Country Singer — Disneyland

Disneyland (referred to in its beginnings as Disneyland) It is a theme park designed by Walt Disney and located in Anaheim, California. Since its inauguration, on 17 July 1955, has received millions of visitors, including Presidents and members of high society.

Disney wanted to build a better comparison to existing at that time parks family entertainment. Had originally conceived an amusement park for employees of your animation studio, accompanied by their respective families; After some modifications to the initial designs, decided to build it as a theme park divided into five sectors – known as areas themes – for visitors. Some time later, three areas were added to its structure. Thereafter, the Park had no major modifications after of some expansions in 2001, the Disneyland Park,-official name of the Park was established from the expansions-forms part of the holiday complex called Disneyland Resort, which includes another Park, three hotels and a shopping centre. 2005 Marked the inauguration of the Park, fifty years event introduced Fireworks and featured presentations of artists, lectures, speeches, reinauguraciones past attractions, premieres of new shows and multiple decorations on buildings and attractions alluding to the color Gold. Commemorative events culminated in late 2006.

Disneyland is financially operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, with a total of eight thematic areas, a private club (known as Club 33) and a series of alluding to its corresponding theme shows and attractions.


All those who come to this happy place: welcome. Disney World is your world. Here the elders reviving dear memories of the past, and here youth can enjoy the challenge and the promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, dreams and the hard facts that created the United States in the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration for everyone. Thank you.

A dream come true

The vision of Walt Disney

Routine American animator, producer, and weekend way Walt Disney began to carry their small daughters to certain amusement park, where watching them play and entertain the attractions. With the passage of the week, Disney began to realize the conditions in which labored that Park: was unhygienic, noisy, monotonous and had a bad service for visitors. Also noted that, while the children played in attractions, adults had nothing more than make – passed your stay in the park only looking at how his children played. Recalling the letters that some people had been writing, relating to the desire to visit his Studio animation so as to know the place where their favorite cartoons – with characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck – had created them, Disney concluded that his studio would not entertaining for those people, so thought of something else.

Every week that Disney came to the Park, I thought to build other than any other time amusement park: a hygienic park attractions that the family, regardless of age, happen funny moments to take. Previous vision was retaking new ideas for some years to conclude at the Disneyland Resort resort.

Regarding their vision, Disney once stated:

What this country really needs, is a place where families can go with your children to have fun. My ideal is to build as clean as any other amusement park at all times, and where each person is treated as if they were citizens of first-class, i.e. as genuine guests of honour.

Walt Disney7

With the intention of inspiration and formulate a wide cultural vision for the project ‘Disneyland’ – original term Disney to appoint the future Park, same changed to ‘Disneyland’ some months before the opening of the Park at the request of investors in the project-2 visited places of importance in United States – buildings of some of the most prolific inventors of all time, such as Thomas Alva Edison workshop, the Wright brothers bike shop and home to the Dictionary, Noah Webster – mogul.

Looking for an ideal site

Disney’s original plan was to build its amusement park in an area with 8 hectares, next to his studio in Burbank, California.

Due to the outbreak of World War II, plans were paralyzed during the war. During that time, which Disney used to think of new ideas as a result of multiple visits to other parks American amusement (including children’s Fairyland) Playland (and Tivoli Gardens), their original plans were modified. Among the changes suggested was the requirement of an area greater than that referred initially.

Panoramic view of Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

In 1953, the Institute specializes in search of Stanford lands sent him a conduit to Disney, suggesting a natural site of 100 acres – after cleaning of the ground would become of 160 acres, located in the Greater Los Angeles area boundaries. Disney required sufficient space to include rivers, waterfalls and mountains in the structure, when he visited the proposed place confirming that was ideal for their plans. That same year began funding the project, which would ‘Disneyland’ in Anaheim, a small County with priority to the found near Los Angeles, a semi-rural Orange County, California.

At the end of the funding, Disney realized the Park would exceed the stipulated budget so turned to sell some of their land used for holiday purposes and some loans application. Not be sufficient budget, Disney came to the media on a series television, produced by ABC called Walt Disney Presents. The series was able to convince ABC provide financial support for the project of Disney.

The construction of the Park started on 21 July 1954, taking a total cost of $17 million. Had a duration of 12 months.

