How to tune a guitar down a tone with a standard tuner

Many times you hear a song on the guitar sounds great and want to learn how to play that song with your guitar, you realize that the song is tuned half step down. This often prevents many guitarists to learn songs they do not know how to tune their guitars down or tone up, usually this can be done with a chromatic tuner or a piano, but if you have one, read the following steps and you will learn how to tune your guitar down and tone up.


  1. All you need in case of not having a chromatic tuner, a simple tuner is normal.
  2. First of all, connect your guitar to your tuner.
  3. Keep in mind how you tune it tones down, remember that each fret counts as a halftone.
  4. Since you know how many shades you tune your guitar down, press the fret on the sixth string of the guitar, for example if you want to tune down one whole step, press the sixth string on the 2nd fret.
  5. Now that you have pressed the string at the second fret, tune the string as you normally would, as if you are tuning your guitar in a normal tone. As you press another fret, you are giving the sound of the E note, when you remove your finger, the entire string is tuned to the pitch of the note D, which is one step down.
  6. Now that you know how to tune down a tone, you can do the same with the rest of the strings of your guitar, and voila, all your guitar is tuned one tone below you can get new sounds and chords.
  7. Ok, now your guitar is tuned a tone lower than the normal.


  • If you do not have a tuner, you can always tune your guitar by ear and with a piano to guide you.
  • So you can tune down half a tone, the sixth string E should sound like Eb.
  • So you can tune down a tone, the sixth string E must sound as D.
  • This also can work when you want to tune up tones.
  • So you can tune up halftone, the sixth string should sound like F.
  • So you can tune a tone above the sixth string E F # should sound like.
  • If you have a chromatic tuner, you do not need all this.
  • Check if your tuner can be calibrated, is used in many songs half tone down the guitar, so if you can calibrate your tuner with a piano, it will be easier when having to change the pitch of the strings of your guitar.


  • When you’re playing a note to tune your guitar, make sure you’re treading properly fret the string make the best possible sound.
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