Country Singer — Hank Williams III

Shelton Hank Williams is a musician American born 12 December 1972 in Nashville (Tennessee). Apart from Hank Williams III, sometimes used as a stage name Hank III or simply III. Is grandson of Hank Williams and the son of Hank Williams Jr. In spite of being born in Nashville, Hank III has been completely removed from the country mainstream. Their sound, hard to classify, moves between punk and different variants of the country, having been defined as hard-twang, punkabilly, cowpunk, alternative country, slacker swing, hellbilly or honky punk music.

Musical career

Spent his early years playing drums in bands punk. In 1996, signed a contract with Curb Records, label of Nashville. Just after appeared Three Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts, an album which appeared together the voices of three generations of men of the Williams family. It was a pleasant start in the music business, but not much resembled the idea of music that Hank III had intended to do.

To regret that both his voice as his physical appearance, inherited from his grandfather, he could have guaranteed a growing audience country, has no patience to work with, sometimes, predictable “Nashville sound”, or with behavior that are “required” to the interpreters. It has made clear its views on the topics “Trashville” and “Dick in Dixie”.

His first work, entitled Risin’ Outlaw was released in September 1999. Came to record several songs for a new album that was going to title This Ain ain’t country, but the label was not ready to edit the album, and prohibited publication by other means. Label felt angry with him because it began a campaign against the company selling t-shirts that read “Fuck Curb” (“que den le to Curb”). A pirate Edition album appeared in 2001. With Lovesick, Broke and Driftin’, released in 2002, did not finish his problems with Curb, because in 2004 MonkeyWrench out of the bar nor released. Hank III denounced the seal, which is why he and Mike Curb Executive were attending the courts until the spring of 2005, moment in which the judge ruled in favour of Hank III, forcing Curb to edit the album. Finally, Hank and stamp reached an agreement. Hank stopped their “Fuck Curb” campaign and the label released MonkeyWrench out of the bar name of Straight to Hell.

The placing on the market of Straight to Hell was delayed due to a tough fight against Wal-Mart, who refused to distribute disk hypermarkets chain. The album was finally released the (28 February 2006) in a double format: version banned for sale in Wal-Mart and the other without censure, became the first album released with parental advisory sticker country.

Hank Williams III enjoys a large group of loyal fans. Much of its success is due to recordings that makes their concerts, editing them later on audio or videotape. This form of self-promotion is lessened the lack of promotion that has suffered from Curb Records.

Other projects

Hank III is often accompanied by the Damm Band playing. Also has a side project, the band thrash metal Assjack, with which he has recorded three albums (Bootleg # 1, 2000;) Bootleg # 2, 2001; (Bootleg # 3 (pre-Release), 2002 and Bootleg # 3, 2005). In their concerts, both with the Damn Band Assjack, boasts the violinist Michael “Fiddleboy” McCanless, able to play both in traditional in topics topics punk and metal, which plays the violin attached to a box of distortion.

In 2001 entered as bassist Superjoint Ritual, band consisting of singer Panther Phil Anselmo. With them he has recorded the album A Lethal Dose of American Hatred (2003).

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