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Audrey Faith Perry McGraw, known worldwide as Faith Hill (born 21 September 1967, Jackson, Mississippi) is an American singer of country music.


Early years

Born in Jackson, passes his youth years in the vicinity of the town of Star in Mississippi in an adoptive family. From small began singing, first in your environment and then a local band at age 17.

At age 19 he moved to Nashville to develop her singing career. Newcomer to the city is installed in a small apartment and begins to seek work to door without much fortune. Find a job as a saleswoman product advertising for country music stars and Secretary. In these times he combines his work with his artistic facet singing with a gospel group called The Steeles. After a time in the city while working as a Secretary in a music company and is discovered singing by a management company, Gary Morris, it helps you to edit a demo for this musical company. Thanks to the demo he met Gary Burr, composer that helps you in your career with the recording and production of a full demo.

Finally Gets job to sing in different advertising shows, is thanks to this job when you start to improve their performances and his facet as a singer perfecting his voice. While singing at a club where a representative and talent Warner listens and does not hesitate to offer him a contract with the label is one of these representations.

Two years of being in Nashville marries an Executive and producer of the music industry, Dan Hill, on 23 July 1988 (six years later, in 1994 divorciar√°). His discovery as singer happens by chance and is called to make some tests. So in 1993 released her first album named Take Me as I Am, with Scott Hendricks as producer.


The debut artist album ‘ Take Me as I Am’ in 1993; disk works well in its output and starts climbing positions within the country thanks largely to the success of the single “Wild One”, a song by Erma Franklin version music charts. A version of the song Piece of my heart, confirms the success of the disk and manages to reach the top of the lists of country music in United States in 1994.

The recording of the album had to be delayed due to a problem in their vocal cords. It Matters to me, his second album, released finally in 1995 becoming another success. The song that bears the same title album is placed back into the number one country achieved this way their fourth number one music list.

Hill, at this point in his career, starts the tour called Spontaneous Combustion Tour in the company of the singer Tim McGraw. Relationship with Tim raises that you break the contract which had been her producer and boyfriend until that moment, Scott Hendricks. Once the tour together with McGraw Hill marries him (July 23, 1996) marriage that still lingers (year 2007).2 This marriage are born three daughters, Gracie Katherine (b. 1997), Maggie Elizabeth (b. 1998) and Audrey Caroline (born 6 December 2001), which leave singing in at the end of the v√≠deomusical McGraw “Fly Away” (Last Dollar).

At this time is when he meets her biological mother.


In 1998 Hill launches a new album, Faith. This album has the peculiarity of having a more pop-oriented style leaving in this way the style country that had marked his career so far. Belonging to this single album “This Kiss” becomes the number # 1 in the country music charts and also reaches the number # 7 on the pop charts.

This rotation was pop music makes the popularity of Hill to grow inside of the general public, becoming an image known outside the world of country music. This growth in popularity does start to sign contracts for advertising, include the signing of a contract as a model of CoverGirl cosmetics that wanted to exploit his facet as a woman of great physical attraction apart from her musical side.

Full time success launched their next Studio album called Breathe. This album was released in 1999 retains a pop style which makes it one of the best-selling albums of the year 2000. The song “Breathe”, including disk scale until you reach the number # 1 pop music lists. “The way you love me”, another single belonging to disk reaches top ten list, as far as the sixth post it, also becoming one of the singles with more permanence on the Billboard Hot 100 charts with fifty-seven weeks. This album was awarded several prizes that include three Grammy Awards, including the award for best country album.

In the year 2000, this album, tour becomes a great event. The tour called Soul2Soul, in company of her husband Tim McGrawe becomes one of the tours of with greater success and profit for the year 2000.

At Christmas this year released the song “Where Are You Christmas?”, included in the film The Grinch. She performed the song once its author, Mariah Carey, could not register it. This Gospel-seasoned song became very popular holiday of the all-Christmas-all – formats $$$ – time American radio stations were adopted in the 2000s.

