How to Write a Vocal Melody

The following are steps for how to write a vocal melody:

  1. Decipher singing accompaniment tone scale that go with the chord. Find the final note of the accompaniment in the bass (the lowest note) in the book musical, it will usually be the tone you are.
  2. Sing or play the scale for yourself. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. If you have problems with this step, ask someone to sing a scale on the music track. The scale on which the piece is written musical notes tells you that you can include in the vocal melody. These are notes that you used to create your vocal melody.
  3. Sing or play the scale on the track. Note that some of the notes fit better in some places than others. Remember what you like and where. This is the beginning of the melody.
  4. Listen parts that sound good to you – where you’re choosing the notes sound good with the piece of music. Record these places (or write them if you can read music).
  5. Attacks small portions of the piece of music, until you have a road map of how you want to be the melody.
  6. Note that when you have lyrics, you say them over and over again and decide about where you want to go in each line. Place each line of the lyrics in the most appropriate of the melody. You may need to add notes (singing the same note twice or sing a note right after the note you had in the original melody).


  • To fit the lyrics with the music, seeks replicate portions of each. The first line of the first stanza of your lyrics should fit in the same manner as the first line of the second stanza of your letters.
  • Remember to write from the heart. Nothing beats the experiences you’ve had and what happens around you.
  • Maybe add a piano accompaniment with some simple chords! La La La!
  • Have fun! Writing music is great – Perhaps you can even do it with your friends and form a band!


  • Some parts of the melody (as the high notes or long sustained notes) will attract attention. Make sure these parts are attached to the words in the letters you want to emphasize.
  • If you do not put a high-many high notes in your melody That will sound silly!
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