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Endless Love (español:Amor Eterno) is a song originally recorded as a Duet by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, who wrote the song. This ballad singers mutually declared its “eternal love”. Singer Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey performed a version of the topic, as well as country Kenny Rogers singer.

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross version

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross recorded the song for the Motown label and it was used as the main topic film love without end, with Brooke Shields. Produced by Richie, was published as a single from the soundtrack of the film in 1981. While the film was a failure, the song became the single most successful United States that year. It was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, staying for nine weeks since August 9-10 October 1981. He also reached the top of the Billboard charts Black Singles and Adult contemporary chart. United Kingdom, peaked at number seven.

Touching composition became the single Diana Ross with highest number of sales, while for Lionel Richie hit most of all that he had during the 1980s. Ross recorded solo song on their first album with RCA Records, Why Do Fools Fall in Love?, although version which reaped success was his last success in Motown. The song was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Original song for Richie and was the second song to Ross who was nominated for an Oscar. Furthermore, in 1982, won an American Music Award for best Single Pop / rock.

It was the second single from the album Songs (1994). Reached number two on the u.s. Billboard Hot 100, becoming the fifth single from Vandross to reach the top 10 and the twelfth Carey. Was the song that highest arrived in the list to Vandross United States; remained among the 40 best positions for thirteen weeks. Also marked an improvement for Carey after his previous single, Anytime You Need a Friend, who had not reached the top 10. Association RIAA certified it Gold disk and entered among the five best posts United Kingdom and Australia. They were two videos for the single: in one, Carey and Vandross are recording the song in the Studio and on the other, are performing the song live at the Royal Albert Hall. Some versions of the song which Carey and Vandross sing the song solo were published.

Kenny Rogers version

Kenny Rogers of Endless Love version was included in his album Vote For Love (1996). Also appears on the album Always and Forever (1996), which sold 4 million copies. This version was not released as a single.

Other versions

The song was used in a video parody of George Bush and Tony Blair. The video shows pictures of Bush and Blair that seem to sing the song each other, with Bush playing voices of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross’s Blair.

The song included also in the movie Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler when Happy and his girlfriend Virginia are ice skating. At that time, Virginia tells him to Happy “Thought that we were only friends”, to which he responds, “the friends hear Endless Love in the dark”.

Naturalised Argentina singer Mexican Amanda Miguel also has an excellent version of this topic in their original, English language.

Also the song appeared in the third season of Friends, when Phoebe falls on the floor of Chandler and Joey, and found Chandler singing and Lionel Richie’s first album in hand, although the song was included on their fourth album, Back to Front and in a special single 1981.

Another version of the song is the one that appears the glee in 1st season; played by rachel and the teacher will series

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