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Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch (Phoenix, Arizona, 2 July 1983) is a singer-songwriter and guitarist American. He made his debut in 2000 with Broken Bracelet. His music is influenced by artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Aerosmith, Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell.


He began writing as a teenager. At age 14 he was given his first guitar, shortly afterwards pointed to classes of singing at the Red Rock High School in Sedona (Arizona), and played in clubs for years before his debut.

In 2000 Michelle released his first album entitled Boken Bracelet that he served as cover letter then signed a contract with Madonna, Maverick Records record label and take out his second album The Spirit Room in August 2001. In 2002 collaborates with the song Without You for group Jacquet and followed with Carlos Santana recorded the song “The Game Of Love” album Shaman, won the Grammy for best female collaboration. That same year it is presented together in the first edition of the awards MTV Latin America Santana playing “The Game of Love” and won an award at the MTV Video Music Awards that year.

For 2003, is released “Hotel Paper, of his third album the singles were” what Are You Happy Now? “,”Breathe”and” ’til I Get Over You. ” But these are not only outstanding subjects of his third work, “Empty Handed” is the theme with greater emotional and psychedelic burden. This has helped the string array to the “Sergeant Peppers” served the Henson, David Campbell property studies. That same year again nominated for Grammy in the category “Best New Artist” (best new artist), and “Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals” (best pop collaboration).

At age 21, 23 May 2003 married Teddy Landau in Mexico bassist. That same year Branch collaborates with Will Hoge album “Blackbird On A Lonely Wire” with the song “Baby Girl”. He also participated in the album “Peace Songs” with the song “What the World Needs Now Is Love” (Jackie DeShannon) with artists like “Chantal Kreviazuk”, Avril Lavigne & Celine Dion.

Michelle’s musical style is a mixture of pop with rock and organic sounds some catalogued it as adult alternative, is a style very similar to other artists such as Marion Raven and Maria Mena, Norwegian with a mixture of Avril Lavigne and already adult artists such as Alanis Morissette or Rachael Yamagata, who also used to play piano and guitar as Branch in his performances.

In 2005 Michelle and Teddy become the parents of a daughter named Owen Isabelle. But his career is not there, that year recorded the song “Life On Mars” (by David Bowie), for disk “Gap Favorite Songs: Fall 2005” and the rumor of a possible musical Union with her friend Jessica Harp runs at the end of 2005.

For 2006 the Union was already a fact Michelle and Jessica Harp form a country duo called The Wreckers, was released in that year, under the name Stand Still, Look Pretty, the first simple Leave The Pieces placed first United States and United Kingdom followed as second single item “My, Oh My” country music lists. For the second time this year, Michelle is invited by Santana part of his next album “All That I Am” with the song “I m Feeling You” but Branch stressed that not only was now Michelle Branch but The Wreckers, whether that “Harp” participated in the song and video from the same backing vocals.

December 4, 2007 goes on sale “Way Back Home: Live at New York City” her first live album and her second album as The Wreckers.

Broken Bracelet

Broken Bracelet is the independent American Michelle Branch, singer-songwriter album released by the independent record label Twin Dragon Records in 2000.

The album was recorded during two weeks in April 2000, and put on sale on June 1, 2000, by its contract with Maverick Records in December 2000. The story behind Broken Bracelet is strange and esoteric. When Michelle was 16, he attended a concert Lisa Loeb. Before the start of the concert his collaborator Steve Poltz gave a bracelet that his girlfriend had given him and told him: “when this bracelet will break you do famous.” A year later broke and Michelle released their debut album Broken Bracelet that sold 1.9 million copies in the United States.

Four of the eleven tracks of the album (“If Only She Knew”, “Sweet Misery”, “I’d Rather Be in Love” and “Goodbye To You”) were later re-recorded for inclusion on the Album The Spirit Room (2001).

The Spirit Room

The Spirit Room was the first international album from singer-songwriter Michelle Branch, it was released on August 14, 2001 handheld Maverick Records. It sold 500,000 copies until the following year, being thus certified gold by the RIIA. In total approximately 4.913.692 copies have been sold: 3 million worldwide and nearly 2 in the u.s.

