Country Singer — Freddy Fender

Freddy Fender (4 June 1937, San Benito, Texas – October 14 2006, Corpus Christi, Texas) was a singer American ancestry Mexican, heir of two different cultures. Be outlined as successful pop singer of rock and roll, country music, and music. He was known for Grammy Awards during his career as a solo artist and member of The Texas Tornados and Los Super Seven.


His real name was Baldemar Huerta Medina. Was born on 4 June 1937 in San Benito, Texas southern Mexican immigrants .Hijo traveled by their parents in the U.s., low age of 5 years suddenly with a beat of sardines and wire a homemade guitar, age 10 ganò first prize to interpret an amateur station KGBS-AM, the song “Paloma Querida” (by Jose Alfredo Jimenez), the award program consisted in a basket of food with a value of $10 USD. Impossible, José Alfredo composed Paloma dear in 1948, when Fender would then 11 years.

At the age of 16 years Baldemar dropped out of school and enlisted in the Navy of the United States where he stayed for three years. Soon returned to Texas and began singing in nightclubs (bars) of South American, preferably latino audience. For 1957 was known as “The Bebop Kid”, and released two original Elvis Presley and Harry Belafonte – gave him fame on themes in Spanish – Hispanic audiences. These were “Don’t be cruel” and “Jamaica Farewell”. In 1959 Baldemar changed his name by Freddy Fender, tomò surname Fender guitar and Freddy due to phonetic successful harmony, an interesting fact was that recorded a song name “Holy One” or “Only One” under the name of Scotty Wayne during those years.

Initial success

During the same year, he recorded the blues ballad “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” whose title in Spanish was the “Nights and days lost” which was recorded in Mexico group Los Rogers to 1961, curiously at beginning of the year released a disk label Falcon Records, called “Rock N Roll” under the name Eddie Medina and the Shades, according to him, he wanted to take his mother’s surname and attach it to the name Eddie that name had very, Los Shades was chosen on the grounds of his companion, group Everyone wore glasses to the Sun. However, despite that “Wasted Day and Wasted Nights” le dìo almost immediate fame, the item was removed from the air, due to that in May 1960 was arrested along with a member of his band on charges of unlawful possession of marijuana, in the town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was referred to the same State where he remained detained two years State prison. It was the intervention of the Governor of State, Mr. Jimmie Davis (who coincidentally also was composer) which won their freedom. Notwithstanding his release under floor, Davis ask stay away from musical while defining their legal status, although in 1990 to be interviewed by Terry Gross of NPR, Fender stated condition under Word for his release was based on moving away from sites where could be alcohol.

Already at the end of the 1960s Fender was back in Texas working as a mechanic and asisitiendo School of basic education, while only playing music on weekends.

Number one pop and country

In 1974, Fender recorded: “Before The Next teardrop Falls”, the single was elected for national distribution, and became a success in country music charts. The following simple 4 included a new version for “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights”, being all of them hits number one on the country charts.

During the following months Fender would have a greater number of hits from the same genre, including “Before The Next Teardrop Falls” themes “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights”; “Secret Love” (1975) and “You’ll lose A Good Thing” (1976). Achieving other 10 hits in the country with “Since I Met You Baby” (1975), “Vaya with God” (1976), “Livin” It Down “(1976), and”The Rains Came”(1977). From 1975 to 1983 Fender managed to place 21 country music hits.

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