10 Steps for Begining Drummers

  1. Listen to good music with drum beats. This will help you understand the potential that you have.
  2. Play the song. This will give you a starting place. It also helps you learn the rhythms and what is essential to create your own beats.
  3. Looking good drummers to understand how many different styles of drumming there.
  4. Learn to play a steady pace, nothing fancy, unless you have one. This is very important if you are looking for a band, then steadily is what everyone loves in a drummer. You also want to improve your skills to play a solo, so when necessary. Sometimes one may be an enhanced rate. It can be like Neal Peart in YYZ, or can be run as a single.
  5. Use metronomes. This will save your life. If you can play with a metronome, even a simple rhythm, you can go much faster.
  6. Learn to play drum solos. This is very important, because it gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and gain reputation. You’ll want to make simple but not so simple. The solos need to be fast, but you must not give the impression that you are hitting the drums without a structure.
  7. Keep the beat. In one measure of four quarters, try to touch any dish for four beats, then play the snare or any drum, the snare can even hit twice in the same bar, or try to incorporate the hype. The possibilities are endless.
  8. Have fun. Just let your creativity flourish.
  9. Relax. Always remember to be relaxed, but not much, just follow the metronome. It also tries to warm up before you start heating.
  10. Try practicing on a pillow blows. This will help improve your speed.
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