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Sheena Easton is the artistic name of Sheena Shirley Orr (born 27 April 1959) is a singer and actress British, who by his first marriage took the Easton surname. Born in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. His repertoire is mainly in English, although has recorded successful Spanish “hits” in English versions. His long career includes a song for the saga of James Bond, collaborations with Kenny Rogers, Prince, Al Jarreau, Barry Manilow, Dyango and Luis Miguel, a role in the TV series Miami Vice and incursions in the musical comedy with the man of La Mancha.


He graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of music and drama as master of drama and oratory in 1979. During his training, used to sing at night in the nightclubs of the city of Glasgow, because the idea of being a singer he seduced from having seen singing Barbra Streisand in box-office tape of 1974, The Way We Were (as we were).

On one of his tutors at the Academy, in 1979 won an audition with the producer for the BBC, Esther Rantzen, Sheena who launched a TV documentary called The Big Time, reality shows today’s British history.

Transmission of the programme in England, originated that EMI executives extended a contract to burn a disk, under the production of Christopher Neil.

Of starting the year 1981, the United Kingdom is had already released Modern Girl, dance theme New Wave style that had no resonance. It was until 9 to 5, the second single, reached the Top 5 lists, when Sheena Easton was on the way to become a pop star.

In United States was launched as first single song 9 to 5 in April 1981. Had to be renamed as Morning Train (Nine to Five) since the theme of the film Nine to Five, played by Star Dolly Parton, country maintained author’s rights on the title.

Morning Train arrived in first place in America and there remained two weeks being the only British singer to hold the post during the year, (Olivia Newton-John was no.1 in the last weeks of December). As the second single released Modern Girl, just for the premiere global, video on the new channel cable TV, MTV.

Sheena had attracted attention with Take my time and other singles from the album and was chosen to interpret the theme of the film the secret agent James Bond, For Your Eyes Only, which became the American Billboard No.4 in November. Just when presented to the public the second album “You Could Have Been With Me”, which released the self-titled theme and ranked fifteenth place the popularity list.

At the ceremony of the Grammy Awards, in February of 1982, Sheena Easton succeeded in getting the award as “Best new artist 1981”.

During that year were good acceptance singles When I Shines and Just Another Broken Heart (released only in England). For the month of October a third album “Madness, money & Music”, which began to hear Machinery appeared and then I wouldn’t ain’t Beg for Water.

Sheena Easton notable collaborations with other artist was performed with Kenny Rogers, singer with whom he recorded We ve Got Tonight, original rocker Bob Seger, spectacular ballad that Sheena was able to enter United States country radio spaces of the genre. The song was hit and peaked at no. 1 on the music lists country and 6 hit parade.

In September of the year goes on sale “Best Kept Secret”, fourth album, under the production of Greg Mathieson. This disk contains the “super hit” Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair), 1 in discos in the world and 9 Billboard American. At the beginning of 1984 another song from the album, Almost Over You, this time a tender ballad, achieves climb to the top 10 in England and Europe.

Few artists speaking Anglo-Saxon who have ventured to sing in Spanish. And very few have done so well. In order to break into the market Ibero-American, Spanish composer Juan Carlos Calderón, internationally recognized, produces the album “all Me Recuerda a TI”, the compilation of his greatest hits, now sung in Spanish, apart from two songs recorded a Duet with two Latin artists, Spanish Dyango (with who sang La Noche y, version We´ve Got Tonight) and Mexican Luis Miguel (Me Gustas Tal Como Eres).

With these songs conquered the public speaking of Áma me (that would be performed by Marlene to a Venezuelan telenovela entitled The Crown between 1985 and 1986). Calderón transformed Almost Over You ballad Todo Me remember thee, that was immediately placed in the first place the Latin Billboard. Sheena left a very pleasant impression at Iberoamerican, insomuch that their songs are the most requested on the radio, currently. Previously, had been presented in Viña del Mar Festival, where she played some issues on Spanish.

Then came the album “A Private Heaven”. Single Strut caused by letter a Conatus scandal in the radio stations, which led to the Top Ten in United States and after a veiled prohibition video was profusely transmitted to everyone in the autumn of that year. In December another controversial, Sugar Walls, produced by American country singer Prince, color appearing in appropriations under the pseudonym Alexander Nevermind song is removed. The song is referring to the cunnilingus sexual content assumption, however, she performed it at the White House in Washington, before the then first lady Barbara Bush and reached 9th in United States lists.

