Country Singer — Johnny Tillotson

Johnny Tillotson (20 April 1939, Jacksonville, Florida, long in Palatka Florida.)

One American, classical singers of the Rock and Roll era. Notable on their persistence in the area of the show despite the British invasion, and form part of those singers who during the absence of Elvis media due to his stay in Germany two years kept alive youth folk music.

Brief biographical

Born in Jacksonville Florida at the age of 9 years Johnny was responsible care of his grandmother who lay in Palatka, Florida. Development taste in music since childhood, arriving at having a significant popularity while studying in High School (secondary). It was his emergence as a Guest programme Toby Dowdy which became you state star and gave him the opportunity to have his own Show for three years. Simultaneously carried out his studies at the University of Florida, in the career of journalism and communications I conclude successfully. The creative vein of Tillotson led him to begin to create musical compositions of topics generally romantics. Towards 1957 thanks to the help of a local station radio announcer Jhonny achievement to compete in an event to the search for musical talent from which turned out to be one of the six singers finalists. Nice image and voice led to a music publisher name Lee Rosenberg put you in contact with the director of Cadence Records, Archie Bleyer. Hence began his successful career.

Already signed by Cadence Tillotson emigrated to New York to continue his artistic vocation. in the year 1960 recorded her first hit song “Poetry in Motion” (poetry in motion – by Anthony/Kauffman) quickly register in 2nd place in the Billboard Hot 100 charts and was number 1 in the Charts Singles United Kingdom. A large number of subjects of Johnny were in the country music charts and the pop music hits. Received a Grammy Award nomination for a composition you call “It Keeps Right On to-Hurtin” (I still mourning) and also for the song “Heartaches by the Number”, also was nominated for best interpreter vowel in 1965. Appeared in the 1963 film “Just for Fun” and play the theme song for the television sitcom starring “Gidget” by Sally Field – actress famous for her series “Flying novice” (The Flying Nun).

In a career of more than 40 years, Tllotson has recorded 26 singles that have entered all the chart has been interpreted into various languages and has been touring the United States and other places on the planet.

It was called to participate in The Fat Spy comedy starring Jane Mansfield, Jack e. Leonard, Phyllis Diller, Brian Donlevy and Christopher Jordan & The Wild Ones. This film was listed among “The 50 worst movies ever made” with number 46.

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