York. In 2007 had the privilege of inaugurating the London O2 Arena Stadium.

Formation and early work (1983-1985)

Jon Bon Jovi, future founder of the band had been playing in various amateur groups, which had been highlighted, but not being comfortable in either decided to temporarily continue on their own.

In 1983, Chip Hobart, director of the station “WAPP FM”, released an album where collected a song of every new artist, and Jon took to carry their single “Runaway” (song he wrote in 1980 and recorded that year when the study was empty) and was the song more stressed that album. Due to the large reception had asked him to do a concert, but needed an own band. Then PolyGram, which had been set at Jon, made you a great contract giving freedom to the musicians that he would like to hire. Jon then enlisted David Bryan, whom he knew since high school and who had already played previously, bassist Alec John Such, Member of The Message, who called Tico Torres to be installed in the battery. Later joined Richie Sambora, who had just done a test to enter the group Kiss, but was rejected for failing to meet the profile. Richie was seeing Jon Bon Jovi band playing and subsequently submitted to the casting for the new guitarist. When Jon saw Richie entering through the door said “Who is this asshole?”, but after a few minutes playing convinced to Jon and became the new guitarist.

Jon Bon Jovi finally signed a contract with Polygram Records in early 1983, still only him in the said contract. The rest of the band members (from 1983 to the present) are considered support musicians from the point of view of the terms of the contract.

On January 21, 1984 released his first self-titled album (Bon Jovi), with the aforementioned single “Runaway”, which reached the top 40, not forgetting other topics like “She Don’t Know Me”, “Love Lies” and “Roulette”.

In 1985 reach Golden disk with the album “7800 ° Fahrenheit”, which released the singles In and Out of Love, Silent Night and Only Lonely, song wrote Jon shortly after break up with his girlfriend, when gave him to choose between music and it, and knows what he chose. Disk reached to attract some interest but not the success they wanted. The lack of interest was manifested due to the presence of ballads. It was precisely the ballads that his detractors emphasized in mention his work, giving it a soft and false image of what is heavy metal territory, since, at this time, the public of the genus demanded a sound and an image that reivindicaran postures of rebelliousness, something that was a wrong stereotype that the band did not follow.

That same year, the band participated in the “Monsters Of Rock” festival, but was not sufficient to make the leap to fame; Unable to attend the Live Aid. Among other things, that year Jon Bon Jovi met Cinderella and toured together throughout the country.

Golden years: “Slippery When Wet” and “New Jersey” (1986-1989)

Since their last album achieved moderate success, were working on the launch of its decisive third album, “Slippery When Wet” (1986), which not only meant its release to stardom, but which was one of the best-selling albums of 1986 and throughout the 1980s. For this release counted with the help of the renowned producer and songwriter Desmond Child. Disk would sell over 12 million copies in the u.s. and singles You Give Love a Bad Name and Livin’ on a Prayer were number one in United States. Livin’ On a Prayer spent four weeks at the top of Billboard magazine, and the album was in the “Top 5” for 38 weeks and more than 46 weeks in the “Top 10”; other hits from the album were Never Say Goodbye, Raise Your Hands, Wild In The Streets and the unforgettable Wanted Dead Or Alive (song that became a badge of the band).

In October album reached No. 1 in United States and so continued for eight weeks. The success was total: ten times Canada, two in United Kingdom Platinum and gold in Germany Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Japan. Fame reached such an extent that Jon signed with a different name in the hotels where hosted to pass unnoticed. In total, “Slippery When Wet” has sold worldwide more than 28 million copies (make it one of the 30 best-selling albums in rock history). In 1987, participates in the show “Donnington ‘ 87” alongside Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden vocalist), Paul Stanley (Kiss vocalist) and Dee Snider (vocalist of Twisted Sister).

In 1988, appears successful album “New Jersey”, whose sales worldwide more than 22 million copies. On this album the band achieved five successful singles. Originally had thought on a double album, but the idea was dropped by the label. Anyway, two of their singles come to # 1: Bad Medicine and I ll Be There For You. Also Born To Be My Baby, Lay Your Hands On Me and Living In Sin enter the “Top” 10. During this time were supported by groups like Cinderella and Vixen, among others.