Project 8 magic land

Time before the start of the construction of Disneyland, Disney had some doubts about their new plans. Some of them were as follows:

How to get that wild animals glitches real, when in reality are robots?

How could you include a boat in the design of the Park, without having any problem with other additional items?
Where could I built a castle which no opacara attractions and the remaining buildings?

Looking for advice, Disney attended his Studio, staff members who proposed a new structure for the Park: one in which each visitor joined different sectors from a place, i.e. replacing simple amusement park with a categorized theme park. Again the original plans were modified from that idea. However, Disney found the Council as something satisfactory for your doubts, therefore it was he who designed each of the thematic areas in which its Park was divided. In 1955, the final draft had been completed: Disneyland would have 5 different thematic areas:

Main Street, u.s.a.. Welcome to the Park, designed in order to recreate the past and bring memories visitors area.

Adventureland. For its design was based on the conception of the jungles and civilizations of Asia and Africa.

Frontierland. Designed to allude to the pioneering American ancestors spirit.

Fantasyland. Inspired by his films (like Peter Pan, Alice in the Wonderland, Pinocchio,…) and devised under the motto the dreams become reality.

Tomorrowland. To provide a futuristic experience to each respective generation, from the ideal Disney where “everyone must seize the opportunity that tomorrow can offer through new experiences’.

Thematic design influenced that Disneyland is seen as an innovative project at that time, in which the theme parks were not very popular and not abounded throughout the world. Originally, Disney designed 5 themes for the Park, even when added 3 new: New Orleans Square, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown.

Inauguration of the Park

In 1955, Disneyland building had been completed. On July 17, 1955, which was opened to the public in general, followed by some curious events day:

For its official opening, around 5,000 invitations were sent to various celebrities and personalities of importance for Disney. However, for this midday 30,000 entries were registered in lockers, from most counterfeit invitations.

When Disneyland was opened, there was an opening ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the presence of Disney in the Park, the only one that would be present his death.

An intense heat wave wrapped Orange County that season: the asphalt in the Park was very hot and traverse it became an uncomfortable work, some water sources were operating with water at temperatures between other events in similar notation. However, everything happened not affected the popularity of the recent Park, which in the same year received a million visitors.

The day that the Park was inaugurated, Disney remained in her apartment from a night before, which took to make sure that everything was in optimum conditions for its opening. The next day, Walt woke up early and observed through the window of the Department in order to appreciate the crowd of people who wanted access to the Park. Sharon Baird, one of its partners in the project, referred to have been to Disney’s side at that time, where he witnessed emotions of Walt reflected on his face.

I think what I want, more than anything else, is that Disneyland is a happy; place a place where adults and children can live together some of the wonders of life

Disney at the opening of the Park

Thematic areas

There are many different attractions, grouped by topics in eight major areas called “lands” in Disneyland. Each one has different attractions that have survived for years or have been added to experience the Park wants to give visitors and, according to the purpose with which were built by their designers.

Year       No. *     Area      Translation          Theme

1955       7              Main Street, u.s.a.           Main Street, USA. UU.   Village of the Midwest of the 20th century.

1955       4              Adventureland                 Land of adventure           Adventures and diversíón in the jungle.

1955       6              Frontierland       Land border       Inspiration of the American Western frontier.

1955       14           Fantasyland        Fantasy land       Relating to the magic, dreams and fantasy.

1955       11           Tomorrowland Land of tomorrow           Futuristic experiences.

1966       3              New Orleans Square      New Orleans square       Inspired by the 19th century New Orleans.

1972       3              Critter Country Domesticated region      Adventure and fun in the forest.

1993       9              Mickey’s Toontown        Animated city Mickey    Inspired by the animated village of the film who framed Roger Rabbit

Main Street, USA

This section of the Park is the main and only via access from Disneyland. Main Street houses the most important shops throughout the Park, it is excessively frequented, especially during parades and at night.

Unlike other thematic areas, does not have any mechanical attraction. Its kind of entertainment focuses the appreciation of its buildings and scenery as well as visits to the numerous shops.

He has main Disneyland Railroad station.

Point of departure and/or term traditional parade.

He has taken the hand of Mickey Mouse Disney representative statue.


Disneyland Railroad.

Disneyland Railroad.

Spanish, «Disneyland Railroad» is observed when entering the Park train. In less than 20 minutes runs along the entire perimeter of Disneyland, proving useful for each of the thematic areas in which the Park is divided as well to transported rapidly a site to another.