This album released 3 singles, all with their corresponding music video. The first was Everywhere which was quite successful, placing in the Top twenty and Top 40 most popular lists worldwide. This song appeared in the film American Pie. Months later would get All you wanted that succeeded quite similar to its predecessor and surpassing US Billboard Hot 100. This song was used for the first trailer for the series of FOX Tru Calling.

The following year became its third and final single Goodbye to you much more romantic than the previous two. Though not as successful as its predecessors, have got a fairly regular popularity in the United States. Michelle Branch appeared singing this song in the WB Buffy the Vampire Slayer and sorceresses series.

Hotel Paper

Second International album by Michelle Branch, which was released on April 30, 2003. Some of the main themes of the album came out of the moments lived after the tour of Michelle, the constant movement, independence, the mysteries of the bus stations and spirituality.

The album cover shows the face of a young woman (Branch), reflected in his eyes farewell to the person or place that is leaving behind, while the back cover presents her back towards the Viewer as symbolizing freedom.

Hotel paper debuted at number two on the u.s. Billboard 200, selling 157,000 copies in its first week and sales exceeded the position of their previous album, The Spirit Room (2001). In September 2003, hotel paper was certified gold by the RIAA. The album sold 1116000 copies in the United States until March 2009. Hotel Paper was also certified gold in Canada for sales of 50,000 copies.

“Are You Happy Now?”, the first single from the album reached its peak at number sixteen in the u.s. Billboard Hot 100. He was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in December 2003, but lost against Pink with the song “Trouble”. The second single “Breathe”, which reached number thirty-six on the Hot 100. A third single, “‘ ’til I Get Over You”, was released without video, although its promotional CD with only one song was very sought after by his fans and bought at high prices on eBay. The Japanese edition of this album includes a theme unpublished called “Wanting Out”, which can also be found as a B-side for the single “what Are You Happy Now?”, in editions of some countries.

Breathe – The Remixes

“Breathe” is a song by Michelle Branch, released as the second single from their album, Hotel Paper in 2003. Reached the number one place in Indonesia and Philippines. Peaked at number thirty-six on the u.s. Billboard Hot 100, a less than his previous single position “what Are You Happy Now?”. “Breathe” appeared in other Billboard and was covered by Kidz Bop album series.

Breathe also became her first single remixes, which included eight different versions of the song with the album version.

The song can be heard in the trailer for the 2007 film P.S. I Love You. Also featured in an episode of MTV The Girls of Hedsor Hall.

As “The Wreckers”

In July 2005, Branch announced the realization of an album with singer-songwriter Jessica Harp. Friends and partners for a long time called “The Homewreckers” as a joke by Michellen husband and shortened to The Wreckers.

The Wreckers album combines pop-rock Michelle Branch with the sensitivity of Jessica Harp. The album was originally scheduled for release in June 2005, but was delayed due to reasons of promotion at Michelle’s pregnancy.

One of the songs that Michelle Branch co-wrote with Jessica Harp for the album was featured on the original soundtrack of the teen drama One Tree Hill WB. Harp and Branch made a brief appearance as themselves in the series.

The Wreckers “Leave The Pieces”, first single from the album, was released in February 2006, the album “Stand Still, Look Pretty” was released in May.

In December 2006, The Wreckers were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with vocal for the song “Leave The Pieces”.

At the beginning of August 2007, Branch and Harp announced that the band would be suspended by the launch of disks as soloists of both.

As of July 2008, Harp is recording his first solo album and Michelle Branch the fourth of his career.

This Way

It is a song released on February 9 digitally by singer-songwriter Michelle Branch and was considered the first not official single from their album “EveryThing Comes And Goes” post for free download for members of your web.

The video was released March 8, directed by Raphael Mazzucco, and included in “Michelle Branch Video Anthology”, the video shows Branch walking along a road everything done in greyscale, although there was talk that This way was part of the above mentioned in its release as the song EP was not included in the same album, yet it is not known whether the song was part of their new album “Different Kind of Country” or remain as a digital single.

