Country Singer — White Horse (song)

White Horse is the second single promotional pop-Country American Taylor Swift, singer from her Fearless album.


The song is a ballad Country Pop mostly supported by piano. She uses a fairy-tale picture to describe here, especially in the metaphor that her ex-boyfriend was ‘a Prince on a white horse’, and saying “I’m not a Princess, this is not a fairy tale” (I’m not a princess, this ain’t to Fairytale) of realizing that the relationship was not that she had hoped. -I wrote it when it was something terrible-“, says Taylor.”


According to Country Weekly Magazine, Swift said she wrote the song when it was finishing the Love Story. Then commented that the type of the previous song “reminded him of many fairy tales and the famous Prince charming”. After she write part of the first verse, made a call to your friend, Liz Rose, co-writer to help finish the song. Swift and Rose had completed “White Horse” in approximately 45 minutes.


The song has received favorable reviews from music critics. Critic movies Deborah Evans price said “the second only Taylor student of second year of top-selling fast CD is a beautiful and understated ballad featuring his skill with a lyrical and shines a projector in its tender of signature, the heart in her manga vowel” Karlie. The 9513 Justus gave it a “thumbs above” review, calling it “quite a leap for the Queen of the OMGeneration.” It is a direct refutation to his previous single happy ever after ideal down shared references big stairs, princesses, and fairytale romances. ..”Although fast has dealt with themes of rejection and loss before, the results have never been this mature nor practical”. The universe of the country gave the song a UN-. critic Kevin j. Coyne said, “fast actually used the standard images of Prince on a white horse, and there is just something about not being fairy tale makes it feel a little more country and much more relevant to that”Historia de amor”.” “Worth noting that this is the best quick has sounded on the record so far, and the underestimated vowel serves well”.

Video Musical

When the video starts, Swift leans against the wall and cries. In a retrospective scene, her boyfriend (Stephen Colletti, Laguna Beach) has called it, trying to give satisfaction and ask an opportunity, but she does not respond. The video then presents the couple happy teenager relationship.

Later, Swift said to a friend (Teah Spears) is how wonderful this guy and he is the best thing to have happened to her. Your friend does not share the same enthusiasm, explaining “there is something you should know him”. The explanation was that he is notorious for swindle in other girls. Fast then walks home from her boyfriend to see another girl there; She leaves, shocked as he tries to explain and apologise. Finally, the boy calls another opportunity. Once a mount quick zoom the relationship of the couple, Swift reply, no! and hang, broken in tears.

The video was released to CMT on February 7, 2009. Debuted place above CMT first twenty account back to the week of February 20, 2009, and has spent nine weeks at # 1 since then.

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