In 1989, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and performed at the awards gala “MTV Video Music Awards” songs Livin’ On a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive, live, but armed only two acoustic guitars. This presentation was fascinated by the fans and gave the initiative MTV to create special acoustic so-called “MTV Unplugged”, which had great reception in the 90’s, with Bon Jovi pioneers with “Evening with Bon Jovi”.

Later, when he left the video of living in Sin, the band received some criticism on MTV for its explicit content, by which, at the request of the chain had to reissue it. New Jersey tour was so long (237 concerts) which ended up physically deteriorating members. Half of this tour Jon married in Las Vegas, secret, Dorothea Hurley, whom she had met while studying.

It is recalled that in the year 1990 there was a special edition made by Polygram Records to support the tour the band for the first time in South America, performing a special commemorating this fact. For this reason, a very similar style “Crossroad” album containing group hits compilation was reflected on vinyl and cassette. This release was made for Brazil, Argentina Chile, containing 12 songs – never before published version of your theme Wanted Dead Or Alive, which promotes the visit of the Group during the tour called “Brotherhood”. This cassette was released by the label Vertigo and distributed only Brazil, Chile and Argentina market by limited time, and does not form part of discography band (nowadays this production is very difficult to achieve).

The entrance to the 90’s

Subsequent tours, problems due to stress and physical wear caused the band to do a parenthesis. Their inactivity at the end of 1989 and early 1990s led to think about the breakup of the band. This idea was fed when in 1990, Jon Bon Jovi, as a soloist, released her second album, “Blaze of Glory”, which constituted the Weapon young II movie soundtrack. The director of this film had asked Jon to submit Wanted Dead or Alive, “Slippery When Wet” album’s success, as his soundtrack but Jon had an idea better: made a new album with a Western theme called “Blaze of Glory”.

Their first single, Blaze of Glory, it would be as part of Wanted Dead or Alive. It was nominated for Oscar in the category of “Best song in movie” and won a Golden Globe Award for “best original song”. Other hits from the album were Billy Get your Guns, Dyin’Ain’ t Much of to Livin’, Never Say Die, Santa Fe and Miracle.

Meanwhile, Richie wanted to prove as soloist by editing their debut album outside of Bon Jovi, “Stranger in this Town”, which took a moderate reception.

It is not until the year 1992 when the quintet rejoined and released the album “Keep The Faith”. With this album the band experienced a musical renewal, which left behind the eighties glam metal, but without going grunge, recovering the classic sound of the rock and roll, and adapting it to changing times, giving it a modern touch. This provoked much criticism, increased by the radical change in their appearance: Jon, David, Tito Puente and Alec were severed their ochenteras Manes and Group renewed its costumes. Billboard Magazine rated the hair of Jon Bon Jovi as one of the worst moments in the history of the rock cut.

Before these criticisms, Jon said:

‘ “Sometimes I think that it is the best thing we have done.”»”Keep the Faith” has a lot of issues I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead excelente: trafficking of a girl he dances on a Table; Blame it on the Love of rock n’ Roll talks about when we were young and said I’m going to play someday at Madison Square Garden , and your friends you answered Yes, of course, of course…; Keep the Faith is a more serious topic and recognizes hard which is the Decade of the 1990s, reflects the disappointment of the band before the indifference to the problems and tries to give a positive in such difficult times message I Believe has a very serious dialogue: destroys the myth of the idolatry. If I was your Mother is a type that is obsessed with the relationship with his girlfriend. I can assure you that it is not part two or three “Slippery” or “New Jersey”. ‘Are not the same songs, and the same structures, but we speak the same band’.

Said the new Bon Jovi album would be a total failure and the band would dissolve as had done them many bands of the 1980s. However, despite the criticism, disk ended up being a success and sold over 10 million copies. This album protrude topics as Keep the Faith, In These Arms, I ll Sleep When I m Dead and ballad Bed of Roses. With this disc initiated a new world tour which took them for a second time Spain and also Latin America.

