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“Mine” is a song written and recorded by American singer of country and pop Taylor Swift. It is the first single from their third album of study, Speak Now, and launched his career single 11th. The song was released on 4 August 2010, two weeks ahead of the launch planned on 16 August 2010, since the song leaked on the internet. He has sold 1,000,000 copies.


“Mine” is the first single from the third album by Swift, Speak Now, which will be launched on 25 October 2010, by the Big Machine Records label. She wrote the song and the co-produced Nathan Chapman, producer of her two previous albums. Unlike their previous two albums, Swift wrote everything by herself.

Chat live by, 20 July 2010 Swift said about the song: “is a song that is sobre…” “My tendency to flee love.” She added that every relationship that has been “has ended in a goodbye, has ended in tears” and that “mine” is “about to find the exception to that.”

August 4, 2010, the song was leaked online, forcing to be recalled to the country radio prematurely, before the release date 16 August. It is the eleventh single officer in country radio stations after five singles, each of their first two albums.


KILT-FM described “Mine” as “a moved song which is undoubtedly Taylor,” comparing their topic with “Love Story”, but saying that however had “a much more realistic style” to a letter. Critics also said the song featured “growth” and “maturity” and had “a great chorus”.Giving three and a half stars out of five, Bobby Peacock Roughstock thought that the song was similar to the sound of his previous work, but added that you fit well in “his musical niche”. The 9513 Boldt Black you gave the song a ‘thumbs up’, saying that you seem more mature than his previous work and calling him “a mixture of ideas by a choir with much pop that it will remain in your head”, but by adding the line “You did a careful daughter of a carefree rebel” had a reward.

Music video

The music video was recorded at Kennebunkport and Swift sample by marrying the British actor Toby Hemingway. Director, Roman White, post a blog on August 15, 2010, saying the video was complete and that it was “incredibly brilliant”. He said that “you never know that piece will be at the end, but when we were recording this video everything was perfect and had the feeling would that everything fit perfectly… How did.”10

The video premiered on August 27, 2010 on CMT as part of a special live half-hour discussed the making of the video.

August 20, showed the video within 30 seconds as launch the premiere on CMT August 27.

Photographs of many of the scenes, including the wedding scene were filtered Internet the launch video.

The video shows Swift concerned about the relationship of the parents. She meets a boy and falls in love with him, and viewers are still the couple in the relationship. The video ends with them eventually marrying and having children.

Swift chose her long time friend Victor Jarrett (daughter of professional wrestler Jeff Jarrett) to release more young herself in the video. Jaclyn, Joslyn and Jeryn as Kyra Angle (daughter of professional wrestler Kurt Angle) sisters also appear.

Presentation live

The song was presented live in Kennebunkport, of the release of the video on CMT on August 27, 2010. In addition Swift sang “Mine” of September 1, 2010 as part of a private he gave in the Musical Festival of CMT show: country’s Night to rock during his signing autographs at Bridgestone Arena. October 5, 2010, she sang the score on X Factor (Italy).


After two days in radio, “Mine” climbed position twenty-sixth Billboard Hot Country Songs, and at number forty-fourth on the Hot 100 Airplay. It is expected that sales are of 350,000, via digital download for the first week, with a possible debut in the top 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 on 12 August 2010. Mine debuted at number three on the Hot 100 and number one on the Hot Digital Songs due to 297,000 digital downloads after four days of sales. The song also debuted at number fifty-three in Radio Songs to 23.9 million listeners, 60% of them via radio country.20 “Mine” debuted at number 26 on the Billboard Hot Country songs chart for the week of August 21, 2010. “Mine” maintains position in the fourth best-selling for a digital download in 2010 sale and eighth in general. In its second week of digital downloads decreased by 41% (176,000), but in the radio increased 55% (37 million listeners). In its third week fell of the Top 10 in number 14 due to only having sold 89,000 copies of radios but still subiĆ©ndo. In its fourth week sales rose 11% (97,000) and radios increased by 20% and returned to the Top 10 in number 9.

In Canada, “Mine” debuted at number three in discharges from Canadian charts and number seven on Canadian Hot 100 with 15,000 digital downloads sold in the week of August 2. August 9, “Mine” debuted in New Zealand Singles Chart at number 30. It also debuted at number 25 on Billboard Pop Songs in the week of August 27, 2010.

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