How to tune a guitar without an electronic tuner

The guitar strings tend to go out of tune over time depending on our guitar, strings and other factors. For a person who tunes his guitar all the time, this is easy. But what about those who are not accustomed or necessary information? One does not always have an electronic tuner on hand. If you have not used that guitar in your home just because you can not tune, this is the time to bring it to the active life again.


  1. Get a guitar, preferably with strings pretuned. The guitar tuner can tune without, but never without a guitar. There is nothing more annoying than trying to tune all the strings and find that the guitar came tuned standard.
  2. Check that all pins also work. There is nothing more annoying than tuning all strings and discover that one of the pins does not work, which disables the guitar.
  3. Get a referential MI. It is best to have at hand a tuning fork (vibrating at 440 Hz, the note A 3rd string) or a whistle. There are alternative ways to this. You can generate the Mi for first string from your phone or even from other instruments that tend to keep the note E as the piano or accordion.
  4. Use the My to match the first string of the guitar. Then equals the second string at the fifth fret with the first air. Should sound the same.
  5. Equals the third on the fourth fret with the second air.
  6. Check that the tuning is correct by harmonics, the Sun of the first string must match the first harmonic of the third string. The Re of the second string should match the fourth.


  • If your strings are old, replace them. The old ropes are more difficult to tune and do not provide a clean sound.
  • Another way is to compare the strings to tune a guitar tuned, thus you tune one by one.
  • Do not be discouraged if it does not work on the first try, your ear has to learn to recognize when two sounds are equal and when they are different.
  • Find different shades of simple songs and melodies familiar with it, so that you can ‘remember’ the beautiful times of the guitar, precise tones of the song and look every note on the guitar and it can be according to that tune. Imagine that music is playing in your head and look for it on the guitar. Probably take you a while to find your special melody.
  • It should also be noted that using the technique described and achieving the correct tuning of the first string in Mi, just enough to ascend with the following strings such as described and set in the reference line, ie in the case of refine the 2nd on the fifth fret to sound like the first on the air, this (the first air) must have a visible “vibration or oscillation”, and thus if our ear betrays our eye will see this vibration and know what rope are playing (the second in the 5th fret is in tune with the first air). So, continue with the other according to the rule above.
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