Country Singer — Stuart Adamson

British English, but very identified with Scottish musician land of their fathers, and where he spent most of his youth. Was very prominent for his style of playing guitar, and do so in bands where he rose to fame as The Skids and Big Country.

Born in Manchester, England on April 11, 1958. His parents were from Scotland, and his father was in the fishing industry was engineer activities. A few years, the family moved to Dunfermline, in Fife, Scotland.

Parents influenced much in his life, making it quite reading and learning music. It was there when he learned to play guitar.

In school he met Bill Simpson, who formed the band Tattoo. Then he meets Mike Baillie, who would be Skids drummer to replace their previous two.

The Skids

In 1977 arises punk rock as youth rowing, and after seeing The Damned playing a tour, Adamson decides along with teammate and friend school Bill Simpson, form a band. The Skids are completed with singer Richard Jobson and drummer Tom Kellichan income.

Big Country

In 1980 tensions with Jobson cause there is a rupture between their relationship and decided to disband of the Skids after of the tour of “The Absolute Game”. Had other propositions music, so he is a Big Country, band that achieved fame in 1982. Punk would no longer be in his mind, would be a new genus, which made him to be himself and his companions of Big Country as one of the most emblematic of the Decade of the 1980s rock groups.

Since Stuart Adamson had died by The Skids meetings both the 2003 and 2007, Bruce Watson, Big Country guitarist along with him, was that would take place from that time onwards.

The Raphaels

The Raphaels were a group of alternative country music led by Stuart Adamson. The duo was also composed of Nashville Marcus Hummon composer. The duo never traveled, however, their debut album, supernatural, was released on August 14, 2001 through Track Records.

Crisis and death

December 16, 2001, was found dead in suicide by hanging in a room at Best Western Plaza Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the time of death had 0,279% blood alcohol content.

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