Country Singer — Keith Urban


Born in Whangarei (New Zealand) on 26 October of 1967 was raised in Australia. On 25 June 2006 he married actress Nicole Kidman. They met in January of 2005 during a dinner sponsored by the Australian Government in Los Angeles (California). Musician, singer and composer, the kind of music that interprets is contemporary, country music with a touch of pop and rock music, but without leaving behind the traditional instruments of this music, bass, etc. He began playing guitar at the age of 6. Keith parents were fans of American culture. Their interests by country music begin to emerge when started to win his hometown and New Zealand local competitions. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee and it was there where he began playing several doors to find success. The singer won a Grammy Award in 2005 with its theme You ll Think of Me.

In October 2006 he joined due to its previously declared cocaine addiction detoxification clinic.

January 8, 2008, he and his wife Nicole Kidman announce that they are waiting for his son for the month of July. Day 7 July 2008 was founded their first daughter, Sunday Rose.


* 1991 Keith Urban (1991)

* 1997 The Ranch (with The Ranch)

* 1999 Keith Urban (1999) # 145 (Billboard 200) – US # 17 US BB Top Country Albums

* 2002 Golden Road # 11 (BB 200) – US # 2 US BB Top County Albums (108 wks on chart)

* In 2004 the Ranch (reissue) # 34 US BB Top Country Albums

* 2004 Be Here # 3 (Billboard 200) – US # 1 U.S. Billboard Top Country albums chart (90 wks and still counting)

* 2005 Days Go By (UK) # 40 UK

* 2006 Love, Pain and the whole crazy thing

* 2007Greatest Hits: 18 Kids

* 2009 Defying Gravity

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