Toyed in the year 1994 was with the possibility of publishing a live double compilation, but finally released the compilation “Crossroad” containing two new topics: Always and Someday I ll Be Saturday Night. The results were better than expected, since in the first five weeks of having been released, the compilation album had sold over five million copies. To date has sold 25 million copies worldwide.

In the same year, bassist Alec John Such left the band due to disagreements with Jon Bon Jovi. It was replaced unofficially by an old acquaintance of the band, Hugh McDonald, the same bassist who recorded together with Jon and the band “The All Star Review” his first Runaway success in 1982.

In 1995 launched the album “These Days”, which contains topics darker and deeper than his previous productions, especially songs Hey God and gave much Something To Believe In what talk about content of your letter. Apart from this, created considerable discrepancies, since some journals catalogued it as the worst record year and others as the best. “These Days” was a very selling album in Europe and won them the award for best rock band in that year; not so United States, where he was a moderate success. This album gives rise singles Hey God, Something For The Pain, These Days, This Ain Ain’t A Love Song (Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado in the version in Spanish) and the gentle ballad Lie To Me.

In June of that year, the band plays at the legendary London Wembley Stadium first with 3 nights followed by a full total (23, 24 and 25 June, with 72,000 people each night), playing his most famous themes, as Livin’ On a Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name, Bad Medicine and Keep The Faith, as well as the recent successes of the album “These Days” and some another surprise as Good Guys Don´t Always Wear White, performed on the first night, and a spectacular presentation of Always. In those nights took advantage to play a few topics from the new album just go on sale. The third night was recorded and released on DVD to stay in history under the title “Live From London” (However, only were collected 11 tracks that show that had more than 20, aside from several important songs).

After the issuance of “These Days”, when the band had not yet finished “Crossroad” tour, and after the departure of Alec, Jon said:

“We have had enormous albums, as we had not so great albums provided that I would be happy with them I didn’t.” I am very happy that the album greatest hits was so enormous; This is a great pleasure. But it is important to us we like the songs, and also to the public that listens. “These Days” is the continuation of an adventure of the band. “No one knows where it will end, but I know that we are not backwards”.

In 1996 continues the world tour of “These Days” touring almost throughout Europe, America and Japan with full totals.

In these times, Richie was married to actress Heather Locklear, David’s wife had twins and Tico, who was a painter and pilot, he married model Eva Herzigova, so the band decides to make a new parentheses, separating from his tour of London in 1996.

In 1997, Jon Bon Jovi released his third solo album: “Destination Anywhere”, where performs good themes on gender power pop, like Janie, Don’t take your Love to Town, Naked, Midnight in Chelsea, Destination Anywhere, Queen of New Orleans and the song in Spanish Miro to your window. These are issues written in different parts of the world. Richie Sambora, for its part, edit “Undiscovered Soul”, his second solo album, among which are Hard Times Come Easy, If God Was A Woman and Made in America. David Bryan also publishes this year his first solo album, called “Moon Eclipse”, with instrumental tracks (all piano and created by him), apart from the success of the “Keep The Faith” In These Arms, disk version sung by him.

In these years, Jon became model and cinema artist participating in films such as “Little City”, “Moonlight and Valentino” and “Destination Anywhere” where shared ownership with the famous actress Demi Moore.

January 31, 1998, there was a concert called “Jon Bon Jovi and Friends Come Together”, in homage to Patrick King, who had been killed on November 20, 1997. Then Jon participated in the humanitarian event “Pavarotti and Friends” where she played the song along with Luciano Pavarotti Let it rain.

In 1999 the “Real Life”, showing the entire band together (with the exception of David Bryan, who had suffered an accident where he nearly lost his hand) video out as the “Ed TV” movie soundtrack. This was the prelude that would soon return with a new album.

As happened after the previous break from 1989-1992, some media showed some scepticism about the return of the band, since it considered that the Group was old-fashioned and would not get to survive between the new musical styles that had emerged in recent years.

