Writing a Hit Song

Writing a hit song is a relatable form of art. Since listening to music is something that people commonly do, it is often so simple to come up with lyrics and melodies. But the real challenge is how to compose a song that thousands or millions of fans will surely enjoy. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can create a real hit song: In theory, a song is merely made up of melody and words.

So according to this principle anyone who knows a language and is capable of humming a tune can compose a song. Creativity and talent are of course very important elements but the fact is that anyone who listens to music regularly is already experienced. However before you begin writing down lyrics, you have to take note of a few fundamentals first. Making a Story A song is basically also a form of literature and every form of literature should contain a story. What’s important when composing a song is making sure that it will be something that people can relate to and can bring about an emotion from them.

The audience should feel part of the song. It’s not enough to simply tell them a story. It is more effective to leave them with some kind of question. A story always has three parts – beginning, middle and end. After completing the writing process, it is suitable to divide the song into its three components. Always take note that hit songs are not just written once, they have been repeatedly re – written. Format When you are concerned about what proper format to follow and how many verses will be appropriate for your song, you can easily get ideas from the pros. Try reviewing their songs and study the format.

You will probably notice that there are only a small number of formats which are popularly used by songwriters and they only vary slightly. However even with this slight variation, they can significantly alter the feel of the entire song. Writing a hit song is not an easy task but by hiring a professional songwriter to do it for you, you can easily come up with good lyrics. Moreover, you will be guaranteed with confidentiality and you can freely have the good lyrics credited to your name.

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