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Unchained is an album by singer country Johnny Cash, released in 1996 under the label American Recordings and equal to all the albums in this label are produced by Rick Rubin. In this album Cash accompanied by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the addition of this Cash group comes with songs from bands such as Soundgarden (“Rusty Cage”), Hank Snow (“I’ve Been Everywhere”) and Beck (“Rowboat”) and it appears on the album the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea.

While was ignored by many country music radio stations, and Nashville, Unchained country music industry received a Grammy Award for best album country of win American Recordings label told thanks to music industry Nashville country in Billboard magazine while at an infamous picture of Cash taken in 1969 presentation made San Quentin prison. Remarked that he had chosen that photo to illustrate the frustration towards Nashville industry because they were routing more Cash toward for pop and leaving the country side.


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1. Rowboat – 3: 44


Originally recorded by Beck for CD Stereopathetic opening in 1994

2. Be of Heartbreak – 2: 42

(Hal David and Paul Hampton)

Is originally a hit single Don Gibson in 1961

3. Rusty Cage – 2: 49

(Chris Cornell)

Originally recorded by Soundgarden for CD Badmotorfinger in 1991

4. The One Rose (that’s Left in My Heart) – 2: 26

(From Lyon and Lani McIntire)

Was originally published in 1936, was also recorded by George Morgan and Hank Snow

5. Country Boy – 2: 31


Originally recorded by Cash and appears for the first time on CD Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar 1957

6. Memories Are Made of This – 2: 19

(Richard Dehr, Terry Gilkyson and Frank Miller)

Is originally a hit single by Dean Martin and the Easy Riders in 1956

7. Spiritual – 5: 06

(Josh Haden)

Originally recorded by Spain to CD The Blue Moods of Spain in 1995

8. The safety Drunkard’s Plea – 2: 32

(Maybelle Carter, Anita Carter, Helen Carter and June Carter Cash)

Originally recorded by The Louvin Brothers for CD Satan is real in 1960

9. Southern Accents – 4: 41

(Tom Petty)

Originally recorded by Petty for CD Southern Accents in 1985

10. Mean Eyed Cat – 2: 33


Originally recorded by Cash and appears for the first time on CD Sings Hank Williams in 1960

11. Meet Me in Heaven – 3: 21


12. I Never Picked Cotton – 2: 39

(Bobby George and Charles Williams)

Originally recorded by Roy Clark for CD I Never Picked Cotton 1970

13. Unchained – 2: 51

(Jude Johnstone)

Is subsequently recorded by Johnstone for his coming of Age CD 2002

14. I’ve Been Everywhere – 3: 17

(Geoff Mack)

Is originally a hit song Lucky Starr in 1959 and Hank Snow in 1962

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