In 2000 they released the expected “Crush”, an album in which Americans gave a radical change both their music and their image. On the one hand, their music is modernized and at once became more commercial, flirting with sound pop-rock that was fashionable at the time; became more melodic and compiled to attract a greater breadth of listeners. In his music, left behind definitely light-hearted and informal clothing (although this transformation took its first steps during the 1990s) to dress form most suited to fashion, style would continue over the Decade.

This change of style provoked many fans of Bon Jovi, faithful to the rock, sound most lose interest in the band and even return against him harshly criticizing it for “have been sold” to the commercial market. On the contrary, the successes of Crush and new air popero made new fans to join the band, mostly young women.

“Crush” meant the reappearance of the band. Recorded in the Studio of Jon Bon Jovi, was one of the most sold and heard that year. Her success was due above all to single successful it’s my life, consolidated as the best song of the year 2000 at the VH1 awards and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock song. Also have good acceptance singles Say isn’t ain’t so, Thank You For Loving Me and One Wild Night, song that leverages to launch the first live album in almost 20 years of career. The album sold over 13 million copies worldwide and won double platinum in United States, being also nominated for a Grammy for best rock album in 2001.

The band plays for the first time on the roof of a building in the program “The Late Show with David Letterman”. After receiving nominations for a Grammy for “Best album of rock”, “Best performance of rock of group or Duo” by It´s My Life. That same year, Bon Jovi takes home the award “my VH-1” by “My favorite video” and performed two concerts with depleted localities at London’s Wembley Stadium before it was collapsed. The band toured 54 shows 15 countries with more than 2 millions of fans.

That same year Bon Jovi signed long-term with Island Records beginning in 2001 and would have a duration of nine years, until the end of 2010. The band agreed to edit multiple albums continuously during this period until the completion of the contract.

At the beginning of 2001, publishes “One Wild Night (Live 1985-2001)”, a compilation of songs live ranging from their first tour in 1985 until that year. This album contained no new songs, but it is a commercial version of the song One Wild Night (“Crush”), entitled One Wild Night 2001, serving as a single to promote the compilation. This album was not well received by some fans as he included topics of other artists as I don’t ‘ t Like Mondays or Rockin’ In The Free World, forgetting classics band as Lay Your Hands On Me, Born To Be My Baby, or Always. Also expected the compilation to contain a full concert last tour, but was not the case, so was disappointed some fans (and liked to others).

In 2002, released the album “Bounce”, inspired by the tragedies of September 11 in New York. This disc, unlike the previous one, had a cut metal and rock, who could appreciate in songs such as Undivided, Everyday, Hook Me Up or Bounce, and also possessed ballads such as All About Loving You, Misunderstood and Open All Night. The album was successful especially in America and Japan, selling approximately 8 million copies, and again represented a world tour where the band gave acoustic concerts in various cities (Barcelona, Sydney…) prior to the concert. The Everyday song was nominated for the Grammy for best

Approached the 20th anniversary of the band, and for the occasion, planned to do a commercial campaign to take advantage of the pull, editing a compilation album of cover songs and Box set.

In 2003 goes on sale “This Left Feels Right”, an anthology of his greatest successes, but with a totally different style and also in almost acoustic. Instead thought acoustic disk that had recorded in Yokohama in 2003 with an orchestra, but of mix songs, thought it best recording them all again. Once in the Studio, the band felt that an acoustic album live would not have too much significance at that time, and that led them to collect their greatest hits and versioned them.

‘ I think the best definition for this album is “eclectic”, you know, the title “this left feels right”, this is our new album, a reintroduction to old friends, a very different disk that fans will be much and unsuspecting new people that never heard the band».

The double DVD contained in concert at the Borgata Casino was well received among fans. However, the disk failed goals expected to only sell a million copies. Jon, in an interview conducted in early 2007, unveiled its disagreement with this project:

‘Recorded the greatest hits album and I was really artistic with this new work, was something unprecedented and so we bring the sale. It was a failure, a total failure. The critics said: «No juguéis with our memories and our memories». It was a hard blow over my head as a martillazo. What was an awakening for me. I called it art, when in fact wasn’t it. Critics questioned me was where art, if the true art was in the original successes. That was a constructive criticism very good. «Definitely would not again (another This left feels right).» Jon Bon Jovi.