Main Street Cinema.

In Spanish, ‘the main avenue cinema», representative of the 20th century that casts the first cartoons appeared where Mickey Mouse cinema.

Opera House.

In Spanish, «House of the Opera’, three exhibitions – hostel photographs, images, sculptures, and related to the history of the Park-, different scenes:

The Walt Disney Story. In Spanish, ‘The story of Walt Disney,’ biography of Walt Disney.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. In Spanish «Great moments with Mr. Lincoln» short oral presentation where American ex-President Abraham Lincoln directs a speech to the audience of thoughts and ideals.

The First 50 Magical Years. Spanish “50 first magical years”, short film starring Steve Martin and Donald Duck changes raised at Disneyland on its first fifty years of existence. It is the last exhibition so far.

Main Street vehicles. Means of transportation symbolic 20th century around the area. Transport who appreciate are:

A car fire.

Jalados horse trams.

A carroza.

A bus.


On Main Street USA appreciate two of the most important achievable shows in the Park:

Disney’s Parade of dreams. A parade with floats, inspired by some of the classics of Disney.

Remember…Dreams come true. Night show accompanied by music and special effects Fireworks appreciated on a daily basis.


Adventureland was designed for recreation of sensations as the Adventure and adrenaline Park. This using ambiance and decorated contruction under the concept of the rainforest, directly inspired trips made by Disney in jungles of Africa, Asia and South America.



To be built with attachment to the reality that required its design, required the Disney trip to jungles on multiple continents.

Thematised with the idea of showing visitors an experience akin to the of browsers from 1950 on his journey to know the culture Hei tiki.

Features the presentation of musical bands in the course of the day.

Its attractions allow the use of the fast-pass to expedite the flow of visitors in its attractions – known as fast-pass is also used in most of the thematic areas of the Park, especially those containing attractions most requested by visitors


Jungle Cruise.

Directed by a Captain of a wild animals inhabited jungle boat ride. It is the first appeared in Adventureland, which was amended by Disney to be improvised on his tour during every new feature.

Enchanted Tiki Room.

Consisting of a show – by making use of numerous robots – featuring birds, vegetation and certain eccentricities Tiki culture-based. In Spanish, ‘El salón enchanted Tiki’,

Indiana Jones Adventure.

Based on the Indiana Jones character, built by LucasFilm, consists of a tour where visitors are transported through authentic military vehicles by a church covered by an ancestral curse.

Tarzan’s Treehouse.

Based on the film Tarzan, is a journey through a huge tree that recreates the scene where the character was abandoned by his parents in the jungle. In Spanish, “The tree of Tarzan House”.


Adventureland in 2008, appreciate the following shows:

The haunted room Tiki. Show that takes place within this attraction with less than half an hour.

Aladdin and Jasmine in Oasís Aladdin. It consists of a live representation based on the story of Aladdin and structured for general entertainment.

The Show of Indiana Jones and the Tiger cave stone A show for families based on the adventures of Dr. Jones in which the audience participates (replaced the Aladdin and Jasmine in the Aladdin Oasis during the summer of 2008 show).


The Park area designed to recreate the emigration of the American pioneers of the Midwest during the 19th century, showing this old American West inhabited by jeans, pioneers, gold mines and desert vegetation (e.g. cactus) themes.


In its infancy, contained a vast desert region, which was crossed on a train by the visitors until 1977 when this area was occupied to build Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction.

It is used to watch the nightly show Fantasmic! carried out daily in the space occupied by the Rivers of America.

It is surrounded by an artificial River where often circulate two ships built replica of the real inspirations. These eligible vessels by visitors are Mark Twain Riverboat – an American boat three levels of height- and Sailing Ship Columbia – inspired by the first sailing ship Columbia Rediviva American in turn the entire world.

It is a cohesive section New Orleans Square, Adventureland, Fantasyland.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Roller coaster based on the theme of an escape aboard a train at a high speed data from an old mine abandoned tunnels and caves along the route. In Spanish, «the great Thunder Mountain Railway».

Frontierland Shootin’ ‘ Exposition.

It consists of a post where the visitor has the opportunity to demonstrate his marksmanship toppling different objectives with the use of a rifle.

Tom Samyer Island.

