Country Singer — Rockwell (singer)

Rockwell (born William Kennedy Gordy, 15 March 1964, Detroit, Michigan) is a former singer R & B signed with Motown label.

Rockwell is son of the founder and CEO of Motown, Berry Gordy and Margaret Norton. To avoid allegations of nepotism, Rockwell assured his contract recording without the knowledge of his father.Motown became more known under the name of Rockwell. Rockwell was renamed because he believed that “did well”.

In 1984, Rockwell published his biggest hit “somebody’s Watching Me”, with friends from childhood as Michael Jackson as a guest (especially in letters and choir), singer and Jermaine Jackson singing back-up.

“Somebody’s Watching Me” became a Top 10 pop United States and United Kingdom and a # 1 hit R & B hit. Continued his career with very bad results of their singles, however, with the single “Obscene Phone Caller”, being the only single from Rockwell in the Top 40. This follow-up singles reached the # ·35 on Billboard Hot 100. Rockwell expiring soon his musical career with Motown.

Rockwell appeared in Soul Train 2 February 1985 (season 14 episode 17).

Rockwell was not the first member of the family of Gordy to reach the Billboard Hot 100 as a performer on stage. “His uncle, Robert Gordy, reached the charts thanks to its simple 1958, Everyone Was There”, recorded under the name of Bob Kayli.

The paternal half-sister Rockwell actress Rhonda Ross Kendrick, is the eldest daughter of Diana Ross.

A version of Mysto & Pizzi, of the successful single Rockwell, “somebody’s Watching Me”, is currently used in a series of commercials for GEICO car insurance company.

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