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Lucinda Williams (Lake Charles, Louisiana, January 26, 1953) is a singer-songwriter music American rock, folk and country. He has obtained three Grammy Awards, and was considered the best author of United States songs by the magazine TIME in 2002.

[Musical career

With little more than twenty years, played in cities Texan Austin and Houston a mix of folk, rock and country. In 1978 he moved Jackson, in the State of Mississippi, to record his first album for Smithsonian/Folkways Records. Entitled Ramblin’, consisted of a collection of covers of songs of country and blues. Two years later, in 1980, published Happy Woman Blues, with issues of its own creation. None of the two albums had too much impact.

Beginning in the 1980s, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he began to build a reputation with their performances, both electric and acoustic. He later settled in Nashville, Tennessee. Released a new album with the label Rough Trade Records, simply titled Lucinda Williams in 1988. The single disc “Changed the Locks”, about the breakdown of a relationship, radiated on radio stations across the country and earned several followers among the people of the business of music, including Tom Petty, who later recorded a version of this song.

His next recording, Sweet Old World (Chameleon, 1992), is an album of melancholy tone, where the issues of suicide and death are present. Its main success during the early years of the 1990s was as author of songs. In 1992, Mary Chapin Carpenter recorded a version of “Passionate Kisses” (from album Lucinda Williams), who was a great success in country lists. This item, Williams won the Grammy for best country song in 1994. Thanks to this, the critical appreciation could win, but its commercial success was still fairly moderate. Had a reputation too perfectionist, and work very slowly in the recording room. Indeed six years passed before they released their next album, but appeared as a guest in albums by other musicians and participated in several collective albums during this period.

His long-awaited next recording appeared in 1998, with the title of Car Wheels on Gravel road. This album, which was awarded the Grammy Award for the best contemporary folk album finally gave commercial success that many times had been denied. Receiving excellent reviews, the album sold very well. Had great impact on two themes, both released on single: “I Still Long for Your Kiss”, which formed part of the soundtrack of the film the Horse Whisperer, Robert Redford and “can’t Let Go”. After the publication of the disk, Williams performed toured with Bob Dylan, and another as headliner for the promotion of his album.

Their next album, Essence (2001), was also a great success. This album, quite easier than the previous one in its production, approached Williams to the public of alternative music. One of the topics included in the album, “Get Right With God” gave in 2002 her third Grammy for best female performance of rock. This is an atypical theme of gospel – rock with the contribution with Hammond organ musician Ryan Adams alternative country.

World Without Tears, published in 2003 and 2005, a live album, Live @ The Fillmore. West, is dedicated to his mother, recently deceased, for which he wrote over 27 songs. The album, released February 13, 2007, contains 13 songs, and his style is very similar to the World Without Tears. Spring 2008, announced the last album to date, entitled “Little Honey” being published on 14 October.

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