In Spanish, «island of Tom Samyer’, based on the story and characters in the novel the adventures of Tom Sawyer, was opened a year after the inauguration of the park under the idea of becoming the Mickey Mouse, treasure Island being finally considered for staging the literary adventures written by Mark Twain. In 2007 was reemodelada with new concepts, changing its name to the of pirate’s Lair at Tom Sawyer Island and acquiring a number of changes in its original structure – which had not undergone dramatic changes since its opening, except for modifications to be adapted to the midnight show Fantasmic! in 1992-, and thus, adding elements pirate – according to film Pirates of the Caribbean saga-, e.g., an interactive meeting between visitors and the protagonist of the trilogy, Jack Sparrow; the chest with the beating heart of Davy Jones in living waiting for perpetual protection a cursed treasure inside and skeletons.

The island is surrounded in its entirety by an artificial River (called Rivers of America), so in order to get to explore it is necessary to climb aboard a boat motor driven by an employee of Disneyland, or attending the attraction Rafts to the Tom Sawyer Island located on the Rivers of America contour and consisting of rafts handled entirely by the visitors. There are also two boats that sail around the island of the same river, and which are available aboard to visitors, which are:

Sailing Ship Columbia. A replica scale built in 1958 of Columbia Rediviva, first American sailboat on a journey around the world. Its design is similar to a pirate ship and is also used for serving as Captain hook in the show boat Fantasmic!.

Mark Twain Riverboat. Created in 1955 and moved by an enormous located on its side, blade three levels boat being conducted by an employee of the Park.

Sailing Ship Columbia

Mark Twain Riverboat

Big Thunder Ranch.

Ranch located in an area close to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and containing animal farm (sheep, goat, cow,..) to be appreciated by the visitors.


Frontierland, in 2008, appreciate the following shows:

Staging of the Golden Horseshoe. It is a similar to the recreation of an authentic lounge/bar old American West, place where recreates an interactive musical which refers to the presence of jeans, abducted maidens and a sheriff as representative of that period. Interestingly his first presentation took only four days before the opening of the Park, as the marriage anniversary between Disney and his wife Lillian, so since then has the Guinness world record as the longest musical show of all time.

Fantasmic!. Consists of a visual special effects show accompanied by the use of pyrotechnics and coordinated reflectors using each other, so as to recreate the affront wrapped in a battle between the main villains of the classics of Disney and Mickey Mouse.


Fantasyland was built taking inspiration from Walt Disney animated classics tales. To reach this area, visitors must traverse symbolic Sleeping beauty Castle.



It was designed according to the architectural style of the German colony, Bavaria.

Contains elements characteristic of the classics of Disney Peter Pan, and the sword in the stone among others.

Previously its buildings reflected a medieval style in similarity to the castle – which you could access to its interior, until it was closed for security reasons-.

It is meeting point for the Disney characters.


Alice in Wonderland.

Based on the animated film Alice in the Wonderland, consists of a series of cars carrying visitors – according to the scene of the movie-by the hole where the White Rabbit goes to enter the country of the wonders.

Casey Jr. Circus Train.

Based on the movie animated Dumbo, is a train of circus designed for younger visitors.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Second attraction based in Dumbo, consisting of a series of floating vehicles with the figure of the animated character, which totalled a certain height, through the air and can be manipulated with a joystick.

Disney Princess Fantasy Faire.

Aperturada in 2007 with the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the creation of Disneyland attraction. It consists of an interactive attraction with the major animated Disney Princesses.

It’s a Small World.

Created from the New York fair 1965, was moved to the park some time later. Today is a popular attraction that consists of a long boat ride through the interior of a child Castle full of robots as children and referring to the world unit that should exist in today’s world. In Spanish, it’s a small world’. It is currently remodeling. When attracting reopened in January 2009 are expected to see movies Disney characters introduced to the scenes of the beloved attraction.

King Arthur Carrousel.

Based on the film The sword in the stone, is a themed Carousel on the character of King Arthur, with more than seventy jumping horses.

Mad Tea Party.

Second attraction based on Alice in the Wonderland, consisting of various vehicles in the form of teacups, which revolve repeatedly in the direction of the hands of the clock.

Matterhorn Bosbleds.

