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Harold Lloyd Jenkins, known artistically as Conway Twitty (Friars Point, Mississippi, 1st September 1933 – Springfield, Missouri, 5 June 1993) was one of the artists most laureates United States country music during the 20th century. Most of his career developed as country singer but also came to succeed with thematic rock and roll, r & blues and pop music. Until the year 2000, was the record for most number one singles country lists 45 times.


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Early life

Harold Lloyd Jenkins was born on September 1, 1933 in Friars Point, Mississippi.

He was named Jenkins by his great-uncle, silent film, Harold Lloyd. The Jenkins family moved to Helena, Arkansas when Jenkins was 10 years old and was in that town where Jenkins appeared in his first band, the Phillips County Ramblers.

Two years later, he earned his own radio show every Saturday morning. Jenkins also practiced his other passion, baseball. Received an offer to play in Philadelphia Phillies after high school, but was enrolled in the army saying goodbye to that dream.

Inspirado by Elvis Presley

After retiring from the Navy, Jenkins followed his career. After listening to Elvis Presley Mystery Train began writing music rock. Logically, he commanded a letterhead to Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee working alongside Sam Phillips, owner and founder of Sun Studios to get the sound naturally [quotes required]

Stage name

Jenkins thought that his name was not commercial and changed its name in 1957. (Harold Lloyd Jenkins continued as his birth name). Reading a road map, located two localities, Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas, this mode was called “Conway Twitty”.

According to another version, in a restaurant New Yorker Jenkins met through his representative a man Richmond which called Conway Twitty Jr. The representative had served in the army to genuine Conway Twitty. Subsequently, the representative suggested to Jenkins to adopt the name as a name, because it was something that sounded good. Conway Twitty of Richmond later recorded the song in the middle of the 1960s, What’s in to Name But Trouble (“what brings a name apart from problems?”), regretting having ceded named Jenkins.

There were also rumors that the artist had lovers in Conway like Twitty. His stage name was a constant reminder of his love while he was away.

His first successes

1958 Recorded It’s Only Make Believe was the first of nine hits Top 40 Twitty, only with the number 2 sold eight million copies. The song was composed between Conway Twitty and Jack Nance while in Hamilton, Ontario acting at Flamingo Lounge.

In popular culture

In the popular game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (played by Twitty and Loretta Lynn) in the fictional radio station Radio K-ROSE country music can be heard.

Conway Twitty has appeared on episodes of family guy: Bill and Peter’s Bogus Journey, Peter’s Daughter, The Juice Is Loose and It’s A Trap in the form of musical performances on the Hee Haw as part of the series where it is decided not to continue with humor programme clips. Each clip is presented by a character viewers, which says “Ladies and gentlemen,” with you, Conway Twitty. Unlike other episodes in which only shows a small piece of any action, The Juice Is Loose put an entire song. According to the DVD audio commentary, Seth MacFarlane stated that these sketches are their gags favorite non sequitur of the series.

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