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Speak Now (in Spanish: speak now) is the third album by American Taylor Swift country pop singer. It was released worldwide on 25 October 2010, with the collaboration of music producer Nathan Chapman.

Taylor Swift has worked on this album the last 2 years since their previous album, Fearless came to light. said own singer in a video chat for their fans, every song on this album is dedicated to a person who has known or have been important for her in two years, on his way to fame. so, for the first time all songs have been written exclusively by herself.


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Writing and recording

Swift wrote all the songs from the album without co-writers. Speaking in a live program on July 20, 2010, said, “I wrote all the songs for this album.” It really wasn’t incidentally, simply passed. “The best ideas came to 3: 00 AM in Arkansas, and didn’t have a co-writer close and just finished”. 60% Of the album was recorded in the basement of the producer Nathan Chapman. There is this orchestral accompaniment in some of the songs.


Swift performed the song “Innocent” awards 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, 2010. The song is about the incident with Kanye West, in the last edition of the VMA’s. Some of the songs were released separately by the date of release of the album: “Speak Now” on October 4, “Back to December” on October 11, and “Mean” 18 October 2010. These three were later released on the iTunes store the next day. Furthermore, “Story of Us” was shown on October 22 through Comcast and “Speak Now” debuted on Billboard Hot 100 at number eight and Hot Country Songs # 60 week 11 October 2010, sold 270,000 digital downloads. “Back to December” debuted at number six on Billboard Hot 100, with 242,000 digital downloads.


“Mine”, was released on August 14, 2010, rather than its official release date: August 16, from being leaked on internet.6 The music video was recorded in Kennebunkport, Maine, in July.7 Swift said the song was about the trend of “escape from love.” For the week of August 21, 2010, “Mine” debuted at number three on Hot 100 and number one on digital tracks due to 297,000 digital downloads. This was less than what was predicted, but “Mine” only left near four days due to the launch of the single apuramiento. The song also debuted at number 54 in Radio Songs, due to 23.9 million listeners to radio. About 60% of ésto was radio country, ditching to “Mine” at number 26 on Hot Country Songs.

“Back to December”. It is the second single from the album, a ballad. released at the end of the month of November and in other countries of Latin America in December. This harsh song 4: 53 sec, contains several choruses. Contains a promotional video. The song features an acoustic version, played piano. The song had his best position on the Billboard Hot 100 in the position number 6. Self-confessed Taylor who is your favorite song from the album “I placed much effort in this song, because marco a very powerful estapa in my life”.

Simple promotional

“Speak Now” is the first promotional single from singer Taylor Swift that released in digital downloads day 11 October 2010 at the global level.

“Mean” is the second promotional song of this successful study that went to digital downloads album Taylor Swift on 30 October 2010.

Business performance

In July 2010, the Ed Christman Publisher published an article in Billboard entitled “how new album Taylor Swift sold a million copies in its first week?”. In the article the idea that the album sold over a million copies in its first week, trafficking feat accomplished by last time by Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III’ over 5 years ago. Will Botwin commented on the possibility of the album to sell more one million copies in its first week of release saying “feel like itself all the world could do it, she could do it, she has the base sales and the warmth of the past albums.” “And with all the amazing things he has done, especially with Big Machine and universal offerings behind.” Big Machine Records sold more than two million copies before the release of the album.

According to WTMA, the first single from Speak Now, “Mine”, is in the lists, and early album on iTunes songs have been sold 2 million paid downloads. Industries experts predicted initial numbers Speak Now would be the first album in years to sell a million copies in the first week of sales and not erred 1.047.000. Swift also is offering Now Speak on vinyl on November 16. The entire album karaoke version also goes on sale on the day.

So far more than 3 million copies is sold in United States and 2.5 million copies in the rest of the world


Speak Now received positive reviews. At Metacritic, which assigns a standard score out of 100 to reviews from major critics, the album received an average 76, based on 18 reviews stating “generally favorable reviews”. Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine Allmusic gave 5 stars, 4 praising his maturity himself: “written from the perspective of the time but has the ability of a composer much more mature what your age”. Shut down criticism with warm praise commenting maturity shown on the album: “may not be a woman, but is no longer a girl Speak now she capture this transition with a personal grace and skill that few singers/songwriters have.”

Jessica Phillips Country weekly gave 3½ stars, noting the letters in many songs, saying “Speak Now shows signs of Taylor in growing, capturing it while matures a Queen adolescena adult composer and lyrical content here refelta irregularities that comes with transition.” “Taylor, a writer of heart, has images, stories and chapters through this collection while giving to know their two years of life, one page at a time.” Matt Bjorke with Roughstock also gave a 3½ star, and called it a “trancisión recording”, saying, “it’s something that she needed to launch to prove she could have more than ‘fairy tales’ and ‘teenage love stories’ from their past albums and most, she has done that” “Speak Now feels like an album that is ditching backwards ‘love of Cubs’ first two albums in favour of stronger stories, more mature and ambitious at times topics.”

Elysa Gardner for USA Today gave it four stars 3½ and praised the prospect “youth” of Swift, saying, “in the best cases, Speak Now captures fresh pain become adult, for those who are still in the process.” Jon Caramanica of The New York Times gave a positive criticism saying that the album is “a work of non-transparent transparency.” The “Dear John” song called “the most burning song.” Called launch “possibly the best”, saying, “it is the wildest of his career and the most diverse musically.” “And it is excellent also, possibly the best.”

Jed Gottlieb Boston Herald gave ‘B-‘, and criticized the letters saying, “Now Speak now has Swift in a few blows to the deepest part, but it is above his head” Swift eventually surrendered to fanciful things. “A 20-year-old girl singing on beautiful princesses will quickly bring child.” Allison Stewart of The Washington Post called the album “entertaining ridículosamente a long and fascinating exercise in a release,” but considered it “long: 14 lavishly, thin and occasionally repetitive songs.”

The 9513 Blake Boldt said, “for a massive star as Swift, pressure is a privilege.” Goes best some artists and worst in others, and the teenage Princess sounds ready for the challenge. Country music, where Swift still belongs in spite of the most grandiose scope of its arrangements, is focused on conflicts of the heart. “To put its flaws uncovered, she discovered a way to shine brighter.” It also commended the song “Dear John,” “A dark account of the brief flirtation with the star rocker John Mayer, boiled with renewed intensity.” A small reminder is not over a girl, she admits that romance emerged without parental permission: ‘my mother accused me of losing the head,’ regrets. ‘But juré was fine.’ “The guitar Mayer are imitated while Swift claims victory in his loving fight: ‘ I’m shining as artificial on your sad and empty city fires.”

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