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“Tim McGraw” is the debut single for American singer Taylor Swift country pop. It was sixteen years old when he made his debut with the song he co-wrote with Liz Rose. The song love summer Taylor talks about memory, and how a unnamed by Tim McGraw country singer song (then identified as “can’t Tell Me Nothin'” Live Like You Were Dying album) brings her memories of that love.

Swift said that you wrote the song during a math class in high school. The song, she said, is on her and her boyfriend, when he was going to move to the University, and eventually would have to be separated. Taylor said, “I started thinking about all the things that I remembered him.”

Letter, history and content

The idea for the song came to Taylor during a math class. “The song means a lot to me and therefore wanted to be the first song on the album,” said Swift. The song, which appeared to be focused on an affair of love, is about her boyfriend who moved. Sitting in your math class began singing is herself “When think Tim McGraw” over and over again. Shortly after he left the classroom and recorded a voice on the song note. After school, headed his co-writer Liz Rose, sat at the piano and finished the song between 15 minutes.

Swift said, “I wrote the song in my first year of high school.” It was dating a guy who was about to go to College, I knew we were going to separate us so we started thinking about all the things that he knew that they remind me. “Surprisingly, the first thing that came to mind was my favorite artist Tim McGraw country.”

Alternate versions

The stanzas version of the album of the song, sing a second time at the end; radio edit ends after the last chorus.

The line “Someday you’ll turn your radio on” in the final chorus was altered in some markets, with “your radio” was replaced with already is the name of the radio station or some popular show. A similar change was made for the song in Country Top 40 radio program Bob Kingsley, where the line was changed to “And turn the Bob Kingsley Countdown on.” When Swift introduced at Wembley Arena in 2009, changed the lyrics to “London Turn radio on.”


The song debuted at number 60 on Billboard Hot Country Songs, and spent 26 weeks in the list before reaching number 6.4 The song also reached number 40 in Hot 100, the first success of thirteen consecutive top 40 like also the first success of his twenty listed in the last three years. In the week ending August 8, Tim McGraw has sold 1,266,000 digital downloads.

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