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Waylon Jennings Arnold (June 15, 1937 – February 13, 2002) was an American singer of country music.

Jennings Littlefield, Texas, his parents are Lorene Beatrice Shipley William Alvin Jennings. When Waylon was 8 years old, his father taught him to play the guitar, he formed his first band 2 years later. He worked in his teens, leaving the College to pursue a career as a musician. It was during this period that he met Buddy Holly. The two were inspired by the West Texas Brothers Mayfield, Smokey Mayfield, Herbert Mayfield, and Edd Mayfield. The night of the February 3, 1959, the aircraft where iban, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson (aka The Big Bopper) crashed outside Mason City, Iowa, killing all passengers. Jennings gave the post J.P. Richardson, he was ill and needed desperately rest. Years later the tragic accident, he admitted that he felt terribly guilty for what has happened already than a few moments of surrender their seats, Holly said as a joke “I hope your bus stereomicroscope” to which he replied: “because then I hope that your plane crashing”.



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After several years of inactive, which moved from Texas to Arizona continued working in radio, Jennings began to sing and record when he was in Mesa Arizona Walk Vnos at newly opened nightclub called JD. In these years the made appearances by night, sometimes 6 nights a week counting a variety of songs folk, rock, pop, country, R & B blues material that the had developed a unique sound which won enough to keep up. The signed a contract with A & M Records label which had recently been created by Herb Alpert, had few successes in local radio stations MESA, including “Four Strong Winds” (by Ian Tyson) “Just To Satisfy You” (co-written with Don Bowman).

Bobby Bare did his own cover of “Four Strong Winds” having heard Waylon Bare version then I recommend to Waylon jennings to his legendary country Chet Atkins musician who was guitarist producer, who made him to sign with label RCA Victor. Still under contract with A & M, allowing you to join RCA Alpert. The empaco all his stuff and moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1965.

Jennings was used to sing and record with his own band, practice was not encouraged by the Nashville producers who controlled all aspects of the recordings. Working together with Atkins, however, Jennings developed a different style. Together with legendary producer got few moderate successes. But over the years, the was limited by Nashville Sound and artistic lack industry in the Decade of the 1960s country forced to submit to the wishes of the label without follow their own ideas.

In this period Jennings began using amphetamines while on tour. Quickly became addicted, like many artists country in that period, including teammate growing jennings End Divorce jessi colter in 1968 second marriage with this led to economic ruin of the singer.

He married for the third time with Barbara Wos who treatment control finances. Then he married for the fourth time with country singer Jessi jennings in 1969. Mrs jennings previously as M) had been married entities with guitar legend

growing Jennings became more annoying with the recordings in Nashville, in 1972 had hepatitis who nearly kills him. With his contract coming to an end, RCA had already lost another creative force that year: Jennings met Willie Nelson, who likewise had been frustrated by lack of creative freedom in the study by all executives in Nashville led him to relocate its base in Texas two years earlier. Jennings was seriously considering leaving Nashville return to the race radio MESA in 1972.

Outlaw country

2 things came to change difficult times to Jennings, the first being a jeesi jennings Business manager business New York named Neil Reshen second was his old friend Willie Nelson. Reshen approached Jennings who was recovering from hepatitis offered to renegotiate their contracts recording tours.

Jennings accept negotiations began in 1972 in Nashville where Jennings introduced him to Reshen airport to his friend Nelson, for the final Board Reshen was jessie jennings manager both singers. For that moment Jennings had realised that rock bands got larger ranges to express their creativity in their recordings, with or without a producer and even could do the covers themselves. A very similar freedom that had he wanted. In 1972 RCA issued Ladies Love Outlaws, an album that Jennings never wanted to launch.

If you import your success, the song of the same name that the album was the first song of the movement

Rehesen accomplishment RCA to accept the terms: $ 75,000 in the time and almost all artistic while negotiations tours contracts had a similar outcome control: making money by tickets sold.

Waylon finally got the contract recorded a rock star, Reshen warned to leave beard grow while he was in the to display an image of rock and roll.

In 1973, return to the music under the auspices of Atlantic Records industry was on his way to be a super star. Now the was living in Austin, Texas while his friend Neslon also is was entering in the style of rock and roll attracting a diverse fans. Nelson had signed with Atlantic Records when you took the time wanted to Jennings signed also but as the popularity Nelson was growing RCA was worried about losing another popular artist, which Jennings I occupy their advantage to negotiate their contract for more money

His recording career went ahead with the CD Lonesome, Orn’ry and mean Honky Tonk Heroes in 1973, which were the first albums recorded under its new creative domain. The albums were commercially successful critics praised it.

