Country Singer — Monica Silverstrand

Monica Silverstrand is a Swedish country music singer.

At the beginning of his career, joined the band Wizex, and under the surname Barwén took part in the Melodifestivalen 1980 as a chorus girl group chips.

Also acted as soloist, in 1993 the preselection, item editing “Vågornas sång” (“El Canto De Las Olas”), obtaining the fifth position. Two years later, it would attempt to, in this occasion accompanied by Tina Leijonberg and theme “Himmel På Vår Jord” (“the paradise in our land”).

His career is characterized by having played roles actors (or small collaborations) in various musicals in your country such as “FAME”, “Kristina Från Duvemåla”, “Guldhatten” “Vind Och Vatten Sun”.

During the spring of 2005, publishes its new work music country, “Been There, Done That”.

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