It is a roller coaster based on the Alps with falling fast and continuous turns on a tour of the interior of a Rocky Mountain covered with snow on the surface.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Based on the film the wind in the Willows is a promenade with numerous special effects.

Peter Pan’s Flight.

Based on the film Peter Pan, is a short flight simulating climb and stay in the city of London air.

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey.

Based on the film Pinocchio, is a promenade that runs along the fictional world of the character. In «Daring journey of Pinocchio» Spanish.

Sleeping beauty Castle.

Symbolic element movies Disney, represented in real and adorned dimensions continuously according to the festivities. It was closed after the 2001 terrorist attacks on security grounds for visitors that day, and has remained closed to subsequent visits since then. During the summer of 2008, it was announced that a new version of the attraction was being built inside of the castle for a future re-opening.

Snow White’s scary Adventures.

Based on the Snow white film is a promenade that runs along the fictional world of the character. In Spanish, “Shocking adventures of snow white”.

Storybook Land Canal Boats.

Second attraction based on Pinocchio, alluding to a tour in boat that – according to the scene of the film-covered when the character is swallowed by the whale and makes a trip through the inside of your body.


Fantasyland, in 2008, appreciated the show:

Snow white – A delightful musical. It is presented in FantasyLand Theatre. Consists of a live representation of a great artistic production structured for family entertainment.


Subject area – opened at the same instant as Park-, based on the future and inspired by science fiction stories that describe fictitious experiences by advances in technology and science, and applied to various fields of study and knowledge. Inside are several attractions that heighten the imagination. Disney dedicated it to every future generation with such that lived experiences that in the near future, may be carried out.

Tomorrowland has been amended three times, motivated by the constant in its attractions innovation and respecting the postulate of being regarded as the “land of tomorrow”:

1955-1967: The first Tomorrowland. Intended to be a permanent exhibition of técnologicos advances, featured the temporary presence of some companies as laboratory Monsanto, American Motors automotive and service station Richfield Oil. Attractions included at this stage include a tour based on the movie 20,000 Leagues under the sea, built by the Trans World Airlines company based on the Lockheed Constellation model TWA Moonliner structure, the House of the future (House of the Future) and Submarine Voyage, which showed a ride aboard of a submarine.

1967-1998: The new Tomorrowland. After the death of Disney which occurred in 1966, free space that existed in the area was used for the construction of new attractions, including Adventure Thru Inner Space – consisting of a journey where visitors experienced an Atom within a laboratory-Rocket Jets – a series of rockets at a certain height-as well as Space Mountain and Star Tours, which are still active Park unlike the previous trip.

1998-2003: An retrofuturistic renewal. A new series of amendments were presented under the concept of retrofuturismo area, replacing previous attractions by other innovative as Astro Orbitor and samples Honey I Shrunk the Audience and Innoventions, which are still operating within the area.



In its original design worked together producers, technical consultants for financing of Disneyland as well as scientists specializing in the design of space rocket, notably German Wernher von Braun.

It has undergone changes and transformations in its attractions as its theme since its opening. Recent ones were a result of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Park in 2005.

He was also the last sector to be completed after the haste of Disney by opening the Park in 1955.


Disneyland Railroad.

It is the train that takes you on a tour of the perimeter of Disneyland, taking another of its stations here to address the Park.

Disneyland Monorail.

Monorail used as a means of transportation within Tomorrowland and the Downtown Disney District since 1959, after being built by Swedish ALWEG.

Finding Nemo Submarine voyage.

In Spanish, ‘submarine voyage of Finding Nemo’, opened in 2007 during the year of a million dreams, and based on the last Submarine Voyage attraction was based on the animated film Finding Nemo thematised. Consists of an expedition aboard submarines in search of an active, submarine volcano while touring the scenarios and interacting with the characters in the film.

Space Mountain.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

It is based on the animated film, Toy Story 2, and consists of a space adventure commanded by the fictional Buzz Lightyear, where visitors are faced with the army of Emperor Zurg – Galactica Alliance enemy – testing multiple skills during the interaction.

Astro Orbitor.

Open in 1966 in replacement to last attraction Rocket Jets is a series of space by turning to a certain height rocket.


It consists of a tour on Board of innovated cars in various limited access highways.

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.

Based on the film three-dimensional Cariño, I shrunk the kids, is an interactive movie in third dimension. Spanish, ‘honey, I shrunk the audience”.


