Songwriter Jobs

Not many people believe that they can have a songwriter job. Unlike other jobs, freelance songwriting enables you to work from the comfort of your home and you do what you like. Many people hear a song and assume that the musician has written it. Rarely is this so. In most cases the musicians use songwriters for hire. Once they hire a songwriter, they leave it to writer to come up with a good song and all they have to do is sing it.

As a songwriter for hire, you are behind the scenes. It is advisable that you take classes in music and writing. If possible, singing classes would be useful as it will enable you to be involved in all aspects of music.

Once you are a songwriter for hire, this can become your line of career. Do not limit yourself to one job market. There are other industries such as Television, movie and the commercial industry which may need to hire a songwriter. When you are a songwriter for hire, you can decide if you just want to work part time or full time. If it’s full time, some companies hire songwriters for hire on a permanent basis. They can either approach you to work for them or you may approach them by applying to work for their company.

In freelance songwriting you must have knowledge of music. Learn how to read and write music. Learn the history of different kinds of music. You must be able to listen to a lot of music to get what is expected of you. To be write good lyrics you must be able to connect with the audience. Your words must be organized, your lyrics should tell a story. It doesn’t matter whether it is your story or not. The most important thing for a songwriter for hire is that you are able to connect with your listeners. Those who are involved in freelance songwriting should also be able to play an instrument. This brings out rhythm and harmony to your lyrics.

When you’re doing freelance songwriting, you must ensure that you have copyrighted your songs. Some people might decide to lay claim on them if they are recorded. Therefore, when you submit your music to a recording company, be sure to sign a contract that states that all rights are reserved. This ensures that you get profits from your music.

If you have a passion for music and are good at reading and writing music then freelance songwriting is for you.

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