How to Write a Song

Do you want to know how to write a song? That is one of the first question that comes in your head when you start writing song lyrics. Writing lyrics can be hard especially when starting out. First, you will need to start with a topic or theme. Here, is a step by step guideline on how to write a song for all you aspiring young songwriters out there.

To know how to write a song, you must have a strong grip over the language. This is because you may face a lot of restrictions since the verses you composes must rhyme with each other. Furthermore, if a certain verse doesn’t sound good with the background music you must know how to change the words without changing the meaning of the lyrics. In short, you must know how to play with the words in order to write good lyrics.

Every songwriter is advised to keep a diary or a journal. This is to record each and every thought that crosses your mind. How would this help you in writing good lyrics? If you write every day or at least irregularly, you will begin to acquire an enormous base of ideas and lyrics  for songs. You would have a clearer picture of what the song should be about. Once you actually sit down to write the lyrics you can even take a few sentences from the written passages and include them in your lyrics. Sometimes a thought crosses our minds that is just priceless. It is a good idea to note them down and include them in the song you write. Many songwriters find it helpful if they write in a secluded spot where they could process their thoughts free from any kind of distractions.

Every songwriter is advised to write about their own personal experiences. Since you  experienced these moments first hand, you have a solid base from which to starts.  Just remember to be true and original. If you are able to convey something that is real and honest, people will appreciate your work.

If you find it hard to start writing your song, you can always turn to various professionals for help. These experts would help you get a better idea of how to write a song.

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