Spanish, ‘Innovation’, has hosted various samples and exhibitions since its official opening in 1998, these include game Disney and ESPN, presentations with robot ASIMO, interactive so that visitors can get to know and they will in the future and attractions of virtual reality testing. A futuristic project of the company Siemens AG is currently presented.

Space Mountain.

Spanish, “space mountain”, is a simulation of a flight space authentic conceived like a roller coaster. It has received the name of rockin’ in some seasons ‘ Space Mountain, to include diverse music during the course of the journey.


Game center that offers the opportunity to interact with the most popular virtual games of today.

Star Tours.

In Spanish, ‘tours stellar’, based on the Star Wars franchise and opened in 1987, is a Simulator virtual hosted by an Android through different Galactic scenarios and various obstacles.


Tomorrowland, in 2008, appreciates the following show:

Academy training Jedi. The saga of Star Wars, where visitors learn how to become a jedi Knights-based interaction. It is carried out on the terrace of Tomorrowland.

New Orleans Square

Thematic region set in the city of New Orleans during the 19th century and place also where electronic Pirates of the Caribbean, which relied to shoot the film franchise, Caribbean pirates attraction.


New Orleans Square.

It was opened on 24 July 1966 replacing Holidayland, a topic open park in 1957 – closed in 1961-, which was as recreational region picnic and games, as well as a free space for sports such as baseball, volleyball and riding, among other activities.

It has a Telegraph in the respective station from which are issued, morse code, the first words of Disney park opening day.

Also hosts the exclusive Club 33, located at the entrance of the Blue Bayou Restaurant, being the only place of Disneyland, where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted.

Features the presentation of musical bands in the course of the day.


Haunted Mansion.

Disneyland Railroad.

It is the train which takes you on a tour of the entire perimeter of Disneyland, taking one of his few stations here to address the Park.

Haunted Mansion.

Spanish, “haunted mansion” is a journey through the interior of a haunted house representative of antebellum and inhabited by many ghosts that guard the mansion to the Lake since the visitor enters the attraction. Moreover, it is popular Park for its special effects and use of robots for the realistic staging of an imaginary experience.

Haunted Mansion Holiday.

A journey through the interior of the same Haunted Mansion but this time is Jack Skellington and “Strange world of Jack” friends have decided to celebrate the holidays it. The Mansion is often closed in September and reopened in October to present this attraction season returns to close in January to return to its original form.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

It is the original attraction which relied Disney Studios to create the film adaptation, Caribbean pirates. It consists of a tour by boat in which visitors are brought to pirates illustrative scenario based on the trilogy and his characters. However, was originally planned to be a wax museum by the own Disney, which eventually changed to be revived as a ride on an artificial in the imaginary world of the real pirates, River accompanied of a special sounds composed especially for the route concept: “yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me”. During a renovation in 2006 integrated new elements to the attraction based on the films. The more obvious elements were the appearance of Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa and Davy Jones in the famous attraction.

The Disney Gallery.

Spanish, «Disney Gallery’, place closed on 7 August 2007 which consisted of a permanent exhibition of the designs of some of the attractions of the Park, by the creative team of Disneyland, Walt Disney Imagineering, and formerly used as a suite to Disney and his brother, Roy o. Disney. It was remodeled to be occupied as a suite for visitors during the year of a million dreams, have been creditors for a night stay in the Park.


New Orleas Square, in 2008, appreciates the following show:

Pirates have arrived!. The saga of Caribbean pirates, where visitors can train to become pirates interacting with characters contruction under the concept of piracy and experiences-based interaction.

Critter Country

Although it was inaugurated in 1972 under the name of Bear Country, Critter Country is the result of a series of modifications in 1988, still thematised now to be the place of residence of the ancient tribes indigenous and attraction Splash Mountain, among other elements that characterize the nature shared environment prevailing in the American forest.


Critter Country.

Is the topic area that has taken a larger number of titles of its creation; Indian Village – which featured attractions and spectacles inspired by native American and was part of Frontierland – Bear Country – thematised under the concept of forests Americans-, and finally the Critter Country.

It is also the smallest section of the Park compared to other areas within the same dimensions.


Splash Mountain.

