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Rock and roll, often, rock’n ‘ roll or merely rock (although the latter is usually used for its contemporary evolution) is a genre of rhythm marked, derived from a blend of various genres of American folk music (rhythm and blues, hillbilly, blues, country and western are the most prominent) and popularized since the 1950s, being its most influential singer Elvis Presley, his guitarist more influential Chuck Berry and his most influential bands The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

The expression had been using in the r & blues lyrics from the late 1930s, but was the American disc jockey Alan Freed, who began to use the term “rock and roll” to describe this style.

The term “rock” is derived from the rock and roll and today preserves two meanings according to the Real Academia Española: “a genre characteristic, arr. within 50” (that corresponds to the definition of rock and roll) and each of the various musical genres deriving from rock and roll, (that would be the definition of the contemporary genre music rock, and that historically wine serving the term rock and roll). However, regardless in practice there are many artists in rock, without making the 1950s rock-and-roll continue renaming its music “rock and roll” music.

On the other hand, although the Diccionario de la lengua española in its twenty second edition recognizes the term rock and roll as English as an anglicism, voice in advance of the twenty third edition article has been amended on often as term Spanish derived from English.


Origin of the term

In 1951, the American disc jockey Alan Freed began airing on radio rhythm & blues and country music for a multi-racial crowd. Freed has been attributed to being the first to use the expression “rock and roll” to describe the music that disseminated; their use also has attributed to Leo Mintz, sponsor freed, who propelled him to disseminate this style of music.

The expression in turn was taken over by Freed itself black music that disseminated, which used to contain in the lyrics of the songs, as the theme rock and rolling (1939) by Bob Robinson, rock and rolling mamma (1939) Buddy Jones and Cherry Red Joe Turner (1939). Three different songs with the title rock and roll were recorded in the late 1940s, created by Paul Bascomb in 1947, Wild Bill Moore in 1948 and Doles Dickens in 1949. Time the term was commonly used in the letters R & b.6 In 1949 Erline Harris, recorded the song Rock and Roll Blues, which constantly repeated expression and that earned him the nickname of Erline “rock and Roll” Harris.

The expression was also included in the advertising of the Wabash Avenue, film starring Betty Grable and Victor Mature, where said Grable was “the first lady of the rock and roll” in 1950.

First singers and origins

Article principal: Origins of rock and roll

Elvis Presley

in the White House in 1970

In the 1950s, United States teenagers sought new sounds, new sensations. For the first time a music was heading directly to them: rock and roll.

At the time of slavery in the United States black communities developed a musical potential that dominated religious chants and own rhythms that marked the days of work in various plantations inhabited at that time. Musical level influenced rhythms and African sounds were present in a diverse and own style that later materialized in the blues, which would become the musical ingredient that later would revolutionize music worldwide. On the other hand also the influence of the white musicians of the musical genre called country and the appearance of the electric guitar would give birth to what was called rhythm and blues, rock and roll father. One of their precursors was Muddy Waters in 1949.

The rock and roll term began to be used to mitigate musically popular rhythm rhythm and blues, which denoted excess racial struggles for the time, and although in essence the two genres represented the same wanted to differentiate one another step white singers and the music that does not mention the racial conflict.

Its beginnings combine elements of blues, boogie woogie and jazz, with influences from Appalachian folk music, (hillbilly), gospel, country and western specialist. Often credited to Muddy Waters as the musician that “paved” the road to rock and roll.

There are those who dates its origin in 1954 with the work of Bill Haley and his group Bill Haley and the Haley’s Comets, especially with Crazy man crazy (1954) and her great success Rock Around the Clock (1955), so much influence would have in John Lennon. Others regarded as Little Richard or Elvis Presley creator and elect also as the date of the beginning of rock and roll to 1954, year in which Presley released their first album. Prominent musicians of the era include to Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, and Gene Vincent among others.

Development and evolution

Chuck Berry

From the 1960s had an important development and evolution are expressed through lots of bands, rhythms and styles that became it a musical and cultural phenomenon that swept the world. Consists of a rhythmic conjunction that it rests essentially on black music. Its popularization served so many musicians could express themselves and get to disseminate local and national media. This is the story of many rockers black, as the same Chuck Berry, who embodies the social reality of their environment on the song “Johnny B. Goode”.

Isn’t but beginning in the 1960s, when lapses and ceases to be represented to the young rebels in 1950s rhythm, giving way to the genre called rock or rock music, which would mark a milestone between the rising young 1960s generation.

However, it were born different sub-genres like rockabilly, doo wop, or hard rock, and phenomena such as Teen Idols or the Girl Groups, the latter mainly sponsored by Phil Spector He derived genres such as heavy metal, garage rock, punk rock, progressive rock and glam, and among them there are common elements from the rock n’ roll. Thus, Lennon defined by Glam, as “rock n’ roll with lipstick”, and some artists of hard rock or heavy metal such as Motörhead, or AC/DC like defined as musicians rock n’ roll.

Musical analysis

In its early days and less evolved State, rock and roll was a style of music without any white influence [quotes required] served new guitar amplification techniques to begin to give you the fundamental role that would characterize it the rest of the century. Apart from the guitar, drums and piano were equally fundamental elements.

The chord progression is originally from blues, i.e. Basic – Subdominant – Subdominant – dominant – fundamental – fundamental; but the tempo is elevadisímo, also included arrangements and voices for metal sections and choirs.

Improvisation also plays a role within the genre, using the pentatonic scales with a few alterations, what will happen later known as “scale Blues

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