Our songwriting services can be the answer to helping you and your band reach that next level. Even some of the most talented singers and songwriters have hired songwriting services and songwriters for hire to either write new lyrics and songs or to edit their current songs or lyrics. Whether you need only the lyrics or instrumental or both, our talented and diverse team of songwriters can help.

For more information about our songwriting service, call (323) 570-HIRE / (323) 570-4473 or fill out our songwriting contact form here:


We have several sectors and groups of professional songwriters, which provides us the versatility to write professional songs in the following genres:

• Country
• Heavy Metal
Comedy Writing
Pop Writing
Rap Ghostwriters and Hip Hop Writing
• Rock
• R&B

Our songwriting services include the following, which you can choose from based on your needs:

Lyric Writing Most songs have 3 verses and a chorus. We can write each verse or chorus for $95 each or if you order a 3 verse, one chorus song — $295 total. 

Singing and recording over your instrumental (male or female) — $295

Original Instrumental  — $295



Rap, Hip Hop, or R&B: http://rapghostwriters.com/ 

Beat Creation and recording (Rap, Hip Hop, or R&B) — $296

Rapping and recording (male or female) — $199

We have worked with a slew of popular, signed artists. Unfortunately, because we have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA), we cannot legally share the names of the many popular and signed artists who have benefited by our services.

Just let me know about your songwriting project and I will let you know how I can help. Simply fill out the form at the following link as best you can or give me a buzz at (323) 570-4473:


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