In Spanish, “the cold mountain”, attraction based on the Song of the South which includes robots in a tour – thematised both as a trunk – rafting on a river which is inspired by the Mississippi River and shows the adventures of rabbit BR film ‘ er Rabbit – a character derived from an ancient story children’s American-, counting at the end with a dip vehicle product its vertical drop that ends dipping visitors.

Bear Country (1972 – 1988.)

Davy’s Crocket’s Explorer Canoes.

Spanish, «Canoas Davy Crocket navigation», walk in canoeing on the Rivers of America to explore adjoining territories to Tom Sawyer Island with capacity of up to 20 visitors tour and accompanied by two guides, in turn making it this is unique attraction in the park that can be manipulated entirely by the users themselves.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

In Spanish, «the adventures of Winnie Pooh’, based on the animated television series the character Winnie the Pooh, consists of a tour of the interior of the fantastic world recreated by Alan Alexander Milne.

Mickey’s Toontown

It has been the last to add to the thematic structure of Disneyland, was inaugurated on 24 January 1993. Its design is based on a true animated village, illustrative scenes appeared in the film who framed Roger Rabbit, being conceptualized as the home of animated, characteristic designs the classics of Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse, it is common to relate as a small imaginary people.


Logo area.

Mickey’s Toontown.

Although the area where some of the various disney characters, the central figure of inspiration for the people was the Rogger Rabbit character.

It was originally developed as Hollywoodland, but to be developed in commemoration of the first 60 years of existence of Mickey Mouse and hold multiple characters from various films of the Disney Company was completed as the lively town of Mickey Mouse.

Possesses a fictional biography that shows the history of its construction by the creative team of the Park and are a conversation between Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, long before the opening of Disneyland.

It is meeting with the main cartoon characters from disney, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck, who have their respective “House” animated with real dimensions.


Disneyland Railroad.

It is the train that takes you on a tour of the perimeter of Disneyland, taking another of its stations here to address the Park.

Chip’n Dale Treehouse.

Attraction thematised as characters tree house chip and Dale which can be travelled in its interior.

Donald’s Boat.

Attraction thematised as interactive cruise, Donald Duck-shaped House which can also be travelled by your interior.

Gadget’s Go Coaster.

Roller coaster in small dimensions designed primarily for young children.

Mickey’s house and meet Mickey.

Attraction thematised as the home of Mickey Mouse which can be travelled on the inside, allowing, often at the end of the route, interact with Mickey and take a picture with him by way of reminder.

Goofy’s Playhouse.

Spanish, “House of Goofy games’, as well as the previous ones, is an attraction thematised as interactive home character Goofy.

Minnie’s house.

Themed home for Minnie Mouse

Rogger rabbit’s car toon spin.

Spanish, «cart animated spinner Rogger rabbit», walk in themed taxi based on characters Rogger and Jessica Rabbit-shaped vehicle.

Club 33: the uniqueness of Disney

One of the most curious and unnoticed sites hosting the Park is also one of the secrets reserved since its opening: Club 33, a private club located in New Orleans Square, whose entrance is situated immediately Blue Bayou restaurant and whose interior is accomplished seen briefly accessing Caribbean pirates attraction.

Although there are several stories trying to explain his name – accompanied by digit 33, according to its situated in the 33 Royal Street – address constitute the club idea arose while Disney visiting the world fair in New York in 1965, when to observe certain VIP – places to accommodate people of greater importance, was decided to establish in its Park, a guest reservation privileged for sponsors and businessmen who supported his confident because of a decade earlier.

The majority of members-with membership that allows them to access any day of the year in course-make up the club are companies such as Boeing, Chevron, AT & T, Coca-Cola. On individual memberships are also built-in celebrities like Johnny Depp and Elton John. Currently 487 associate members, and even if you plan to diversify the reserve, have default not to exceed the quota of 500 members have such maximum figure.

In addition, membership Club 33 for affiliated companies has a cost exceeding $25,000 per year, while the individual quota has a cost less than $10,000.

The interior of the club is composed of 2 main sites for dinner accompanied by several contiguous areas which have an extensive collection of antiques and authentic, works of art still decorated with the theme of the rule of Napoleon I of France in the 19th century. The top level – which can be reached by accessing the lift French-consists of a gallery where there are several elements used in some Disney films. Place can only be visited by individuals to way to reward both employees and certain visitors, which expect including a period of up to 14 years to power live along with exclusive site deliberatively society.

