Writing a Song for Your Significant Other

  1. How do you feel the love? Do you love it, you love it, you know, you dislike, hate, etc..? Analyzes a little more. A good example for this is, “runs through my soul, echoes in hallways, how I will be able to know if we are going to lose?”
  2. Add how do you feel the love with how you feel about your partner. If you feel love and passion for that person, but do not know if you love it, you can say something like, “I know what I feel for you, I can not explain, but what I know is one thing, I’ll never be the same as before. “
  3. Describe to your partner and write (you should be writing all ideas) along with everything else. (Also be sure to put sections like, “Step 1, 2, 3 …) Is it beautiful, selfish, angry, stupid, cute, sexy, attractive, conservative, impossible, etc..? A good example for this is, “You’re real, you’re funny, you my girl, you’re my life.”
  4. Describe the type of relationship they have. Is an honest, loving and sexy, but yet at the same time, a relationship that completes you, or is it a relationship fun and light? A good example for this is, “We may not be perfect, but all worth it in the end of the day when I see your beautiful smile.”
  5. How would you like your future with your partner? Did you see next to him / her for a lifetime, or just want to live in the moment? A good example for this would be, “I am so incredibly in love with you, but I need to enjoy this, you tonight, I need to be in this moment with you tonight.”
  6. In general, are you in love / love? That will be your last line: if you love them. An example for this is, “All I can say is … I’m in love with you.”
  7. Board all! Ask for help from members of your band for music, such as guitars, piano, bass, etc …. and sing the song for him / her, even if you do not have a good voice. Appreciate the song not to mention demonstrate that you have the courage to sing for them, instead of letting the vocalist to sing (even if you’re not the lead singer, or if you have one), you sing the song himself / herself.


  • Do not be too sensitive, but honest.
  • Do not write things like, “If I could tear the heart and put it in your hands, I would.” That’s wrong. Instead write, “Take good care of my present life, my heart is in your hands.” It’s much more appealing to the ears and heart.
  • Do not say or sing, “I want to make love all night from dusk until dawn.” This will give the impression that things are going very fast and you’re expecting too much from your boyfriend / girlfriend. Try to say something simple like, “Your kisses are irresistible desire your touch, your eyes are irresistible, I need your love under the sun, I miss you, I need you …” This sounds much better.
  • Tell your partner that you wrote for him / her, and every word that comes from your heart.


  • Do not talk about very special topics like death or anything like that.
  • Do not be too implicit and do not be too sexual, like Nickelback Animals songs or Pour Some Sugar On Me. Okay let some small signs, but do not say directly that “want to sleep with him / her.”

Things You’ll Need

  • A heart and a head full of ideas
  • A pencil or pen
  • A boyfriend / girlfriend, boyfriend or husband
  • Paper, obviously
  • A band that can help you make the music (unless you go to do it alone with guitar, or something)
  • An honest voice
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