Everything Comes and Goes

October 31, 2007, Branch announced that you are working on a new solo album, on April 10, 2008 performed his first concert solo in nearly 4 years, announcing that the title of her third Studio album would be “Everything Comes and Goes”.

During the month of June 2008, has played several shows live in the preparation of the release of the album with his sister Nicole singing backing vocals.

In the Billboard announced his new album will remain in the path, you did The Wreckers. Some of the titles of the songs were already known discussed “Long Goodbye”, “In Texas In The Mirror”, “This Way” (Rumor), and the ballad “Crazy Ride”, which is a cradle song to his daughter, Owen. Also refers to the album as a “rupture album” because it ended its partnership with band Wreckers, Jessica Harp.

Sooner Or Later comes out October 2 comes out as the first single from “Everything Comes And Goes”, scheduled to be released November 10 but for October 11 Branch announced on its website for his new album release would take a little more, due to problems with the company.

26 July 2010 goes on sale in the physical and digital form “Everything Comes and Goes EP” to buy from your website and iTunes on August 31, ensuring that everything has its time and that time these songs had already passed and which for that reason would be as an advance and appreciated their fan for your continuous support and patience, currently already can be purchased by

Different Kind of Country

2010 Michelle ad on your page that was working on a song and new video called “Getaway” with Timbaland.

June 8 is released the new video Michelle Branch and Timbaland, which shows at Branch in the Studio with Timbaland while at his around begin to appear different form of colors and butterflies Branch leaves fleeing from the study, rises to a car, runs through the city escaping everything. The video can be found in HD on page and serves BMW Mini Cooper, giving concerts in London for your promotion campaign.

Press release July 15

Hi guys, how much time without updating. SENTÍ que was Inútil trying to do an upgrade, if you did not have any news I’m happy I report have much for you today.

As you know, despite the fact that “Everything Comes And Goes” has technically been done two years ago, now not I stopped writing through the entire process. In fact sometimes writing was the only consolation of frustrating situation that I was going. Now so here I am with more than 20 songs that I am very attached. What a girl to do? Well, as a “thank you” to my fans for their patience, I am releasing all songs.

“Everything Comes And Goes” was released as a 6 song album. The reason that we decided to use that title for the album bonus. I wish that you have something new in your hands. Here is where the singers added a new batch of songs and mixes, take my favorite songs and make a new album from him. One of the most recent songs is “Different Kind of Country”. An issue of the UN on is growth in Arizona. It is appropriate that this topic will provide the title to the “new” album.

I am reluctant to give some detail about when the album will on all these changes of dates. I know many of you are frustrated because music is not out, unless you go to a show to hear it. Believe me, I feel the same. I order to the World Bank is more accessible to make it available online through as soon as possible.

We are on the home straight! XOXO, H, M

16 July 2010 “Getaway” is released through iTunes for their purchase.

Other projects

* September 15, iTunes brings the versions it The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper version which includes the songs as “Life On Mars, A Case Of You Lay Me Down (version solo)(,_Wanting_Out_y_algunos_acústicos).”

* Branch wrote a song entitled “Together”, that appears on the soundtrack of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

* 1 September goes on sale Michelle Branch Video Anthology, a collection of videos of their first two albums, the 2 videos as The Wreckers and This Way, video but the audio of his new single Sooner Or Later

* Michelle is invited by Chris Isaak to collaborate with the song “I Lose My Heart of their new album”Mr. Lucky”, published in March 2009.”

* Branch is also invited to participate in the Album “Warner Bros..” “Records’ 50th Anniversary celebration and the album Covered: A Revolution In Sound” with “A Case Of You” original song by Joni Mitchell.

* Supposedly Branch was invited by the Norwegian singer Marion Raven to be part of the new album of the same, with a song that although the name is not known, is rumored that it was written and set to music by Raven and assumes part of the new album by Raven, some names of this supposed Duet are: Found Someone or After You.

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