In 2004, draw a box set called “100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans can’t ‘ t Be Wrong, a collection of 4 CDs and a DVD compilation of 50 songs.” Most of them were demos that had not taken place in albums or faces B or soundtrack cover songs. Surprising that cover was a copy of a compilation of Elvis Presley, what led to criticism of the band for some sectors. To promote the Box Set was released the single The Radio Save My Life Tonight, a melodic theme composed expressly as a commercial claim.

In early 2005 give some concerts in Philadelphia and Las Vegas (January) (April). Is in the latter where to play the first song from the new album in the year, but everyone wanted to hear the awaited Have a Nice Day. It is in July when, at the benefit concert 8 Live, tuned on MTV, where finally touch it full. This is where starts the era of the new disk.

Finally comes “Have A Nice Day” in September 2005, a disk maintains freshness and always sound, but that goes to a wider public field. In the week of release reached # 1 in sales in Canada Germany, Austria, Japan, Australia, and in general, in the total sales for Europe, reached # 1 on the European “Chart”. United States debuted at number 2 in the “Chart”, being his best debut in history.

“Have A Nice Day” has sold over 9 million albums worldwide. Does he have released 3 Singles: Have A Nice Day, Welcome To Wherever You Are and Who Says You can’t ‘ t Go Home?, whose country with the vocalist of the band Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles, version has been very successful (mainly in United States), and has won a prize of country music. In addition, country, a rock band, to achieve the number one in the “Charts” in the history of music is the first song United States, a record for Bon Jovi country. This disc also arise very good topics as I Want To Be Loved, Story Of My Life, I Am, Complicated, Dirty Little Secret, Nothing and Unbreakable.

“Have A Nice Day Tour” tour becomes a worldwide success making a different show where to recover old live hits each concert. This tour was not nor America Spain. In spite of some family problems David and Richie,  if wasn’t shortly for Richie, injures ARM, and also receives the terrible news that his father is suffering from lung cancer. The tour was suspended for these reasons, as guitarist dragged a great depression during much of the tour and the arm injury prevented him from playing properly. Even so, Richie was unwilling to leave pulled his fans and continued playing as he could and striking forces of leanness, something which he is especially honoured.

In spite of everything, “Have A Nice Day” European tour ended up being a great public success, stressing the concerts in Dublin and Milton Keynes. Thousands of fans from all over Europe filled with all stages of the tour in the summer of 2006. England Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Japan, Holland, Scotland, United States completed the tour, which ended up in New Jersey, at Giants Stadium, with three presentations with full total, 18, 19 and 29 July 2006, as in previous cases, became unforgettable events.

On 14 November 2006, was the third ceremony of the “UK Hall of Fame” where the band, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, James Brown, and Brian Wilson, became part of music legends to enter in the “UK Hall of fame”. Youngest part of this select group thus becomes the band.

Days later, Bon Jovi was nominated for the Grammy for the country Duet Who Says You can’t Go Home?, with Jennifer Nettles, Sugarland singer. Took the award, which becomes first prizes in that category and remain first in the country rankings rock band Bon Jovi.

To create their tenth album, Bon Jovi guys were inspired by the sound of Nashville, so-called “Music City” for its powerful label, industry which highlight artists of the group or country as Keith Urban style Sugarland. For this project, Jon Bon Jovi and the rest of the Group spent weeks in Nashville, composing songs for this album with the collaboration of local composers. The main idea was to blend Nashville country with Bon Jovi rock sound to create a new sound that gave freshness to the music of the group. The result is “Lost Highway”, an album where, in addition, tried to translate the songs the hard personal moments that underwent some members of the group in recent months, as the death of the father of Richie Sambora (for lung cancer) or David Bryan painful divorce.

