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Bret Michael Sychak, better known as Bret Michaels (15 March 1963 Pennsylvania United States), is a vocalist of hard rock, popular for being part of the band Poison, is an acclaimed singer singer especially gender Heavy Metal which popularized it with Poison, but in his work as a soloist has influences more Blues and country combined with Heavy Metal. It is considered to be the # 40 of the “100 best vocalists of Heavy Metal” breaking many excellent vocalists and has sold over 35 million copies with Poison. His solo career began since 1998 and has done very well on the disk that launched in 2008, entitled “Rock My World”. Now Bret, 2010 just launched their new album “Custom Built” that account with new songs and others already recorded, but made new updates.


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He formed the band Paris at its native Pennsylvania, 1984, together with drummer Rikki Rockett. The band, which would then call Poison, moved to Los Angeles in 1984 to break through the heavy-metal scene of that city. Poison became one of the largest in the 80s Hair Metal bands recording albums as Open Up and Say…Ahh! that sold 10 million copies worldwide or Flesh & Blood with 7 million albums.

Michaels recorded his first album solo in 1998 entitled A Letter from Death Row was the soundtrack to the film of the same name. Launched with this 5 solo studio albums and his most recent Rock My World has been the most successful of their albums as a solo artist.

# 40 Of the 100 best vocalists heavy metal history is considered by Rolling Stone magazine. Had a relationship between 1988 and 1992 with Sussie Hatton, model and actress (featured in the Fallen Angel video) and also had a short but very notorious relationship with Pamela Anderson. In this new century of return much with Poison fame, has been protagonist of his Rock Of Love shows for 3 seasons, which the program has enjoyed much success and has triggered a new generation of fans ready to rock with him and Poison in Bret. It has appeared in many reality shows several television, as well as films and TV shows, especially by MTV and VH1 chains.

April 22, 2010, Michaels was transferred to the hospital with an unbearable head pain. When it was examined by doctors discovered that had suffered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage and was in very critical situation but his condition was stable. Meanwhile the band remained pending the results of the improvement of the musician, although it was not so easy by the smoker and Bret diabetic condition. Meanwhile VH1 was transmitting – 31 May 2010 – a preview of the series that would be the air in the autumn of that year.

June 5, 2010, Bret was given high hospital where he was interned, hoping his full recovery from near-fatal brain hemorrhage occurred at the end of the preceding month; Phoenix as reported in a timely manner by one of the doctors that had sought it since joining.

June 27, 2010 reappears again on stage; It was in the show American Idol. There he joined Casey James finalist to interpret “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, the classic of Poison.

So also, after dangerous brain hemorrhage that leaves him almost on the verge of death, Michaels reappeared on TV in the agenda of Oprah.

July 6, 2010, Bret Michaels launches his new album under the name of “Custom Built”, through the Poor Boy label. The material contains 12 songs, many of whom had already recorded in earlier works such as “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, and other new “Riding Against The Wind” or “Wasted Time” topics.

Once outside the ailment that had affected him so hard and kept it at the edge of death, risk musician continued the tour which had been suspended as a result of that condition.

August 23 was held the contest for the election of Miss Universe 2010 where he was crowned Mexico, Ximena Navarrete; representative at this ceremony Bret Michaels officiated presenter to Natalie Morales.

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