Country Singer — Billy Gilman

Billy Gilman (William Wendell Gilman III). Born on 24 may 1988 (22 years) Hope Valley, Rhode Island, United States. It is a singer and composer of country music.

At age nine, with the help of their managers Angela Bacari and Ray Benson, recorded several demos, including “Roly Poly”. Two months later, Billy signed a recording contract with Sony Music Nashville.

One Voice

One Voice, released April 20, 2000, was the name of his first CD and his first promotional single that within a few days became one of the songs more played in United States and placed within the Top 40. The debut album by Billy Gilman reached multiplatinum status.

Billy Gilman performed the song One Voice on different scenarios of the United States in Dallas Cowboys (Texas), The World Trade Center (New York), among others; and in different programs such as: The Early Show (CBS), The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC).

In 2001, Gilman participated in the concert of the 30th anniversary of Michael Jackson singing the song “Ben”.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

MDA is a voluntary society, consisting of scientists and concerned citizens, whose goal is to defeat neuromuscular diseases that affect more than one million Americans.

Gilman, 17 years, who was named for the first time the voluntary position of MDA in 2003, has traveled the country, leading the efforts of thousands of teenagers and young adults who dedicate their time and energy to help finish with neuromuscular diseases.

As national youth Chairman Gilman is presented and acts in sponsors such as the international business Conference of Royal ERA events Estate and the International Conference (an Association of marketing students) DECA career development. Also supports the Association through interviews with the media and presentations at events fundraiser of the MDA. Gilman is presented in the Teletón Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day weekend and is host to the youth segment.

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