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“Fifteen” is a song by country – pop written and recorded by American songwriter and singer Taylor Swift. Comes from the second album of Swift, Fearless, which was released on November 11, 2008. “Fifteen” was how released the fourth single from the album on October 9, 2009. The Ballad was inspired by SWIFT’s first year in high school and her best friend. Lyrically, the song is a warning to the girls high school in believing in their own potential and avoid giving great importance to the guys. The music video for “Fifteen”, directed by Roman White, Swift and her friend appears as themselves, and was accentuated with special effects.

The song was a critical hit with respondents praising their reflective letters of relations among teenagers and high school, he became the top 40 of Swift United States and Canada. “Fifteen” was released as a single on November 23, 2009.


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“Fifteen” is a ballad written in the key of g major. The song is in common time with a moderate rate of 96 times per minute. It has strong support from the acoustic guitar. The voice of Swift extend octave one and half, G3 to C5. For the introduction of the song, Swift sings several “the the the” and ends the song with “Take a deep breath as you walk through the doors”, a slight variation of the opening line. Fifteen is the eighth in the re-release of the album, and a Fearless song Fearless: Platinum Edition. Six short five-minute seconds, is the longest song of the Standard Edition, and the second longest of its re-release, behind “Untouchable”.

The lyrics of “Fifteen” was inspired in the first year of secondary swift in the secondary Hendersonville, during which he met her best friend, experienced their first date, and your first kiss, she supported her best friend with a broken heart. Swift said, “I decided to really wanted to tell this story on our first year in secondary because I felt in my first year, I grew up more than any other year in my life so far.”While writing the letter, began with the line “…””[she] gave everything/She had to a boy/Who changed his mind”, which eventually became the bridge of the song. “Wrote everything from that point, from that moment,” said Swift. Taylor said the song is sung “as a spice Board another fifteen girl”. The very personal song led to mourn over recorded it.

“Fifteen” had general positive reviews, particularly for its thoughtful lyrics and meaning. Jody Rosenm of Rolling Stone magazine wrote that “Swift is a wise composing with an intuitive gift by verso-coro – architecture bridge,” and that “Fifteen” seemed to be “scientifically made in a factory with success – with intimate and true confessions.” Rosen compared the composition of Swift with the talents of “gods of Swedish pop Dr. Luke and Max Martin.”James Reed of The Boston Globe wrote that Fearless “interesting songs are Swift wrote alone.” “You can see almost the lyrics for”Fifteen”written in a diary in the Chronicles of the Swift years in high school.”Jonathon Keefe Slant magazine called the bridge “a brilliant line” revealing about the loss of innocence of a friend and considered one of the most pleasant of the album, but was not impressed with Swift singing: “the” the the the “of”Fifteen”is miserable”. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic found “Fifteen” to be the most personal song of Fearless, that Swift appears to be “older sister rather than being a big star”, and marked it one of the best songs of the album. Billboard magazine called it a “deep” song that could “connect with teens looking for hope and adult looking back women.”The New York Times Jon Caramanica believed that “Fifteen” is “one of the best songs Taylor has written.” Leah Greenbelt Entertainment weekly critic said, “When she sings about sexuality, sounds like a real teenager, not a manufactured factory Lolita.” Josh Love by The Village Voice called “Fifteen” as “outstanding” song of the album and found a refreshing contradiction to the typical idealísticas country songs. Rob Sheffield, Blender, magazine critic said that the song was the more mature in Fearless. Alexis Petridis in The Guardian “Fifteen” called a “very good song” which expanded “their teenagers to any potential who used to be a teenage girl.” Petridis continued, “Aplaudes ability, while you’re feeling a little uneasy by thinking of a teenager Pontifical as Yoda.” Music critic Aidan Vaziri pop of San Francisco Chronicle named one of the top 20 singles 2009, commenting, it “Maldita is Yes is song is not too sweet, too vulnerable and too real to ignore.”

