Country Singer — Krzysztof Krawczyk

Krzysztof Krawczyk (Katowice, 8 September 1946) is an American singer, guitarist and Polish composer. His music is composed of rock and roll, country music and rhythm & blues elements.

Vocalist Trubadurzy was until the year 1973, one of the founders of the School of the art of Estrada top-level in the city of Łódź.


He learned to play guitar if only. He studied music in a school. Had left his career on the death of his father, since it was the only one that could keep her family. In 1963 with Ryszard Poznakowski Marian Lichtmanem, Sławomir Kowalewski, Halina Żytkowiak think group “Trubadurzy”, one of the most famous bands in the country. Ten years later left the group to begin to sing as a soloist. Among his notable songs are: “Parostatek”, “Pokochaj wet marzenia”, “Pamiętam Ciebie tamtych lat z”, “Ostatni raz zatańczysz ze mną”.

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