Country Singer — Laura Lee

Laura Lee (Detroit, Michigan, March 9 , 1945) is an American known for their special sense of humor soul singer.

Recorded at Fame in Muscle Shoals studios for the Chess label, and later for Hot Wax. In many of his songs palpaba feminist air. His music, with a certain air sexy, anticipated other singers of soul as Millie Jackson and Denise LaSalle. He cultivated the style known as southern soul, but he also worked within the country soul, in its version of the classic Penn Oldham “Uptight Good Man”. For some, Laura Lee was one of the figures of the soul with greater versatility and aesthetic sense, but has not passed to posterity as others of his contemporaries. His hits include “women’s rights love”, “Wedlock is a padlock”, “Rip off” and “Love and liberty”.

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