Due to the launch of Fearless, “Fifteen” appeared in Hot Digital Songs and eventually got there at number 15. The song debuted at number 70 on Billboard Hot 100 in the week ending November 29, 2008 due to the release of the album. “Fifteen” reappeared in list for the week ending February 28, 2009, when it reached number 65. “Fifteen” fell off the list again next week and did not appear again until October, when the song was released as single. For the week ending October 3, 2009, the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 number 94. From there, rose to number 62 for the week ending November 7, 2009, derroanto its previous maximum nine months earlier. Following the re-release of Fearless, “Fifteen” rose to number 46 in the week of November 14, 2009. Combined with “Jump ThenFall”, “You Belong With Me”, “Untouchable”, “The Other Side of the Door”, “Superstar”, “Come in with the Rain” and “Forever & Always”, “Fifteen” ayudí to Swift in breaking the record for the highest number on the Hot 100 charts for a female artist in history. When the song peaked at number 38 in the list in the week of November 21, 2009, became her third single tenth Top 40 of Fearless, further expanding record for most hits Top 40 album.

The song also appeared on Hot Country Songs, where debuted at number 41 in the week ending September 12, 2009. “Fifteen” peaked in the list the week of December 12, 2009, the number seven. Canadian Hot 100, the single.

The music video for “Fifteen” was directed by Roman White, who had previously directed the music video for “You Belong With Me”. White began with the intention of making a different video for any Swift has done before, and take the video “out of high school”. Explained the concept to CMT:

The idea is that there is a place where you can go back and return to your memories. She is in this void and memories that are demonstrating to her around. The story unfolds, and she walks in this world of dreams. “When she walking through those doors and people disappear, she only has this incredible sense of incocencia.”

The video was recorded using a green screen. Developed special effects such as animated flowers, where were added digitally. The video appears Swift and his friend as themselves.

The video starts with Swift, barefoot and dressed in a small white dress, approaching a door high and arched, materialized in the middle of a barren landscape. Swift look at a photograph of herself and her friend metias arc and then passed through the doors. On the other side of the arch, animated flowers and vines grow in scenes. People and objects in the secondary swift fade the first year of Swift. Taylor walking through memories and began to play his guitar beneath a tree. The video runs her friend sitting at a desk front of a whiteboard in the land of flowers. Swift sits on her and the two begin to whispering and laugh. In the next scene, Swift plays his guitar while her friend is going to your first appointment; She kissed his appointment, but away it when he tries to go beyond. The boy, his car and the lively field dissolves a single seated girl in a Bank of lost. Swift is approaching it and strongly embraces her friend. Abruptly, storm clouds mixed in the scene, to reveal the top of several umbrellas dark grey. Swift is located in the real world, wearing a black suit and stop ne rain in the street of a high school. With a look of concern, notes a fifteen year old girl (sung by a girl on the verge of entering the first year) talking with his friend out of school, saying “take a deep breath. While you walk in the doors.” Swift said to CMT that song “is a type of advice to fifteen girls.”

The music video premiered on October 7, 2009 on Country Music Television. First became available on their website, Video was then released on the same day with a special 90-minute television entitled CMT Fifteen Swiftly-Made Videos on CMT.

Swift presents acoustic “Fifteen” in the middle of a crowd in her Fearless tour

Swift selected “Fifteen” to present at the Grammy awards in the Gallic number 51 where sang it alongside a Duet with Miley Cyrus. The presentation started shortly after the announcement of song of the year. The duo sat in a simple Ribbon for the acoustic show with Swift, vistiéndo a loose black dress in layers on a tight black suit, playing the guitar.”Fifteen” is presented in the list of songs from the tour of Swift, Fearless Tour, which began on April 23, 2009, and ended on June 2, 2010. For the show of the tour, Swift wore a dress short pastel color and cowboy boots. Walked on the crowd to sing and play guitar on a platform placed in the middle of the audience. In conclusion, Swift embraced fans near the platform of begin “Tim McGraw”.

October 13, 2009, Swift played guitar and sang “Fifteen” at Sommet Center in Nashville, Tennessee for Country Music Hall of Fame and a concert to benefit, “We re All For The Hall”. Wore a belt with shiny wearing a purple dress and was accompanied by three singers of harmony. Swift has presented “Fifteen” United Kingdom twice, once in Later… with Jools Holland in May 2009 and again in The Paul O’Grady Show in November 2009. Country Music Association Awards on November 11, 2009, Swift introduced “Fifteen” as your second night. Once again, Swift sang while playing an acoustic guitar on a stool in the middle of the crowd. The crowd, which included roughly half of the 300 students in the secondary Hendersonville Swift had been invited to view the ceremony for free, to sing together.

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