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Has * Ash is a Duet rock – pop Mexican composed of sisters Hanna Nicole and Ashley Grace Perez Meuse, whose passion for music was born when both were 6 and 5 years old. Are known for their hits “Odio Amarte”Whether in wherever you are”and”What am I doing”.”

Background and first album

Fulfilling 12 and 13 years participate in a contest of talent in the school where he studied and won first place. A. thereafter emprendendieron a long way from intense preparation and professional discipline taking classes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, gymnastics, acting, theater, body expression, piano and guitar, among other activities.

During this journey, and to demonstrate their passion and delivery in each presentation, discover its essence, similar to the pop and rock, is the country.

After several years later reach Sony Music, where they have the opportunity to promote their first album. Thus was born HA * Ash, and his first musical production with the same name. His first senciilo was Odio Amarte which were placed in public taste Mexico teenager. You’re in anywhere became the second single and was the subject of a juvenile telenovela chain Televisa and become the subject of a well-known brand of electronic advertising campaign. Later spawned from the same simple 3 disk because you kept, If evidence once, I am a woman.

Later and achieved success, released a special edition of the disk, which contains DVD videos from the first three singles, his version behind cameras, karaoke and an interview with the singers. Hanna and Ashley is devoted to promote his album debut, reaping success in the various presentations that were reaching Summit with its presentation at the Teatro Metropolitan in the City of Mexico.

Opuestos worlds

Some time later (in 2005) Duet returned with his second album from the hand of the same producer who made Ha-Ash. Stockings love became the first single in April 2006 reached # 1 on the charts, which also took part in a minicomponent same previously promoted and entitled opposite worlds brand advertising on the basis of the different sisters character. Me entego you became the second single from this album, reaching # 2 in Mexico as its simple forerunner. What am I doing? authorship of deceased singer Soraya, is the third single from HA-Ash in Mexico. “What should I do I?” became the first single from HA-Ash to reach first place in Mexico.

The success of this album made it possible to launch a reissue, to include the Court Postal code, theme of a Mexican soap opera of the same name.

In July 2007, HA-Ash repeated success presented at the Teatro Metropolitan, with 3 concerts with full total addition of presentations at festivals in radio and television programs.

In December 2007 joined charity to launch the Fund Ha-Ash which will support to children suffering from HIV work / AIDS, the Foundation give known through a charitable metropólitan 13 December of that year, theatre concert getting what they intended for this created a new unreleased song which interpreted in conjunction with a choir of children beneficiaries of this Foundation, this song would call today rezaremos by ti and thereafter would be the anthem that will identify the Foundation Ha-Ash background stars Foundation ICD.

Double room

At the beginning of 2008 fall recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee to prepare their third album, with the participation of a new producer Gramme Plate and the same OSE Aureo. Looking for a new sound for his songs lean now at a pace of more rock without neglecting the pop and country music that characterizes touch. This album is a hit in his career, since most of the songs they wrote. It contains 12 unreleased tracks and 1 cover, 2 topics are one with Brandi Carlile duets (interpreter of The Story of the famous series Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack), and in the selection of topics were supported by Kany Garcia, Gianmarco (Peru) and Leonel Garcia (no flag). This new material went on sale in July 2008 under the name double room, where issues arise as the first single called Te Quiero nothing , until you did you come your , what I know you and you and I return to love .

During the 2009 continued its promotion of album America offering different concerts. Additionally worked in film as Disney Tinker Bell projects and gave their voices for the film of IGOR. Acted for the first time in Spain 5 July in Barberà del Vallés, a small town of Sabadell, in the dial day promoted by the municipality of Barberà del Vallés and Cadena Dial. The same week were visiting Academy of Operación Triunfo.

To make this album, the third of his career, traveled to Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, and Louisiana. Meetings with producers, Aureo OSE and Graemme Pleth. Songs, compositions, consulting, meetings, lectures.

“Both travel has served to ripen, grow us.” Know so many people with different forms of thinking we engrandecido, has made us grow. Every conversation, every shared dream has served us something. Takes a bit of maturity recognise that there are so many people so different is crazy. Latinos. “Latinos in United States, people in Central America, go to Guadalajara, Monterrey, any city has its special touch,” said Ashley.

In Nashville, detailing Hanna, each musician was cúbiculo, study, and recorded it live, which means that if one 1927–28 or some didn’t tone or note, had to repeat everything. “We wanted a crude, palpable disk.” Organic recorded it there and Graemme gave the brit pop, British curfew. The was in a band called Sonique that we loved. “And we greatly complemented by what we did.”

The winners of Prix Hey! as best artist pop carry more than 500 thousand units sold his discography. Influenced by Loretta Lynn, Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain. “No Te I want nothing” is the first cut of “double room”, who won the first places in Mexico, later in this topic, “what I know thee” theme was the next single to promote, a moderate success and to close the promotion “Tu and I return to love” became the third and final single from the album.

With this new material surprised to include a song with lyrics in English name “Already Home”.

New album

After the good reception that was “Double room”, HA-Ash will present its fourth Studio album in late 2010. The first single will be ringing on radio between October and November.

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