In February, Sheena Easton wins his second Grammy Award by me you like as you’re, in the category “Best interpretation Mexican-American duo or group for” ‘ with Luis Miguel. Yet released another single, Swear, 100% dance song, but had no impact on the charts.

November 1985, low production of Nile Rodgers, producer David Bowie and Madonna, Sheena presents the sixth album titled “Do You”. The debut single is do it For Love, scales quickly to the Top 10, while begins to listen to Sheena with another song on the radio, It´s Christmas All Over The World, theme main movie Santa Claus: The Movie, where the protagonist was comedian Dudley Moore. The song tops the list of popular Christmas.

No other single from the album “Do You”, with the exception of the song Jimmy Mack had resonance on the radio, in spite of the excellent quality of topics such as When The Lighting Strikes Again, Young Lions, Don´t Turn You Back and Magic of Love.

With the contribution to another film called About Last Night (you remember last night?) starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, Sheena remained chart hits. The song was So Far, So Good

In 1987, he participated in several episodes of TV series Miami Vice, where he played the couple of the protagonist, Don Johnson and sang the Follow my Rainbow theme (which would be included in a subsequent LP).

After the failure of the album “Do You”, approaching end of Sheena relate to the record label EMI. Still “No Sound But A Heart” album was released and removed the single Eternity, medium success. Strangely the rest of the songs on the album cannot be played United States, which motivated the separation of Sheena with EMI, company that had started his career.

Despite such outcome, all topics included in this album are exceptional. So much so that many artists, leveraging its null distribution hiciéron their own versions; R & B, Patti Labelle, singer recorded Still in Love; Pia Zadora covered Floating Hearts; also recorded songs Celine Dion, Crystal Gayle, among others, but a new song would be the omen of winds of change for Sheena future U Got the Look Duet with Prince.

A total change of look and an orientation to the hip hop and dance music originated the album “The Lover In Me”, following the note presented to the public November American.

In March with The Lover in me, again reaches 2nd post list, after two years of absence in the TOP 5. Video exhibits on MTV and is a success. But the disk stagnates and is not able to get another single from success. Only 101 written by Prince was no. 54, Days Like This No. 43 (both in England) and No Deposit, No Return was hardly considered in the Hot 100 list. Sheena was however another moment of success to co-authoring with Prince, The Arms of Orion theme for the movie Batman that starred Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The song reached No. 36 of lists.

Monumental toured with the musical man of La Mancha. This year presents “What Comes Naturally”, a concept album much more hip hop, and the single of the same name scales at # 50, with the same fate run the melodies To Anyone and You Can Swing It.

Sheena became an American citizen to vote for Bill Clinton. While man of La Mancha goes on its way to upcoming Broadway, while recorded for Ferngully, A Dream Worth Keeping theme animated film.

After 11 years of being a pop star is time to give a twist to the race. Arises the idea of recording an album with traditional songs or standards, a desire that she had since long ago. Patrice Rushen which was previously singer, produces “No Strings”. A disc that collects some of the most memorable ballads of the 1940s and 1950s. With this, Sheena Easton established a pattern followed singers such as Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow among others.

After a phase of lower resonance, Sheena Easton was installed in Las Vegas to offer a series of concerts at stable, without roam on long tours. In the year 2000 began offering a show Hotel Rio city, a Duet with David Cassidy’s Broadway-style. Is there where contacted her producers style disco, which persuaded her to record the album “Fabulous” (2000), an exciting selection of versions of classical dance as Don’t Leave Me This Way, Never Can Say Goodbye, Love is in control (originally by Donna Summer), can’t Take My Eyes off You and On my Own. The theme chosen as a single Giving up giving in, becomes a success in the clubs of Europe, reaching No. 53 of United Kingdom rangking. The video clip showed as the Queen of ice.

In 2002 – 2003 mounted another stable show at the Las Vegas Hilton and in 2003 he participated in a collective tour Christmas theme (The Colors of Christmas) with other singers like Jon Secada and Christopher Cross. In 2004, he voice a character Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster film, and at that time copresentó a television show for a local channel in Las Vegas. In recognition of his artistic activity in the city of casinos, his name was included in the Casino Hall of Fame, in a ceremony attended by Debbie Reynolds.

Sheena Easton is still active today, in 2005 participated in a series of fiction about Musketeers modern (Young Blades), in January of 2008 made a presentation on Chile and 2009 undertook a tour of the Philippines and Japan. Recently told the press that has dropped to record a new album, due to their refusal to promotional tours, at least, while their children are teenagers.

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