Most successful albums followed The Ramblin’ man This Time in 1974 Dreaming My Dreams in 1975, at some point in the years 70′, Jennings changed his addiction amphetamines consuming thousands dollars every day money than SAC commercial success that were previously mentioned albums.

In 1976, Jennings began to define its style with collaborations together with his friend Nelson album compilation Wanted: The Outlaws!’ Mrs growing jennings ‘, was the first platinum album country obtained. The following year RCA issued Ol’ Waylon produced another great success duet named Willie Nelson “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)”. Waylon Willie in 1978 continued his biggest hit “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” for the CD Waylon & Willie then released I’ve Always Been Crazy in 1978, followed by a great successes in 1979 album.

(Jennings was completely addicted to finance in the 1980s, were staggered again, leaving the bankrupt spending every that I had to pay their debts more touring. Concentrate less on his work tours had waned by the excesses. In a highly publicized case, Jennings was arrested in 1977 by position (by federal agent for a number of mistakes made by the Government removed you the charges later). The episode was told in the song Jennings “why Don’t You Think This Outlaw bit’s Done Got out of Hand?”

Addiction recovery

Jennings decided it was time to finally at least one time. Therefore to step through a process of rehabilitation, trying to use new in a more controlled manner. Jennings admitted in interviews that the greatest inspiration for permanently desintoxicase was his son Andrew Jennings. (In 1984 term completely with his addiction to).

His life after rehabilitation was plagued by doctors including heart attacks, diabetes brought by voracious appetites developed after leaving the habit in spite of these Jennings remained free continuous recording touring in the 1980s’s 90’s.

Recent years

Offshore industry music, Jennings Alive was also known as the narrator of the series television Dukes of Hazzard his predecessor Moonrunners. The theme of the Dukes of Hazzard is an original composition Jenings called “Good ol’ ‘ Boys” is a thematic tracks TV most remembered by people in history American television. He also appeared in the series Married with children and made a cameo appearance in 1985 movie Plaza sesamo.

Jennings also was a member USA for Africa in the recording of the song “We Are the World” but temperamental as always leave the Side leaving the work to The Highwaymen, personal successes of her career included CD WWII along with Willie Nelson in 1982, Heros Will the Wolf Survive in 1985, The Eagle in 1990 Too Dumb for New York City, Too Ugly for L.A. in 1992.

At the beginning years 90’s, Jennings became good friends with the group Metallica, more with vocalist James Hetfield, Jennings was influential to the album Load Metallica in 1996. In 2003, James Hetfield appeared on the album I’ve Always Been Crazy: growing Jennings making song Jennings Amanda 1978 jennings Daugher Amanda jennings After growing Song “what Don’t You Think This Outlaw bit’s Done Got Out of Hand?”.

In 1998, he joined the Old Dogs along with Bobby Bare, Jerry Reed, Mel Tillis Shel Silverstein group. Together they released only one album called Old Dogs.

Sometime in 2001, Jennings put his voice for an episode series Family guy when parody series Dukes of Hazzard. the episode was called ‘ was released in November 2005. Also narro a brawl in a previous episode called Chitty Chitty Bang.

Jennings suffered from diabetes that ended with his tour. December 19, 2001 his left foot was amputated in Mesa, Arizona hospital by degenerative infection. Then died in her sleep with your diabetes complications 70 years in Master, Arizona Walk Vnos and was buried in the cemetery of Mesa City, Arizona. The film was released in 2005 Only Daddy Thatll Walk the Line portraying life Waylon was represented by his son as memory but even had intent no resembled his father in 1966 when Johnny Cash shared a Department outside Nashville.

On 22 March 2006, dying mother Jennings, Lorene Jennings Alive Littlefield, Texas.

July 2006, Jennings was inducted into the rock wall California june with teammate Kris Kristofferson.((Buddy Dean jennings And His Place in the 2006 Jennings Alive received John Schneider, Tom Wopat Catherine Bach (Bo, Luke Daisy Duke) by having composed the theme song series Dukes of Hazzard)) the series have been the Narrator.

Schneider, Wopat Bach re-recorded the song and made a video released on DVD the seventh series season. The song ends when Daisy (Catherine Bach) says: “we love you Waylon” (you want Waylon) while music disappears slowly. The project was carried out thanks to the Country Music Hall of Fame Acdamy of Country Music Awards growing widow jennings Son Buddy Dean jennings Awards His Father growing jennings

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