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Olivia Newton-John, OBE (born Cambridge, England, September 26, 1948) It is a singer actress and pop Australian English.


Born in Cambridge, England). She is the daughter of German mother and English father. When he was only 5 years moved to Australia with his family, since his father was offered a job as Professor at the University of Melbourne. It has one sister, actress Rhona Newton-John. It is known by the nickname Livvy Olivia. His maternal grandfather was the German Max Born, who won a Nobel Prize in physics. Australia, where he spent his childhood and adolescence, he studied at the University of Melbourne.

Beginning as a singer

The beginnings of Newton-John Singer back to his childhood, when he sang numerous times with a voice and a technique surprising for a girl. In 1970 he selected to join the group Toomorrow, the British version of The Monkees, which recorded a single disk and participated in a film of the same name. In 1972 the singer Cliff Richard selected to collaborate on his television program It’s Cliff Richard, who turned out to be your cover letter and where he excelled by his voice and his angelic blonde beauty.

His first If Not For You album recorded in 1971, reached United States and got three singles medium success: Banks of The Ohio, Me and Bobby McGee (version of an existing song), and If Not For You. Two years later filed its second album Let Me Be There, emphasizing the ballad country Take Me Home Country Roads.

In 1974 he represented United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest held in the English town of Brighton. Sang Long Live Love and came in 4th position resulting winners Swedes ABBA (with Waterloo). In that year album If You Love Me, Let Me Know reached the top of the list of albums, and finally a Ballad of the disk, I Honestly Love You, became entrenched in 1st place in the American Billboard.

Immediately Olivia locked in the recording studio to record the following L.P., which would be a real success on the American market: Have You Never Been Mellow, climbed without problems to the top album in 1975 and by placing the eponymous theme in 1st place in the Hit Parade. Another song from the album stressed: it is another ballad in the style country: Please Mr. Please.

In 1975 was to live the United States, where soon achieved fame as a singer of pop and country music. Of his career his songs reached 5 times the top spot on the charts. One of them was Physical, stayed for 10 weeks in that post. Also won 4 Grammy awards. In 1979 he appeared at the benefit concert Music for UNICEF, alongside artists such as Bee Gees, ABBA, Donna Summer, Rod Stewart, singing Rest your love on me and The Key.

Newton-John was also an actress, taking part in musical nature films. His biggest hit was Grease, with John Travolta.

The following unsuccessful equal, especially Xanadu, which failed in spite of the participation of Gene Kelly and the music composed by Jeff Lynne, founding member of the Electric Light Orchestra (Elo). Neither succeeded Two of a Kind, badly welcomed by the public although his soundtrack was also a great success.

Olivia Newton-John has a star on Hollywood Boulevard, named in recognition of his extraordinary career.

Newton-John was married between 1984 and 1995 to actor Matt Lattanzi. Marriage has a daughter, Chloe Rose, born in 1986. At the end of the 1980s launched alongside his friend Pat Farrar a clothing brand called Koala Blue Australia and United States, that financial errors led to bankruptcy in 1992, but which recovered economically thanks to advertising and TV movies for the small screen.

Since 1996 he lived with Patrick McDermott, a camera operator until it disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a boat trip in 2005. But in 2006, McDermott had been seen in Mexico and had simulated his death to break his relationship with Olivia rumors arose. In July 2008 she married secretly magnate John Easterling.

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