Country Singer — Allison Moorer

Allison Moorer, born on 21 June 1972 in Alabama, is a singer-songwriter of American folk and country music. It is the little sister of Shelby Lynne and is married to singer-songwriter Steve Earle.

It has been nominated for an Academy Award for the song “A Soft Place to Fall ‘, which appeared in the film the Horse Whisperer (directed by Robert Redford in 1998).

Musical career

After suicide – murder of his parents in 1985, Shelby Lynne emigrated to Nashville to pursue a musical career. Of graduating from the Institute, Allison continued his sister and settled in Nashville.

Nashville married singer/songwriter Doyle ‘Butch’ Primm, with whom he wrote to average several of his songs.

In 1996 he participated in tribute to Walter Hyatt, a singer-songwriter friend Allison. During his performance agent noticed her and put him in touch with producer Tony Brown. As a result appeared Alabama Song, his first album for MCA in 1998.

While none of the singles from Alabama Song got highlight lists, or first success came that same year, with the inclusion of ‘ A Soft Place to Fall ‘ in the original soundtrack of the Horse Whisperer. Moorer appeared in the film and got a nomination for the Academy Award as best original song. Also participated in the ceremony of 1999 playing your song.

Steve Earle and Allison Moorer duo Live, Festival held every may in Seattle.

His Brown producer changed label and Allison followed him thus changing to Universal South. Neither The Hardest Part nor Miss Fortune managed commercial expectations than expected, but Duet ‘Picture’ with Kid Rock placed Allison lists once more. Indeed, rock was intended to make collaboration with Sheryl Crow, but this declined the offer. After the success of Crow accepted the offer of rock and the new version reached number 4 on Billboard Hot 100, selling over 500,000 copies.

Show (2003) was recorded in two passes offered by singer-songwriter in Nashville, which appeared his sister. This is the first recording in which appear together. During that year, Moorer divorced her husband ‘Butch’ Primm.

Show was their last album for Universal South since changed to the separate Sugar Hill, who edited The Duel in 2004. That same year participated as the opener tour European Steve Earle. After this tour the two songwriters were married.

Steve Earle was who served as producer for Getting Somewhere (2006), the debut album of Moorer after her divorce with ‘Butch’ Primm and, therefore, the first album composed alone in its entirety.

Earle and Moorer moved to New York where Earle wrote Washington Square Serenade. The song ┬źDays are never long enough┬╗ was composed by the couple and earned them a nomination for a Grammy Award as ‘best country collaboration’. Travel to Europe with Earle as the opener again during 2007.

In 2008 he appeared Mockingbird, his latest work to date.

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