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Buck Owens, whose full name is Alvis Edgar Owens Jr. is a country music singer born in August 1929, died in the year 2006 worldwide recognition.archivo:


Alvis Owens was born in Sherman, Texas at the Oklahoma border. When he was 4 years stole a mule that his family had named “Buck”. Living in a family of labourers who worked during the great depression in farms of citrus in Mesa, Arizona.

To have a better life, Buck, decided to be a musician. He began playing the mandolin until his family gave him a guitar for Christmas. It was a big fan of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. With 16 years began working on a local radio Phoenix. There he met Bonnie Campbell you got married and moved to Bakersfield, California in 1951.

Buck started working in California where he met local Ferlin Husky or Tommy Collins artists. In 1956 he record 10 songs that had a modest success in California but were not exported to the rest of the country.

In 1957 he signed with Capitol Records where continued recording pop songs that were not only successful. In 1958 hartó pop music and moved to Seattle to work as a DJ on a radio station.

In 1959 he began a golden age which began by placing 3 songs more country among the 10 first in country music, they were “Under your Spell again”, “Mental Cruelty” and “Foolin ‘ Around”. Buck quit his job in Seattle and began to record songs country that generated the Bakersfield music style again. Recorded several numbers 1 within the country as “Loves Gonna Live Here Again” or “My Heart Skips to Beat” music.

Half of the 1960s continued to be a Buck and his band “The Buckaroos” where also highlighted a guitarist excepicional called Don Rich was a great friend Buck’s golden age. During this time tambieén won numerous numbers 1 country music as “Together Again” or “Before you Go”.

In 1965 he recorded “I’ve got the Tiger by the Tail”, a song based on the slogan in petrol company. This was the greatest success since Buck that peaked at number 25 in the country’s.

In the year 1966 was already a television show called “Buck Owens’ Ranch”, also featuring his son Buddy. But her big television break occurred in 1969 when he signed as host of the new programme called “Hee Haw”, programme remained emtido until 1986.

In July of the year 1974 Buck career suffered a major setback on the death of his friend Don Rich. This caused a great depression which forced him to retire. Hee Haw and producer in Nashville was only devoted over a decade. In 1988 he made a new version of “The Streets of Bakersfield” along with Dwight Yoakam, Ringo Starr and Emmylou Harris that he capultó number 1. A few years later he returned to recording along with Starr “Act Naturally” was another great success.

In 2006 died of a heart to heart hours of acting in the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield. (Had just overcome throat cancer)

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