In the summer of 2001 records “There You ll Be” for the soundtrack of the Pearl Harbor film. In September he sang “There Will Come a Day” at the benefit concert America: A Tribute to Heroes organized by George Clooney in favour of the victims of the attacks of 11 September 2001. After this concert, at the end of year publishes its first compilation called There You ll Be arriving to sell over a million copies around the world reaching the top 30 in Italy and the sixth post in the UK charts

In 2002, Hill launches a new album called Cry, directly reaching number one on the Billboard and list of country. Makes his first appearance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The album sold three million copies worldwide and he won a Gramy.

At this point in his career Hill became interested by other artistic facets which stands out that of actress, getting women of Mel Gibson in the movie when we were soldiers 2002 but finally the role given to Madeleine Stowe that replaces. In 2004 acts in film perfect women with Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick and Glenn Close.2

2005 and 2006

In 2005 after bad both sales results as criticism of her previous album Cry decides to return to his musical roots, so in 2005 edit an album of country music called Mississippi Girl, being the first song from the album Fireflies. This work returning musically speaking its origins the Catapult again towards the top lists again, reaching number one in the lists of sales. The next single taken from the album, “Like We Never Loved At All”, Sung in Duet with her husband McGraw, arrives at the top of the list and win the grammy Award for best country collaboration. The third single from the album, “The Lucky One”, released in February 2006 reaches back to number five on the Billboard country music.

In April 2006, Hill and her husband, Tim McGraw embark back to another joint tour called Soul2Soul II Tour 2006. This tour becomes largest country with a total cost of $89 million music tour. The band of Faith on this tour was composed by the following musicians:

Faith Hill – vocals, acoustic guitar

Jerry McPherson – guitars

Pat Buchanan – guitars

Jimmy Nichols – keyboards

Paul Bushnell – bass

Paul Leim – drums

Crystal Taliefero Perry Coleman and Wendy Moten on backing vocals

Bob Minner and Denny Hemingson

The fourth single from the album would be “Stealing Kisses”, but was eventually replaced by “Sunshine & Summertime” which became the fourth single from the album Fireflies which began to listen to radio in early June 2006. This fourth and final single was well received by the public as far as number seven on the Billboard singles chart of country music.

Faith Hill singing at a concert in support of the American army.

“Stealing Kisses” that had not gone as a fourth single disk eventually becomes the fifth single out album. The video, directed by Sophie Muller (who had already directed another artist music video called “Like We Never Loved At All”) was shot in New Jersey in spring 2006. This single fails to operate as well as the earlier peaking in its first week on the list at 58 on the Billboard country music singles gaining his best position at number 36.

The Fireflies album eventually sold two million copies in the United States and three in everyone getting be double Disc Platinum in January 2006.

In June 2006 was named as the most attractive country singer Country Weekly magazine4 In 2005 she was selected at number 29 list of FHM 100 most beautiful world women. In 2006 was selected number 48 list of FHM 100 most beautiful world women.3


This year, Faith Hill has several projects among intend to edit two albums during the year.

The first album, whose output for sale is scheduled for the summer, is a compilation covering the greatest hits of his career. Another project which is planned for this year is the edition of a new album which is planned exit for sale by the end of year coinciding with the Christmas season.

He has released a single called “sleeping with the Telephone” in which she sings a Duet with Reba McEntire to appear on the album duets, which has its output planned for mid-2007.

Another project planned by her for this year is a collaboration in the new album of her husband Tim McGraw Let It Go is called. This album singing two songs to Duet with him, “I Need You” and “Shotgun Rider”. Both songs were sung in the tour that shared in 2006 called Soul2Soul II Tour 2006, also announced in turn they will start a new tour called Soul2Soul II Tour. Soul2Soul 2007 has scheduled its beginning in June and lasts three months ending in August of this year. One of his performances will be inside of the Live Earth concerts on 7 July 2007.

Until the year 2007 has sold more than 11 million albums around the world throughout his career. and it has several times won the Grammy award

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