Country Singer — Wanted (song)

Wanted It is the first single from the singer pop Country Jessie James title self-titled debut album. Information The song was produced by Mitch Allan and written by own singer and the campositora Kara DioGuardi. Wanted was officially launched on 12 April 2009 in the USA and Canada, was released through the iTunes store on April 14 the same year and until July record 200,000 copies and until August sales record sales of 400,000 Criticises The New York Times gave one criticizes “Positive” the song saying that to be the first single from singer is fairly well since mix sounds very well pop country. Billboard magazine I qualify it for fun and compare it to the singer pop Country Carrie Underwood and his song “Before He track”, furthermore I highlight his voice is very similar to singer Christina Aguilera. Video Musical The video for “Wanted” was recorded on March 28, 2009 in Los Angeles, account with the collaboration of the actor Erik Von Detten who embodies a police that chases James a desert, where the singer to fool policemen who follow disguises mechanic, constructor and finally in a waitress where in captured by Von Detten, the video ends when the car which carried James stops on one side of the road police car falling kisses her and let it go.

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