Country Singer — At Folsom Prison

At Folsom Prison is an album live singer country Johnny Cash released year 1968 in the State prison in Folsom, California. Artists appear in the album June Carter, Carl Perkins and the band of Cash “the Tennessee Three” in the CD includes songs like “Greystone Chapel” which was written by a prison prisoner named As Glen and therefore never had sung it in his life until the night before the presentation, that same night to know the song came the prison priest and showed him the song performed by the prisoner, and quickly made included it on the album and the presentation.

Although Cash respected prisoners prayers they respected him and his melodies therefore remained silent and had to add shouts and booing of the recording. The 1968 album cut parts of the songs and draws others by reason of time and space, but in the year 1999 reissue includes more songs but still not the entire concert, but put songs as “I’m Not in Your Town to Stay,” “I ve Got a Woman,” “Long Legged Guitar Picking Man,” and quite different from the original song of “Greystone Chapel” melody.

In 2003 this album of Cash was one of the 50 selected by the library of Congress United States albums and added it to the national registry.

In 2006 came out # 3 40 albums in country music history channel Country Music Television (CMT).

Walk The Line

In 2005 the film which portrays the life of Cash Walk The Line played by Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash as Reese Witherspoon puts song “Cocaine Blues” in which Cash complains about the quality of water spitting in it rather than verbally attacking the officer in charge, as shown in the film. A line directly released what Cash said in the song “Dark as the Dungeon” was a prisoner he screamed something cash but this, to be playing, was not understood much and the quote said “This show is being recorded for an album release on Columbia Records and you can’t say”hell”or”shit”or anything like that.”(in Spanish: “this concert is being recorded to make an album, cannot say”shit”or”fuck”or anything like that”)

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