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“White Horse” is the title of the song written by American singer Taylor Swift country and co-written by Liz Rose. It is the second official single released from her Fearless album. It is the seventh official single released from his career. This song is featured in the fifth season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. “White Horse” became the first video to debut at number one on CMT in Top Twenty Countdown. The song won two Grammy Awards for best country song and best female country performance.


The song is a ballad with piano. It is written in C major tonality and 4/4. The Narrator tells about being rejected in a relationship. Uses a fairy tale to describe this, especially the metaphor of her ex-boyfriend being a Prince on a white horse, and saying “I’m not a Princess, this is not a fairy tale” after account that the relationship was not what she expected. “The ‘White Horse’ song, put everything you have in love and you get a broken heart,” said Swift to The Boot. “Many people have been able to relate these songs;” “those who wrote when it was really happening something terrible.”

Swift also said, “for me, ‘White Horse’ is about which, in my opinion, is the more a break – rompe-corazones that moment when you realize that all the dreams you had, all views that you had with this person, disappears.” All of that time continues… But that initial moment of “Wow, finished” is what I wrote about ‘ “White Horse”.


According to the Country Weekly magazine, Swift said that he wrote the song in a matter of weeks writing “Love Story”.Swift said that the boy of the previous song “reminded him many fairy tales and blue Princes.” After he wrote the part of the first verse, made a call to his friend, the co-writer Liz Rose, to help you write the song. Swift and rose completed “White Horse” within 45 minutes.


The song has received favorable reviews from music critics. Deborah Evans Price us critics said “the second single from the best-selling cd Taylor Swift is a beautiful and discreet shows his skills with letters and shines in his signature ballad.”The 9513 Karlie Justus you gave “thumbs up” arrow, llam├ínola “a great leap for OMGeneration Queen.” It is a direct refutation of her previous single with the happy with references stairways, princesses, and fairytale romances end… “Although Swift has dealt with themes of rejection and losses previously, the results have never been so ripe or realistic like this.”6 Country Universe you gave the song an A – critic Kevin j. Coyne said, “Swift effectively uses a standard image of Prince on a white horse, and there’s something about that doesn’t make it reality that makes it feel a little more country music and much more revelante that ‘Love Story’ fairy tale.” “It is worth noting that this is the best thing that has sounded swift’s recording so far, and the sober voice you srive well.”

The song won two Grammy Awards for best country song and best female country performance.

Music video

This is his last video date directed by Trey Fanjoy. While the video starts, Swift is against a wall and cries. In a flashback, her boyfriend (portrayed by actor Stephen Colletii Laguna Beach and One Tree Hill)) calls, trying to make peace and praying for a second chance, but she does not respond. The video then presents a couple in a relationship of happy teens.

Later, Swift tells a friend (played by actress Teah Spears) that wonderful is this guy and he is the best thing that has happened. Your friend does not share the same enthusiasm, explaining “there is something you need to know him.” The explanation is that the young man has been in another relationship for years. Swift is directed towards the House of her boyfriend to see his girlfriend there; Swift goes, horrified as he tries to explain to apologize. In the end, the boy asks for another chance. Showing that you left another girlfriend. After a quick capture the video of the couple relationship, Swift supports still loves him, but refuses to your order; of hang up before they can rely on him, and Swift uncontrollably breaks down in tears.


“White Horse” became the third single from Swift to lose the top spot, and eventually arrived in the Top 3 (the others were “Teardrops on My Guitar” which reached number two and “Picture to Burn” reached number three), peaked at number two on Hot Country Songs during the week of April 11, 2009, and reached number 13 on Billboard Hot 100, becoming the second success in Top 20 of their second album and fifth Top 20 in general. The single was certified Platinum by the RIAA for sales of 1 million copies.

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