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“Should’ve Said No” is a song written and recorded by American singer Taylor Swift country pop. It is the fifth and final single from his debut album. It was also his second single number one on the Hot Country Songs during the week of August 23, 2008, and as their previous four singles, hit the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, “Should ve Said No” has been certified Platinum by RIAA. The song was presented by Swift and the Jonas Brothers tour Burnin’ Up Tour. It was included in the tour, 3D movie as well as the soundtrack for the film.

“Should’ve Said No” was certified Platinum by RIAA on September 3, 2008.


Song focuses on the character directed to old love who it has been deceived, telling him that “should say that no” the girl who has taken its place in his life (“should say that not / should have gone home / should think twice before you let go all / should know what you did with it that I would return to me”).

Taylor Swift wrote the song when he was sixteen years old. According to the Country Weekly magazine, was inspired to write after it discovered that her boyfriend at the time had deceived it. The first line that came was the title, and wrote the choir in five minutes. Swift also said that many of the lyrics were based on textual words she used when confronted her boyfriend.

Swift compared with another of his songs, ésto “Picture to Burn”. Swift said: “‘Picture to Burn’ has an attitude rabid and ‘finished with him’, while ‘Soul’ sees Said No’ is more a moral statement.” It is an ‘ I love you, we were great together, but has broken down it and continue with you ‘. “You said yes, but should say that not.” Taylor Swift also sang this song with the Jonas Brothers 3D film.


The blog of The 9513 country music you gave the song “thumbs down”. Critic Matt C. criticized for being “very strong” production, and thought that the voice of Swift too dependent correction of pitch and “cannot be” the concept of the song.

Live presentations

Taylor Swift singing “Should ve Said No” during her Fearless tour.

Swift performed the song at the Academy of country awards in 2008. The presentation began with Swift sitting on a Chair, wearing a sweatshirt with hood and jeans, playing and singing the first verse before they joined the band in the choir. Presentation gained notoriety due to its last chorus Swift, showed the sweatshirt to reveal a short black dress, stood under a waterfall on the stage. Images of the presentation have been used for the music video for the cannción.

The presentation of the music video has reached number one in CMT Top 20 Countdown and Great American country’s countdown.

When performed this song live during her Fearless tour in 2009, Swift also presented this song under a cascade of water as its presentation in the country awards.

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