Country Singer — John r. Cash

John r. Cash is an album by singer country Johnny Cash, released in 1975 on Columbia records. The album consists of covers of other songs, this CD is one of the good ones in this decade and demonstrates the ability to Cash to choose music that isn’t it and transform it. The first song on the album “My Old Kentucky Home” is the State song of Kentucky, the song “The lady Came from Baltimore” along with the previous song were released as singles advertising.

the song “Lonesome to the Bone” of CAsh had previously gone CD 1974 Ragged Old Flag and made another appearance on the CD Silver in 1979.

Cash not liked John r. Cash, criticizing the process which made the CD and the result thereof. This he said that Cash in the autobiography of 1997 Cash: The Autobiography in which said that along with the managers at CBS and told him that it was to recover the lost sales, potential Cash also mentioned, in this biography, vocal and instrumental tracks from the album were recorded separately and then blended.

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