Country Singer — Bobby Doyle

Bobby Doyle is a pianist, singer, composer and arranger American blues and country. Since her childhood, is blind.

Developed his musical work from the early 1960s, with various musicians of country, like Kenny Rogers, and rock (Ricky Nelson), in addition to his own group, The Bobby Doyle Three. At beginning of the 1970s, toured and recorded with country rock band low (1970), entering part of jazz-rock, Blood, Sweat & Tears, in 1972, replacing singer group for a few months, David Clayton-Thomas although finally left the post to Jerry Fisher. However, participated in recording the album New blood.

After passing through BS & T, Doyle worked assiduously with Garth Brooks, was manager. In the 2000s, he returned to record with groups country as Armand & Angelina or Girls, Guns and Glory. Doyle also appears in the soundtrack of the movie Vanishing Point (1971).

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