Country Singer — Tennessee Ernie Ford

Ernest Jennings Ford (Bristol, 13 February 1919 – Reston, 17 October 1991), better known as Tennessee Ernie Ford was an artist and television presenter American who enjoyed success in genres of pop, country and gospel.


Son of Clarence Thomas Ford and Maud Long was born in Bristol, Tennessee. Began his career as a broadcaster radio station WOPI in his village. In 1939 left radio to study classical music and singing at the Conservatory of music in Cincinnati Ohio. During the Second World War he served in the Aèrea force as a Lieutenant aboard a bomber Boeing B-29 Superfortress Japan missions. After the war, worked in radio in San Bernardino and Pasadena California stations.


His career began at the end of the 1940s. Between 1955 and 1956 songs consist as Sixteen tons, Give me your word or The ballad of David Crockett, by which would become one of the most important soloists of the country.

At the beginning of the 60 popularity began to wane. From 1962 to 1965 he worked on KGO-TV in San Francisco, cablecast ABC television directing The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show program.

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