“Slide guitars” and “pedal steels” sound throughout the album. Topics such as Whole Lot Of leavin’ ‘, Lost Highway (2nd single) and I Love This Town attest to this. With gentle ballads as (You_want_to) Make memory (1st single), Everybody’s Broken and Till We ain’t Strangers Anymore accompanied by Leann Rimes (3rd single), the band shows that without very complicated chord, it is possible to make great lyrical and vocal quality issues. It is an album that speaks very well the creative aspect of the band, which seeks to surprise with the typical touch rock accustomed with Any Other Day, and One Step Closer. The most

“Lost Highway” was launched on June 19, 2007, and the band began performing small presentations in different places around the world. June 6 recorded an “Unplugged” for MTV, VH1 and CMT, show which pioneered a presentation in the “MTV Video Music Awards 1989”. The band played their best hits acoustic style, which is already quite usual in New Jersey guys. However, the presentation was somewhat disappointing, since Richie (guitarist) was not able to play and during the show was pretty despondent and no forces to give the best of himself. For this reason, shortly after decided to attend and start a process of rehabilitation of their addictions, that no further clarifications were made. A few days left this process already retrieved, as it could check in the opening at the O2 Arena in London, concert on the occasion of the presentation of new album on June 24.

July 17, 2007, vocalist spent by Caracas (Venezuela) to sing together with Franco of Vita in a concert to benefit the gardens of the Museo de Arte Colonial fifth of Anauco (a historical monument of the country). This concert was part of the event known as “Buchanan’s Forever Green Carpet”, a unique musical experience, also held in Mexico and Colombia, and pays tribute to the philanthropic legacy of the founder of Casa Buchanan’s, James Buchanan.

“I am extremely excited to Latin America again”, said Jon Bon Jovi. “There is a vast cultural and artistic heritage, and during the last 30 years, tap Latin America has always been an exciting and enjoyable learning experience.” “Is a real pleasure working with Buchanan’s to contribute something to that legacy and to transform music into a tangible contribution to the ongoing development of these communities”.

Recently, “Lost Highway” album reached No. 1 on albums, something that is a historic for the band, fact that since 1988 with “New Jersey” had another no. 1 in releases. Had thus passed 18 years to be able to repeat the feat. Bon Jovi began the world tour of this album in January 2008. Tour began with a series of 10 concerts “SOLD OUT” in New Jersey, to follow Canadian lands. Tour early promise since the band changed the “set list” for every concert and Richie Sambora, recovered for the cause at 100%, interprets “These Days” or “Stranger In This Town”. In November were Spain. On June 1, 2008 Bon Jovi conducted a single performance at the Olympic Stadium of Barcelona. In a couple of days is sold out “Golden Circle”, selling in 5 hours over 14,000 entries (mostly online) demonstrating the pull of the group in Spain.

Bon Jovi again nominated for Grammy Awards. They were nominated for “Best performance vocal a duo or group in” by (You_Want_To) Make a Memory, and “Best Pop album” by the already concerned “Lost Highway”. This last fact awakes curiosity since, according to the same members of the band, this is an album with country music, and not pop airs chain MTV widely considered.

During the first days of April, Richie Sambora stability in the group is being threatened the arrested temporarily give positive control of alcohol with a wife and two children in the car. Despite this relapse into alcohol, guitarist continued touring with the group total normally.

During the following months, Bon Jovi performed a series of concerts across Europe. End tour through Europe, the American Group offered their only concert in Spain, on 1 June in Barcelona. After this, the band closed definitively their European tour in England, where the band gave many concerts as he had done previously in Germany.

Already in July, Bon Jovi returns to United States to conclude there “Lost Highway” world tour. Great novelty, 12 July 2008, the group plays first in its history in the Central Park in New York, in a totally free concert exclusively offered to the citizens of New York. For this event, which the entry was not allowed to television cameras gathered more than 60,000 people.

To conclude the “Lost Highway tour” definitely, Group gave two concerts followed at Madison Square Garden in New York, day 14 and 15 July. These last two concerts were recorded for later editing a video summary.

In October 2008, the “Lost Highway tour” was nominated to the “2008 Billboard Touring Awards” (Billboard Award for best Tour 2008) along with Bruce Springsteen and The Police, but finally it was Bruce Springsteen who took this award.