The extension of the project: Disneyland Resort

Article principal: Disneyland Resort

Partial view of a hotel at the Disneyland Resort

From the 1990s, started the initial plans for the expansion of Disneyland from one of the local properties of the Park, so as to build a vacation resort which could come at any time of the year. Changes included a renovation of the Disneyland Hotel, as well as the addition of another theme, Park next to the creation of a new space for entertainment, leisure and shopping that would have free access, and would be just between Disneyland and the new Park.

The main changes put forward during this period were as follows:

The addition of a new park – like Disneyland but built on a small territory-: Disney’s California Adventure, which was built just in front of the entrance to the original Park.

The inclusion of a shopping and entertainment district located in the middle of a both parks: Downtown Disney.

The renovation in the hotel sector belonging to the Disney Company – comprised of the Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel and Grand Californian Hotel – hotels.

The inauguration of a parking gate – six levels of height and with capacity to accommodate more than 10,000 cars-, called Mickey & Friends (“Mickey and friends”).

This succession prolonged changes and modifications to the initial structure, culminated in the establishment of Disneyland Resort, which includes both the two theme parks and three hotels and a shopping, food and entertainment district.

Disney’s California Adventure

After being announced expansion plans, Disney Company planned to build a new similar to Epcot – which is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida-, Park would take the name of WestCOT, which would occupy the place which was earlier vehicular Disneyland parking.

The project was halted in 1995 because of the high cost that would mean building – which would be limited to an initial budget of 3 trillion dollars-permanently. In addition, the company faced financial problems by his other project in Europe – Disneyland Resort Paris – lifting, by what was then required to think about a new concept, finally constituted as Disney’s California Adventure, which had a cost of $1.4 billion and was inaugurated on 8 February 2001.


Disneyland Hotel. It is the first hotel that adopted the term “Disney” in its name officially worldwide.

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Opened at the same time the start of the expansions to the Disneyland Resort.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. In 2000, was reemodelado containing a total of 489 rooms.

Downtown Disney

Opened in 2001 as a free and open entertainment, shopping and food, thematised under the concept of look like a trail in the middle of a large Garden area. Located between both parks resort – Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland.

Celebration of the 50th anniversary

In may 2005 started the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the creation of Disneyland; a celebration lasted 18 months ending in the middle of 2006 and which only awarded the title of “The happiest place on Earth” to Disneyland. In addition, under the slogan “Happiest celebration of the world” it marked the first five decades of existence of the first Disney theme park in each of the parks around the world.

The happiest celebration of the world

The castle of Disneyland adorned with decorations of its 50th anniversary in 2005.

Celebrations to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the creation of Disneyland gave official home on 5 may of 2005 with a ceremony which was accompanied by Fireworks, presentations of artists (actors – such as Wayne Brady – and singers – LeAnn Rimes and Christina Aguilera – among them.), audio-visual conferences and various discourses of appreciation on the part of executives of the company. In addition, named actress Julie Andrews as Honorary Ambassador of the commemorative celebrations.

On the occasion of the celebrations initiated changes, both internal (shows, attractions, and reaperturas) and external (renovations in the original design) in the Park, so as to provide an entirely new venue. Some of the changes were considerable during the range of celebrations were:

The remodelling of the sleeping beauty Castle. Being decorated with elements in Golden tone such as banners and precious stones.

The introduction of new shows. Were created a new parade in honor of celebrations (Disney’s Parade of dreams) as well as unpublished visual spectacle of fireworks (Remember) (Dreams come true) and the staging of an exhibition to recreate the changes that the Park has had since its creation (The magical first 50 years).

Openness and innovation of new attractions. Deciding the reopening of various amusement park – being formerly redesigned to provide a completely different experience – including Enchanted Tiki Tiki Room Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean. On the inauguration of new attractions, they were made in both parks – Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure-be among them that of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

Commemorative celebrations ended on 30 September of the 2006, giving rise to the festivities 2007 – named as “Year of a million dreams” – that have been extended until 2008.

Campaign “what you hold?”

From January 2009 visitors get parks facilities to celebrate a commemorative date such as anniversaries and graduations. The Park will offer exclusive services to visitors with such events. The most important thing during the event will be the oportudidad visit free park visitor’s birthday. Only need to show an identification that confirms your birthday date and can enter the park without any cost.

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