Rap Songwriting for Dummies

Rap songwriting for dummies is meant for people that are truly not very talented in writing rap songs. Though not to be confused, it does not take a dummy to miss the skills needed in order to write a good rap song. In fact, it can be a quite complex process when it comes to writing a rap song and not everyone is able to do it. There are some similarities that songwriting has to other processes though that will make it easier for even those that are a little songwriter challenged.

Rap songwriting for dummies: Organizing your song

When it comes to rap songwriting for dummies, one easy way to learn how to write your song is to consider it like you would when you are preparing to write an essay. If you learn to organize your songs in the same manner, you will find that it is much easier to follow the flow of things. After starting with your topic or title, you would then work around that main idea or concept throughout your song. This way, you are not just writing to write but you are actually following a plan or a theme.

Rap songwriting for dummies: Following the theme

You want to keep your song around the same elements as your title just as you would in an essay. If your title is about breaking up, then you should write your lyrics about breaking up and not about making love or going out on the town. Basically, follow your idea and be sure not to go stray from it as this could mess up the flow.

Rap songwriting for dummies: Dedication

One of the most important things that you can remember when it comes to writing a rap song is that it will not come easy nor quickly. You really have to be dedicated and devoted to writing a good song. Make sure that your theme is good and your lyrics will catch someones attention as well as get them singing along to it. While some songwriters are blessed with natural talent at birth, the majority of songwriters are not given this talent and have to learn it over a great period of time. It is these songwriters though that sometimes wind up being the best in the industry.

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