In December of that year, Billboard confirmed tour that more money had been raised in 2008 had been of Bon Jovi, followed by Bruce Springsteen and Madonna.

On the other hand, include the campaign made by Richie Sambora fundraising for Kelly Mahon, a brilliant student in New York that he was suffering from a brain tumor and required an operation as soon as possible.

In June of 2009, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora recorded alongside the Iranian singer Andranik Madadian version of Stand By Me to disseminate the solidarity with the people of Iran.

In November 2009 the band released its eleventh album, entitled “The Circle”, after the election of Barack Obama as Chairman of the global economic crisis and the United States inspiration product. Initially, the band prepared a couple of songs for releasing a “Greatest Hits” with their best tracks of the last decade, but Jon and Richie composed 24 songs and finally the launch of the “Greatest Hits” was postponed to end of 2010.

With The Circle, Bon Jovi left aside the country that had coqueteado sound in recent years. In spite of this, continued the same musical line of recent years. This album was very similar to Crush, alternating songs pop-rock with ballads and melodic sound characterized Bon Jovi in the last decade. The disc includes a version remix single We then ain’t born to follow mixed by DJ Jason Nevins.

The first single of “The Circle” was “We weren’t ain’t Born To Follow” which, ironically, was the last song the band wrote for the album. The second single that promoted was Superman Tonight. The third and final single from the album was the ballad “When We Were Beautiful”, used as well as promotional song of the biographical documentary of the same name.

Tour to promote this production began in February 2010, and brought with it many surprises in the Repertoire of concerts, which the band performed songs for more than 20 years had not interpreted, such as “Roulette”, “Tokyo Road” and “Only Lonely”.

For November 2010 Circle Tour of Bon Jovi tour peaked at first most important tours through fundraising table in the four latest dates of the tour by Latin America. Four exhausted concerts carried out in stages discovered Chile, Argentina Brazil ticket sales totaled 14.5 million US dollars (USD) .the 29 September I present at the stadium San Marcos de Lima, Peru in a full total(55,000_entradas_vendidas) 1 October the band was presented in Santiago, Chile at the national stadium with a collection of Chilean pesos (US $3 million) 1800 million with 46.983 tickets sold. Then, the band travelled to Argentina and two days later he played to an audience which sold out all entries in the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. 37.666 People attended the stadium and raised 16.8 million Argentine pesos (US $4.2 million). The last two concerts were Brazil, the first October 6 in Sao Paulo Morumbi Stadium, produced the highest grossing and attendance of the Latin American tour concerts. Sold 55.833 tickets for single presentation, which grossed $ 16.8 billion (US $5.5 million). The final Brazil appearance was that of Rio de Janeiro in Praça da Apoteose, square of the city where the annual Carnival in Rio and uses for open-air concerts free at other times of the year. October 8 Bon Jovi concert gathered 15.529 fans square with a sales climbed to $ 1.7 million entries.

9 November 2010 released Bon Jovi, Greatest Hits, the second compilation album greatest hits of the band (Crossroad was the first) included 4 unreleased songs. As it has already been done in 1994 with Crossroad and 2001 with One Wild Night, the group will perform a small tour a few months, starting in February 2011 and ending in July the same year (reviewer Note: this phrase has been reviewed for the last time in November 2010; update it time changes). The first single to promote Greatest Hist., entitled “What do you got?”, was released in September 2010. The music video for the single, which had a very negative reception by the fact of a collateral montage for the Sony brand was released in the same month, completely ignoring the theme song.

Once the touring, the band will perform a period of rest and will be isolated from the scenarios for several years, which is the third large Bon Jovi break in his career (the first was from 1990 to 1991, the second from 1997 to 1999, and it will be in 2011). Bon Jovi thus concluded a period of 11 consecutive years without a break, the longest of its history, which has released six Studio albums and other works including compilations and videos.

For its part, Richie Sambora announced that he has composed several topics to launch a new solo album, which is expected to edit after finishing the last tour with Bon Jovi.

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