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Beautiful Eyes is the second EP released by American singer Taylor Swift country music. The EP was released on July 15, 2008 by Big Machine Records exclusively for Wal-Mart in United States stores and online. The limited release has a sound country pop and displays alternative versions of songs from his album debut, Taylor Swift, and two original songs, “Beautiful Eyes” and “How do I Heart?”, songs that she had previously written; a DVD with videos of singles by Taylor Swift, is also included in the physical release of the EP.

Beautiful Eyes peaked at number nine on the Billboard 200 and Top Country albums chart, list going on their debut album. “I Heart?” was released as a single promotional in June 2008. Although the EP not been promoted, Swift introduced the song in various places.


Swift received much success with the release of their debut Taylor Swift, and began work on his second album Fearless in 2007. During that time, received e-mails from fans asking for a new material that is released, making Swift launched Beautiful Eyes: “I thought that ésto could help them until you exit the new album in the fall.”1 Beautiful Eyes is musically-oriented country pop and contemporary music. Includes new versions of songs by Taylor Swift: an alternate version of “Should’ve Said No”, the fifth single from the album, an acústida version of “Teardrops on My Guitar”, the second single from the album, a radio edit of “Picture to Burn”, the fourth single from the album, and “I’m Only Me when I’m with You”, a promotional single from the album. The EP also presents two original songs, “Beautiful Eyes” and “How do I Heart?”, what previously wrote in 2003. The DVD of the EP presents videos singles Taylor Swift as a music video to “Beautiful Eyes” birthday number eighteen of Swift images.

SWIFT did not want any kind of misconception of Beautiful Eyes as the second album, so American retailer Wal-Mart was associated with the company to EP exclusive launch. The album was made only through Wal-Mart stores and by Wal-Mart page3 A limited edition was also because Swift only allowed Big Machine Records for the manufacture of certain copies of the EP. She said, “only I am leaving my label to do a small riding them.” “The last thing I want any of you is that we are releasing many releases.”


In the week ending August 2, 2008, Beautiful Eyes debuted at number nine on the Billboard 200 due to sales of 45,000 copies. The EP became a total of twenty weeks in that list.6 In the same week, debuted at number one on Top Country albums chart, replacing its own Taylor Swift album how number one. Taylor Swift passing to number two, Swift became the first artist to hold the top two positions on Top Country Albums since LeAnn Rimes enlisted in 1977 with Blue (1996) and Unchained Melody: The early Years (1997). The week that followed, the EP became a number two9 and total spent twenty-eight weeks in the Top Country albums chart.


Swift presenting the acoustic version of her hit “Teardrops on My Guitar”, which was presented in Beautiful Eyes

“I Heart?” was released as a single promotional Beautiful Eyes on June 23, 2008.10 Swift minimally promoted Beautiful Eyes for the reason that she didn’t want to false ideas of the EP as their second album, although presented “Beautiful Eyes” in different places. First introduced “Beautiful Eyes” 23 January 2005 at the NAMM Show, a trade in products of music held in Anaheim, California, at the Anaheim Convention Center. The presentation showed Swift, dressed in a red blouse and a few jeans blue, acoustically presenting with a guitar, sitting on a stool. “Beautiful Eyes” was later introduced as part of the set of Stripped on August 5, 2008, wore a black dress and was presented with a band, while she played acoustic guitar.

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