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Wanda Jean Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly, (1937, Maud Oklahoma – 20 October) is the real name of Wanda Jackson, considered first female lead singer of Rock and Roll.

Began recording for the Decca label in 1954. For 1956 was signed to Capitol Records, and by 1960 saw the success on the pop charts when Capitol released in 1958 the topic which would give fame “let’s Have a Party” (make a party). Afterwards she raced for singing in the country genre by 1960, achieving some successes.


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Rise to fame

Jackson still attending high school when singer country, Hank Thompson heard her sing in the show for a local station in Oklahoma and asked him to record with his band. Soon known to Elvis Presley, who encouraged him to direct his steps sing country music and Gospel, music played since childhood, and try to sing rock and Roll. Soon develop your special and explosive style voice that allowed him to break from traditional folk songs in different genres until suggestive ballad.

It has been a prolific singer topics as “Fujiyama Mama” (1957) a new version to the original topic in pace jump blues that had been recorded by the artist: Annisten Allen in 1955, which contained references to the Second World War and the bombing of the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, curiously the song came to be # 1 in Japan success. Its maximum hit was “Let’s Have a Party” 1958 that gave him a place in the history of pop music.

Queen of Rockabilly

Jackson achieved a large continuous success through Europe, Asia and Australia, but never had the same level of Fame in her native United States. I travel on tours to pioneers of rock such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly. It was nominated twice at the Grammy Awards, and was distinguished as daughter distinguished from Oklahoma. It was inducted to the Hall of the fame of the music country of Oklahoma, to the Hall of the fame of Rockabilly, to the International Hall of Fame, the Gospel music international fame Hall and the Hall of the country music fame in Germany, but remains absent substantially in the halls of the fame of the rock and Roll and country music.

Country race

The first recording of Wanda on the Decca label were country style themes made by the band of Hank Thompson, one of which “You Can’t Have My Love”, a Duet with the leader of the band Billy Gray, managed to be among the top ten list of popularity in 1954. In 1956 he made his debut as a soloist in Capitol Records with “I Gotta Know” which just appeared a week in lists in the same year. It would be 5 years for recurrence in the country music charts.

At the beginning of 1961, Jackson’s career began at enfiladed country rather than rock and Roll style. This began with its theme “Right or Wrong”(“Bien_o_mal”_en_versión_de_Los_Rocking_Devils) who was also a success in pop music making 30 position. His next single from 1962, “In The Middle Of A Heartache” was also within the Top Ten Country and position 30 on the pop charts. In the Decade of the 1960s and early 1970s, Jackson did not leave the country charts with songs like “Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine” (1966), “Both Sides Of The Line” (1967), “A Girl Don’t Have To Drink To Have Fun” (1968), “A Woman Lives For Love” (1970) and many others. Never completely abandoned its roots as a rock and Roll given that within each country music album was a song to the rhythm of rock and Roll singer. He was also the first country which he recorded a live album by singer. In 1966 achieved a # 1 hit in a foreign language with the theme “Santo Domingo” Germany performed in German in its entirety.

A reborn Christian, Jackson and her husband and manager Wendell Goodman abandoned secular music in 1971, and spent the next 25 years performing gospel in churches. Wanda has also recorded albums in this musical form with high visibility.


In 1995, Jackson was invited by alt-country, Rosie Flores to sing a Duet in a recent album singer. Pleased with the results, both decided to join to act in various clubs that spread to a five-week tour North America. Pleasantly surprised he discovered that his songs and herself were known by new generations of rockabilly fans as their grandchildren aged, soon would integrate his own band and returned to perform in clubs and festivals where continuous acting.

The same year (and last year) Jackson recorded in Europe with a Danish group called The Alligators (the crocodiles)

In recent years, Jackson has recorded by artists such as Elvis Costello, Dave Alvin, The Cramps, Lee Rocker. 2006 Saw the release of a new album entitled Jackson “Remember Elvis Elvis. He also guest – lifetime Mariko album appearance – Norma Jean’s (2005) singing a Duet with standard and interpreting a biographical song of authorship of Debbie Horton call “Pretty Miss Norma Jean”

August 16, 2007, Wanda gave a recital in Europe as a special guest of Dutch rock stars, René Shuman and Angel Eye. It was during the 30th Memorial Concert dedicated to Elvis Presley. More than 7500 people observed the show entitled “Elvis and more.”

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